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Program Notes and Index of Sessions


Summary of All Sessions

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1Banking A5
2Banking B5
4Environmental Regulation4
5Regulated Markets4
6Curation and Steering on Platforms4
7Scale and Competition Among Platforms4
8Reviews, Content, and Signaling on Platforms4
9Strategic Behaviors on Online Platforms4
10Empirical Analysis of Auction markets5
11Auction Markets: Methodological Isues4
12Auction Markets I4
13Auction Markets II4
14Firm Dynamics4
15Policies towards Innovation5
16Firms' Growth4
18New Methods for Empirical Games and Online Markets3
19Network Effects on Products: Adoption, Prices, and Protests4
20Platforms vs Decentralized Exchange in *Off*line Services5
21Long-term Contracts and Bargaining4
22Vertical relationships I4
23Incentive contracts5
24Vertical relationships II4
25Organizational Economics4
27Information and Search6
28Pricing 14
29Pricing 25
30Entry, Competition, and Industry Concentration4
31Merger, Product Composition, and Product Design4
32Entry, location choice and policy5
33Dynamics and Industry Evolution4
34Pricing to facilitate collusion4
35Merger Retrospectives4
36Assessing theories of harm4
37Beyond one industry4
38Information, cartels and market power4
39Measuring demand, competition, and firm behavior4
40Killing competition softly5
41Public policies in Telecommunication Industries4
42Price Heterogeneity4
43Data Privacy and Regulation5
44Platform Markets4
45International Trade, Productivity and Markups4
46Foreign Competition: Impact on Market Power, Product Quality and Welfare5
47Foreign Direct Investment4
48Behavior of Health Care Providers4
49Health Insurance Markets4
50Networks in Health Care2
51Pharmaceutical Pricing Negotiations and Welfare2
52Price and Quality Competition in Healthcare4
53Regulation in Healthcare Markets4
54The Value of Data 4
55Impacts of AI, Big Data and Technology Automation on Organizations, Markets and Work4
56Antitrust and Competitive Issues in Health Care 4
57Competitive Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry 4
58New Research in Antitrust 4
59Rising Stars: Asymmetric Information3
60Rising Stars: Platform Design3
61Rising Stars: IO and Education3
62Rising Stars: Mergers and Common Ownership3
63Rising Stars: Procurement and Contracting3
64Rising Stars: Media Markets3
65Rising Stars: IO and Trade3
66Rising Stars: Healthcare Markets3
67Rising Stars: Innovation3
68Rising Stars: Productivity3
69Taxes, Fees, and IO4
70Dynamic Pricing5
71Price Discrimination4
72Topics and Methods in Choice Models6
73IO in Transportation Markets5
74Non Linear Pricing, Dynamics and Imperfect Competition5
75 Market Empirical Studies5
76Production Functions and TFP4
77IT and the Firm4
79Science and Authorship5

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Detailed List of Sessions

Session 1: Banking A

Beliefs and Bubbles: A structural model of cryptocurrency demand
By Matteo Benetton; Berkeley Haas
Giovanni Compiani; University of California, Berkeley
   presented by: Giovanni Compiani, University of California, Berkeley

Fintech and the Value of Financial Disintermediation
By Fabio Braggion; Tilburg University
Alberto Manconi; Bocconi University
Nicola Pavanini; Tilburg University
Haikun Zhu; Erasmus University Rotterdam
   presented by: Nicola Pavanini, Tilburg University

Recovering Investor Expectations from Demand for Index Funds
By Mark Egan; Harvard University
Alexander MacKay; Harvard University
Hanbin Yang; Harvard University
   presented by: Alexander MacKay, Harvard University

The Federal Funds Market over the 2007-09 Crisis
By Adam Copeland; Federal Reserve Bank of New York
   presented by: Adam Copeland, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Dynamics of Bank Financing: the Role of Learning
By Xiaoye (Phoebe) Tian; UW-Madison
   presented by: Xiaoye (Phoebe) Tian, UW-Madison
Session 2: Banking B

Deregulation, Market Structure, and the Demise of Old-School Banking
By Emilio Bisetti; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Stephen Karolyi; Carnegie Mellon University
Stefan Lewellen; Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Emilio Bisetti, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

How Informative Are Home Appraisals?
By Daniel Grodzicki; The Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Daniel Grodzicki, The Pennsylvania State University

Resolving Failed Banks: Uncertainty, Multiple Bidding, and Market Design
By Jason Allen; Bank of Canada
Robert Clark; Queen's University
Brent Hickman; Washington University in St. Louis
Eric Richert; Queens University
   presented by: Brent Hickman, Washington University in St. Louis

FinTech Lending, Financial Inclusion, and Policy Implications
By Yuk-fai Fong; The University of Hong Kong
Ke Liu; Jinan University
Xiaoxuan Meng; Hong Kong University
Kar Yan Tam; Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
   presented by: Yuk-fai Fong, The University of Hong Kong

An examination of the cryptocurrency pump and dump ecosystem
By JT Hamrick; University of Tulsa
Farhang Rouhi; University of New Mexico
Arghya Mukherjee; University of Tulsa
Neil Gandal; Tel Aviv University
Tyler Moore; University of Tulsa
Marie Vasek; University College London
Amir Feder; Technion
   presented by: Neil Gandal, Tel Aviv University
Session 3: Utilities

Infrastructure, Technical Efficiency, or Market-Based Reforms? Paths to Improving China's Electricity Generation Sector
By Tom Eisenberg; University of Delaware
   presented by: Tom Eisenberg, University of Delaware

Market power in cost-based wholesale electricity markets: Evidence from Mexico
By Shaun McRae; ITAM
   presented by: Shaun McRae, ITAM

Local Power Markets
By Pio Baake; DIW Berlin
Sebastian Schwenen; Technical University of Munich
Christian von Hirschhausen; TU Berlin, and DIW Berlin
   presented by: Sebastian Schwenen, Technical University of Munich

Markets and Efficient Pricing in the Electricity Sector
By Linda Cohen; U of CA, Irvine
Kyle Kettler; University of California-Irvine
   presented by: Linda Cohen, U of CA, Irvine

The Welfare Effects from Electricity Theft: Evidence from Brazil
By Gabriel Richter de Almeida; FGV / Wharton
Marcelo Sant'Anna; FGV
Andre Trindade; Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV)
   presented by: Gabriel Richter de Almeida, FGV / Wharton
Session 4: Environmental Regulation

Dirty Business: Principal-Agent Problems in Hazardous Waste Remediation
By Justin Marion; University of California, Santa Cruz
   presented by: Justin Marion, University of California, Santa Cruz

Policy Uncertainty and Investment in Wind Energy
By Sarah Johnston; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chenyu Yang; University of Maryland, College Park
   presented by: Sarah Johnston, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Response of New Car Buyers to Alternative Energy Policies: The Role of Vehicle Use Heterogeneity
By Tingmingke Lu
   presented by: Tingmingke Lu,

Carbon Taxes and the US Airline Industry
By Mauricio Varela; University of Arizona
Madhu Viswanathan; University of Arizona
   presented by: Mauricio Varela, University of Arizona
Session 5: Regulated Markets

Bailouts, risk taking and systemic risk in a stochastic dynamic game
By Aron Toth; University of Bath
   presented by: Aron Toth, University of Bath

Regulation Rather than Firms' discretion: On the Optimality of Regulated Capacity in Competitive Markets
By Raul Bajo-Buenestado; University of Navarra
   presented by: Raul Bajo-Buenestado, University of Navarra

Mandatory disclosure of conflicts of interest: {G}ood news or bad news?
By Ming Li; Concordia University
Ting Liu; Stony Brook University
   presented by: Ting Liu, Stony Brook University

Information Regulation, Financing, and Investment
By Andrew Bird; Carnegie Mellon University
Aytekin Ertan; London Business School
Stephen Karolyi; Carnegie Mellon University
Thomas Ruchti; Carnegie Mellon University
   presented by: Andrew Bird, Carnegie Mellon University
Session 6: Curation and Steering on Platforms

A Model of Sales on Online Platforms
By Sunny Yangguang Huang; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Sunny Yangguang Huang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Steering via Algorithmic Recommendations
By Hsin-Tien Tsai; National University of Singapore
   presented by: Hsin-Tien Tsai, National University of Singapore

Curation Algorithms and Filter Bubbles in Social Networks
By Ron Berman; Wharton School
Zsolt Katona; U.C. Berkeley
   presented by: Ron Berman, Wharton School

By John Lazarev; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: John Lazarev, University of Pennsylvania
Session 7: Scale and Competition Among Platforms

How Platform Components Impact Ecosystem Value: The Case of the iPhone and Mobile Broadband
By Mark Jamison; University of Florida
   presented by: Mark Jamison, University of Florida

Competition for Exclusivity and Customer Lock-in: Evidence from Copyright Enforcement in China
By Youming Liu; Cornell University
   presented by: Youming Liu, Cornell University

Platform Competition in the Tablet PC Market: the Role of Application Quality
By Thanh Doan; University of East Anglia
Fabio Manenti; Universita' di Padova
Franco Mariuzzo; University of East Anglia
   presented by: Franco Mariuzzo, University of East Anglia

Dog Eat Dog: Measuring Returns to Scale Using a Digital Platform Merger
By Chiara Farronato; Harvard University
Jessica Fong; University of Michigan
Andrey Fradkin; Boston University
   presented by: Andrey Fradkin, Boston University
Session 8: Reviews, Content, and Signaling on Platforms

Paying to Brag? A Structural Model of Cheap Talk in Online Crowdlending Market
By Jian Ni; Johns Hopkins University
   presented by: Jian Ni, Johns Hopkins University

Digitization and Pre-Purchase Information: The Causal and Welfare Impacts of Reviews and Crowd Ratings
By Imke Reimers; Northeastern University
Joel Waldfogel; University of Minnesota
   presented by: Imke Reimers, Northeastern University

Peer Recognition and Content Provision on Online: An Empirical Study from a Question-and-Answer Platform
By Xintong Han; Concordia University and CIREQ
Yushe Li; Concordia University
Tong wang; Business School
   presented by: Xintong Han, Concordia University and CIREQ

Platform Design and Innovation Incentives
By Benjamin Leyden; Cornell University
   presented by: Benjamin Leyden, Cornell University
Session 9: Strategic Behaviors on Online Platforms

Strategic Implications of Ad-Blockers and Limited Ad-Blocking
By Upender Subramanian; The University of Texas at Dallas
Mohammad Zia; Chapman University
   presented by: Mohammad Zia, Chapman University

Strategic Agents and Vertical Relationship in Media Markets
By Ji Gu; Florida International University
Qihong Liu; University of Oklahoma
Daniel Nedelescu; University of Oklahoma
   presented by: Daniel Nedelescu, University of Oklahoma

Deceptive Products on Platforms
By Johannes Johnen; CORE/LIDAM, Université catholique de Lo
Robert Somogyi; Budapest University of Technology and Economics
   presented by: Robert Somogyi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Vertical Probabilistic Selling under Competition: The Role of Anticipated Regret
By Yong Chao; University of Louisville
Lin Liu; University of Central Florida
Dongyuan Zhan; University College London
   presented by: Yong Chao, University of Louisville
Session 10: Empirical Analysis of Auction markets

Online Inference for Advertising Auctions
By Caio Waisman; Northwestern University
   presented by: Caio Waisman, Northwestern University

Extracting Firms' Willingness to Pay Foreign Workers: Allocating H-1B Visas by Auction
By Joseph Kuehn; California State University, East Bay
   presented by: Joseph Kuehn, California State University, East Bay

Auctioning Annuities
Eduardo Fajnzylber Reyes; Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
Maria Florencia Gabrielli; CONICET-UNCuyo
Manuel Willington; Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
   presented by: Eduardo Fajnzylber Reyes, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Structural Models with Unobserved Choices
By Yingyao Hu; Johns Hopkins University
Yi Xin; California Institute of Technology
   presented by: Yi Xin, California Institute of Technology
                         Yi Xin, California Institute of Technology

Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Structural Models with Unobserved Choices
By Yingyao Hu; Johns Hopkins University
Yi Xin; California Institute of Technology
   presented by: Yi Xin, California Institute of Technology
                         Yi Xin, California Institute of Technology
Session 11: Auction Markets: Methodological Isues

Estimation of Auction Models with Shape Restrictions
By Joris Pinkse; The Pennsylvania State University
Karl Schurter; The Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Karl Schurter, The Pennsylvania State University

Multidimensional Auctions of Option Values
By Yunmi Kong; Rice University
Isabelle Perrigne; Rice University
Quang Vuong; New York University
   presented by: Yunmi Kong, Rice University

Semiparametric Quantile Models for Ascending Auctions with Asymmetric Bidders
By Nathalie Gimenes; PUC-Rio
Emmanuel Guerre; University of Kent
Jayeeta Bhattacharya; Queen Mary University of London
   presented by: Nathalie Gimenes, PUC-Rio

Identification of Interdependent Values in Sequential First-Price Auctions
By Gagan Ghosh; California State University Fullerton
Heng Liu; University of Michigan
   presented by: Heng Liu, University of Michigan
Session 12: Auction Markets I

Information Design in Common Value Auction with Moral Hazard: Application to OCS Leases
By Anh Nguyen; Carnegie Mellon University
Teck Yong Tan; Nanyang Technological University
   presented by: Anh Nguyen, Carnegie Mellon University

Heterogeneous Risk-Aversion among Bidders
By Gaurab Aryal; University of Virginia
Hanna Charankevich; University of Virginia
Seungwon (Eugene) Jeong; University of Bristol
Dong-Hyuk Kim; University of Queensland
   presented by: Gaurab Aryal, University of Virginia

Search for Bidders by a Deadline
By Joosung Lee; University of Edinburgh
Daniel Z. Li; Durham University Business School
   presented by: Daniel Z. Li, Durham University Business School

Sequential Auctions of More Than Two Objects with Synergies
By Pranjal Chandrakar; Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Manaswini Bhalla
Shubhabrata Das; Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
   presented by: Pranjal Chandrakar, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Session 13: Auction Markets II

Secret Reserve Prices by Uninformed Sellers
By Pavel Andreyanov; HSE, Moscow
El Hadi Caoui; University of Toronto
   presented by: El Hadi Caoui, University of Toronto

Bargaining Between Collaborators of a Stochastic Project
By Z. Eddie Ning; Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
   presented by: Z. Eddie Ning, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Determining Risk Aversion in Share Auctions.
By Samuel Haefner; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Samuel Haefner, University of St. Gallen

Bidding for Contracts under Uncertain Demand: Skewed Bidding and Risk Sharing
By Yao Luo; University of Toronto
Hidenori Takahashi; Hitotsubashi University
   presented by: Yao Luo, University of Toronto
Session 14: Firm Dynamics

Quality Competition at the Competitive Margin in US Residential Broadband Markets
By Kenneth Flamm; University of Texas at Austin
   presented by: Kenneth Flamm, University of Texas at Austin

Financial Shocks, Productivity, and Prices
By Simone Lenzu; NYU Stern
David Rivers; University of Western Ontario
Joris Tielens; KU Leuven
   presented by: David Rivers, University of Western Ontario

Employment Dynamics with Convex Hiring Rules
By Dinara Alpysbayeva; KU Leuven
Stijn Vanormelingen; KU Leuven
   presented by: Stijn Vanormelingen, KU Leuven

Cleansing or scarring effect of recessions: The role of firm’s financial constraints during the Portuguese great recession
By Carlos Carreira; University of Coimbra
Paulino Teixeira; University of Coimbra
   presented by: Carlos Carreira, University of Coimbra
Session 15: Policies towards Innovation

Do subsidies boost innovation? Evidence from patent filings of industrial firms in China
By Bo Pan; University of Sheffield
Junhong Yang; The University of Sheffield
   presented by: Bo Pan, University of Sheffield

Do university technology transfers increase firms’ innovation?
By María García-Vega; University of Nottingham
Óscar Vicente-Chirivella; Universitat de València
   presented by: Óscar Vicente-Chirivella, Universitat de València

By Jose Maria Labeaga; UNED
Ester Martinez-Ros; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Amparo Sanchis; Universidad de Valencia and ERI-CES
JUAN SANCHIS; ERI-CES University of Valencia
   presented by: Amparo Sanchis, Universidad de Valencia and ERI-CES

Does the R&D Public Procurement Matter for High-Tech Exports? Evidence from the USA
By Dina Dardir
   presented by: Dina Dardir,

Market Experimentation and New Technology Adoption
By Alan Jaske; Duke University
   presented by: Alan Jaske, Duke University
Session 16: Firms' Growth

One swallow does not make a summer: Episodes and persistence in high-growth
By Silviano Esteve; Universitat de Valencia
Fabio Pieri; University of Trento
Diego Rodriguez; Universidad Complutense de Madrid
   presented by: Fabio Pieri, University of Trento

Start-up acquisitions and innovation strategies
By Igor Letina; University of Bern
Armin Schmutzler; University of Zurich
Regina Seibel; University of Zurich
   presented by: Igor Letina, University of Bern

The Italian Startup Act: A microeconometric program evaluation
By francesco biancalani; IMT Lucca
Dirk Czarnitzki; KU Leuven
Massimo Riccaboni; IMT
   presented by: Dirk Czarnitzki, KU Leuven

Acquirer Innovation and the Venture Capital Market
By Jiayi Li
   presented by: Jiayi Li,
Session 17: Innovation

Innovation, Diffusion and Shelving
By Sougata Poddar; Chapman University
   presented by: Sougata Poddar, Chapman University

Preemption with a Second-Mover Advantage
By Vladimir Smirnov; University of Sydney
Andrew Wait; University of Sydney
   presented by: Andrew Wait, University of Sydney

The effects of licensing on firms incentive to cooperate and invest in innovation
By Carlo Capuano; University of Naples Federico II
Iacopo Grassi; University of Naples, Federico II
   presented by: Carlo Capuano, University of Naples Federico II

Quantifying sunk costs and learning effects in R&D persistence
By Juan Máñez; Universitat de València and ERI-CES
James Love; University of Leeds
   presented by: Juan Máñez, Universitat de València and ERI-CES

The Fate of Inventions: What can we learn from Bayesian learning in a strategic option model of adoption?
By Edouard Civel; Ecole Polytechnique
Marc Baudry; Université Paris Nanterre
   presented by: Edouard Civel, Ecole Polytechnique
Session 18: New Methods for Empirical Games and Online Markets

Dynamic Foundations for Empirical Static Games
By Niccolo Lomys; Toulouse School of Economics
Lorenzo Magnolfi; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Camilla Roncoroni; University of Warwick
   presented by: Niccolo Lomys, Toulouse School of Economics

Regression Discontinuity Design under Self-selection
By Yang Ning; Cornell University
   presented by: Sida Peng, MICROSOFT RESEARCH

Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Structural Models with Unobserved Choices
By Yingyao Hu; Johns Hopkins University
Yi Xin; California Institute of Technology
   presented by: Yi Xin, California Institute of Technology
Session 19: Network Effects on Products: Adoption, Prices, and Protests

Trading Patterns and the "Death Effect" on Artwork Prices
By Georgia Kosmopoulou; University of Oklahoma
   presented by: Georgia Kosmopoulou, University of Oklahoma

By Camilo Garcia Jimeno; Chicago Fed
Pinar Yildirim; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Pinar Yildirim, University of Pennsylvania

Local Network Effects in the Adoption of a Digital Platform
By Jin-Hyuk Kim; University of Colorado at Boulder
Peter Newberry; Pennsylvania State University
Liad Wagman; Illinois Institute of Technology
   presented by: Peter Newberry, Pennsylvania State University

Technology Adoption in Input-Output Networks
By Xintong Han; Concordia University
Lei Xu; Toulouse School of Economics
   presented by: Lei Xu, Toulouse School of Economics
Session 20: Platforms vs Decentralized Exchange in *Off*line Services

Negative Externalities of Off Platform Options and the Efficiency of Centralized Assignment Mechanisms
By Adam Kapor; Princeton University
Mohit Karnani; University of Chile
Christopher Neilson; Princeton University
   presented by: Christopher Neilson, Princeton University

Congestion and Incentives in the Age of Driverless Cars
By Federico Boffa; Free U Bolzano
Alessandro Fedele; Free University of Bolzano/Bozen
Alberto Iozzi; Università di Roma Tor Vergata
   presented by: Federico Boffa, Free U Bolzano

Spatial Distribution of Supply and the Role of Market Thickness: Theory and Evidence from Ride Sharing
By Soheil Ghili; Yale University
   presented by: Soheil Ghili, Yale University

Spatial Competition with Online Platforms: Theory and Evidence from the Wealth Management Product Market
By Chao Ma; Xiamen University
SX ZHANG; Xiamen University
   presented by: Chao Ma, Xiamen University

The Value of Grocery Delivery and the Role of Offline Complements
By Vitoria Rabello de Castro; UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA
   presented by: Vitoria Rabello de Castro, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA
Session 21: Long-term Contracts and Bargaining

Long-Term Contracting with Formal and Relational Contracts
By Kenneth Corts; University of Toronto
   presented by: Kenneth Corts, University of Toronto

Open Price Contracts, Locked-In Buyers, and Price Opportunism
By Michael Noel; Texas Tech University
   presented by: Michael Noel, Texas Tech University

Institutions and Dynamic Relational Contracts in the Oil & Gas Industry
By Radek Stefanski; University of St Andrews
Gerhard Toews; New Economic School
Marta Troya-Martinez; New Economic School
   presented by: Marta Troya-Martinez, New Economic School

Mediation in Bargaining: Evidence From Large-Scale Field Data on Business-to-Business Negotiations
By Bradley Larsen; Stanford University
Carol Lu; Stanford University
Anthony Lee Zhang; University of Chicago
   presented by: Carol Lu, Stanford University
Session 22: Vertical relationships I

Market Structure and Spillovers Across Complementary Industries: Evidence from Airlines and Hotels
By Silke Forbes; Tufts University
Renata Kosova; Imperial College London
   presented by: Silke Forbes, Tufts University

Discrimination in Vertical Relationships
By Jaesoo Kim; IUPUI
Dongsoo Shin; Santa Clara University
   presented by: Jaesoo Kim, IUPUI

What goes around, comes around: Reciprocal effects and double-sided moral hazard in the choice of brand licensing
By Emanuele Bacchiega; University of Bologna
Mariachiara Colucci; University of Bologna
Marco Magnani; University of Padua
   presented by: Emanuele Bacchiega, University of Bologna

Does vertical integration in the U.S. Carbonated Soft Drink industry lead to anticompetitive effects?
By Nuwan Gedera; University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Philip Gayle; Kansas State University
   presented by: Nuwan Gedera, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Session 23: Incentive contracts

Incentivizing the Owner: Why Family Firms offer Pay-for-performance Contracts to their CEOs
By Laura Abrardi; Politecnico di Torino
Laura Rondi; Politecnico di Torino
   presented by: Laura Rondi, Politecnico di Torino

Modeling Horizontal Shareholding with Ownership Dispersion
By Duarte Brito; Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Einer Elhauge; Harvard University
Ricardo Ribeiro; Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Helder Vasconcelos; Universidade Do Porto
   presented by: Ricardo Ribeiro, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Strategic Shirking in Competitive Labor Markets: A General Model of Multi-Task Promotion Tournaments with Employer Learning
By Jed DeVaro; California State University, East Bay
Oliver Guertler; University of Cologne
   presented by: Jed DeVaro, California State University, East Bay

Do Work Restrictions Improve Product Quality? Evidence from the Airline Industry
By Nicholas Rupp; East Carolina University
Kerry Tan; Loyola University Maryland
   presented by: Nicholas Rupp, East Carolina University

Self-Licensing in the Field: Investigating Spillovers from Morning Exercise to Food Choice
By Matthew Shum; California Institute of Technology
   presented by: Matthew Shum, California Institute of Technology
Session 24: Vertical relationships II

Vertical Disintegration: The Effect of Refiner Exit from Gasoline Retailing on Retail Gasoline Pricing
By Daniel Hosken; Federal Trade Commission
   presented by: Daniel Hosken, Federal Trade Commission

Backward integration and monopsony power
By Philippe Chone; CREST
Laurent Linnemer; CREST
   presented by: Laurent Linnemer, CREST

The Welfare Costs of a Gross Receipts Tax
By Benjamin Hansen; University of Oregon
Keaton Miller; University of Oregon
Caroline Weber; University of Washington
   presented by: Keaton Miller, University of Oregon

Race to collusion: Monitoring and incentive contracts for loan officers under multiple-bank lending
By Kanishka Dam; CIDE
   presented by: Kanishka Dam, CIDE
Session 25: Organizational Economics

No Mission? No Motivation. On the Determinants of Firms' Organizational Form
By Nadia Burani; University of Bologna
   presented by: Nadia Burani, University of Bologna

Competing for a Quiet Life: An Organizational Theory of Market Structure
By Patrick Legros; Northeastern University and Université
Andrew Newman; Boston University, CEPR
Zsolt Udvari; ECARES
   presented by: Andrew Newman, Boston University, CEPR

Project Selection and Competitive Cheap Talk: an experimental study
By Eric Schmidbauer; University of Central Florida
   presented by: Eric Schmidbauer, University of Central Florida

Do Expert Panelists Herd? Evidence from FDA Committees
By Melissa Newham; KU Leuven University & DIW Berlin
Rune Midjord; Copenhagen Business School
   presented by: Melissa Newham, KU Leuven University & DIW Berlin
Session 26: Advertising

Informative Advertising in Monopolistically Competitive Markets
By Anthony Creane; University of Kentucky
   presented by: Anthony Creane, University of Kentucky

Signaling product quality through prices in an oligopoly model with costly consumer search
By Minghua Chen; Southwest University of Finance and Economics
Konstantinos Serfes; Drexel U
Eleftherios Zacharias; Athens University of Economics and Business
   presented by: Konstantinos Serfes, Drexel U

Sparking curiosity or tipping the scales? Targeted advertising to rationally inattentive consumers
By Andrei Matveenko; University of Copenhagen
Egor Starkov; University of Copenhagen
   presented by: Andrei Matveenko, University of Copenhagen

Featured in the News: from the Attention Aura to Competing Complements
By Leshui He; Bates College
   presented by: Leshui He, Bates College
Session 27: Information and Search

Anticipatory Shipping and Price Dynamics
By Konstantinos Serfes; Drexel U
Veikko Thiele; Queen's University
   presented by: Veikko Thiele, Queen's University

The Price Theory and Empirics of Inventory Management
By Fei Li; University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Charles Murry; Boston College
Can Tian; University of North Carolina
Yiyi Zhou; Stony Brook University
   presented by: Yiyi Zhou, Stony Brook University

Optimal Warranty Design for Durable Goods: Theory and Evidence
By Jonathan Peterson; Louisiana Tech University
Henry Schneider; Queen's University
   presented by: Henry Schneider, Queen's University

Price Transparency, Media and Informative Advertising
By Itai Ater; Tel Aviv University
Oren Rigbi; Ben-Gurion U
   presented by: Itai Ater, Tel Aviv University

Deceptive Advertising, Regulation and Gullible Consumers
By Aastha Gupta; Southern Methodist University
   presented by: Aastha Gupta, Southern Methodist University

Consumer Search in the U.S. Auto Industry: The Value of Dealership Visits
By Dan Yavorsky; UCLA Anderson
Elisabeth Honka; University of California at Los Angelos
   presented by: Dan Yavorsky, UCLA Anderson
Session 28: Pricing 1

Mobile Internet Usage and Usage Based Pricing
By Jeffrey Prince; Kelley School of Business, Indiana Unive
Shane Greenstein; Harvard Business School
   presented by: Jeffrey Prince, Kelley School of Business, Indiana Unive

Public Subsidies and Price Discrimination in Differentiated Oligopoly: Evidence from the Lifeline Extension to High-Speed Internet
By Samara Mendez; The Humane League Labs
Gabor Molnar; University of Colorado
Scott Savage; University of Colorado at Boulder
   presented by: Scott Savage, University of Colorado at Boulder

Price Negotiation with Merchant Heterogeneity in the Payment Card Industry
By Chun-Yu Ho; University at Albany SUNY
Li Xu; Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Daiqiang Zhang; University at Albany, SUNY
   presented by: Chun-Yu Ho, University at Albany SUNY

Exclusive Data, Price Manipulation and Market Leadership
By Yiquan Gu; University of Liverpool
Leonardo Madio; Toulouse School of Economics
Carlo Reggiani; University of Manchester
   presented by: Leonardo Madio, Toulouse 1 University Capitole
Session 29: Pricing 2

Multimarket Contact and Price Discrimination
By haobin bruce fan; Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
   presented by: haobin bruce fan, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Trading Up: Dynamic Pricing With Multiple Varieties
By Stefan Buehler; University of St. Gallen
Nicolas Eschenbaum; University of St. Gallen
Marc Moeller; University of Bern
   presented by: Nicolas Eschenbaum, University of St. Gallen

Search, Learning, and Tracking
By Marcel Preuss; Cornell University
   presented by: Marcel Preuss, Cornell University

Identifying Consumer-Welfare Changes when Online Search Platforms Change Their List of Search Results
By Ryan Martin; Bank of Canada
   presented by: Ryan Martin, Bank of Canada

Price Competition and Network Choice: Evidence from the US Airline Industry
By Kevin Remmy; Toulouse School of Economics
Cristina Gualdani; Toulouse School of Economics
Christian Bontemps; ENAC and Toulouse School of Economics
   presented by: Kevin Remmy, Toulouse School of Economics
Session 30: Entry, Competition, and Industry Concentration

Are There "Ratatouille" Restaurants? On Anticorrelation of Food Quality and Hygiene
By Hisayuki Yoshimoto; University of Glasgow
Andy Zapechelnyuk; University of St Andrews
   presented by: Hisayuki Yoshimoto, University of Glasgow

Industry Structure, Segmentation and Competition in the U.S. Hotel Industry
By Andrew Butters; Indiana University
Thomas Hubbard; Northwestern University (KSM)
   presented by: Andrew Butters, Indiana University

Nonprofit Entry, Competition, and Fundraising
By Philip Gayle; Kansas State University
Teresa Harrison; Drexel University
   presented by: Teresa Harrison, Drexel University

Cinema Digitization and Movie Industry Concentration
By Tin Cheuk Leung; Wake Forest University
Shi Qi; College of William and Mary
   presented by: Shi Qi, College of William and Mary
Session 31: Merger, Product Composition, and Product Design

Market Size and Product Composition: Evidence from Hollywood
By Joseph Kuehn; California State University, East Bay
Ryan Lampe; California State University, East Bay
   presented by: Ryan Lampe, California State University, East Bay

Going Net Zero? Carbon Footprinting and Pricing Under Climate Concerns
By Marco Bertini; ESADE Barcelona
Stefan Buehler; University of St. Gallen
Daniel Halbheer; HEC Paris
Donald Lehmann
   presented by: Stefan Buehler, University of St. Gallen

Are Coarse Ratings Fine? Examining the Impacts of Format Choice for Crashworthiness Ratings
By Siqi Liu; Brandeis University
Benjamin Shiller; Brandeis University
   presented by: Benjamin Shiller, Brandeis University

Mergers Between Multi-Product Firms With Endogenous Variety: Theory and an Application to the RTE-Cereal Industry
By Francisco Garrido; Georgetown University
   presented by: Francisco Garrido, Georgetown University
Session 32: Entry, location choice and policy

Government Incentives and Firm Location Choices
By Donghyuk Kim; Iowa State University
   presented by: Donghyuk Kim, Iowa State University

Heterogeneous Product Differentiation: Evidence from the Differentiated Agglomeration of Hotel Chains Alliance in China
By Yu Zhou; Fudan University
   presented by: Yu Zhou, Fudan University

Is There an U.S. Comparative Advantage in Entrepreneurship? Evidence from Israeli Migrations to the United States
By Jorge Guzman; Columbia University
   presented by: Jorge Guzman, Columbia University

Inference in strategic-interaction models with censored action spaces
By Lidia Kosenkova; University of Virginia
   presented by: Lidia Kosenkova, University of Virginia

Chaining and Changes in Local Concentration
By Giulia Brancaccio; Cornell University
Lorenzo Magnolfi; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cici McNamara; University of Wisconsin - Madison
Christopher Sullivan; University of Wisconsin-Madison
   presented by: Lorenzo Magnolfi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session 33: Dynamics and Industry Evolution

The Evolution of U.S. Retail Concentration
By Dominic Smith; Bureau of Labor Statistics
Sergio Ocampo; Western University
   presented by: Dominic Smith, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Effects of Mandatory Energy Efficiency Disclosure in Housing Markets
By Steven Puller; Texas A&M University
   presented by: Steven Puller, Texas A&M University

Nested Pseudo Likelihood Estimation of Continuous-Time Dynamic Discrete Games
By Jason Blevins; The Ohio State University
Minhae Kim; The Ohio State University
   presented by: Jason Blevins, The Ohio State University

Efficient and Convergent Sequential Pseudo-Likelihood Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games
By Adam Dearing; The Ohio State University
Jason Blevins; The Ohio State University
   presented by: Adam Dearing, The Ohio State University
Session 34: Pricing to facilitate collusion

Price Discrimination in Cartels
By Heiko Gerlach; U of Queensland
   presented by: Heiko Gerlach, U of Queensland

Cyclical Tacit Collusion in the Hotel Industry
By Christian Rojas; University of Massachusetts-Amherst
   presented by: Christian Rojas, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Endogenized Product Variety, Search Friction and Collusion
By Yuk-fai Fong; The University of Hong Kong
Ping Lin; Lingnan University
Xiaoxuan Meng; Hong Kong University
Weixuan Zhou; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Weixuan Zhou, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Testing for collusion in bus contracting in London
By Michael Waterson; U Warwick
Jian Xie; University of Warwick
   presented by: Michael Waterson, U Warwick
Session 35: Merger Retrospectives

What's the Difference? Measuring the Effect of Mergers in the Airline Industry
By Marc Remer; Swarthmore College
Reed Orchinik; Swarthmore College
   presented by: Marc Remer, Swarthmore College

Platform merger: lessons from French digital broadcast TV
By Jiekai Zhang; Hanken School of Economics
   presented by: Jiekai Zhang, Hanken School of Economics

Heterogeneous Effects of Consolidation on Premiums in Medicare Part D
By Mathis Wagner
   presented by: Mathis Wagner,

Branch Network Proximity and the Long-Run Effects of Bank Mergers
By David Benson; Federal Reserve Board
Serafin Grundl; Federal Reserve Board Governors
You Suk Kim; Federal Reserve Board
Ken Onishi; Federal Reserve Board
   presented by: Serafin Grundl, Federal Reserve Board Governors
Session 36: Assessing theories of harm

The Effects of Private Labels and Vertical Contracts on Collusion Damages
By Christian Michel; Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Barcelona GSE
Jose Manuel Paz y Mino; Indiana university
Stefan Weiergraeber; Indiana University
   presented by: Stefan Weiergraeber, Indiana University

The welfare effects of category captaincy
By Marie-Laure Allain; CREST, CNRS
Clemence Christin; University of Duesseldorf
   presented by: Marie-Laure Allain, CREST, CNRS

Mergers and Market Power: Evidence from Rivals' Responses in European Markets
By Joel Stiebale; Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)
Florian Szuecs; WU Vienna
   presented by: Joel Stiebale, Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)

Assessment of Collusion Damages in First Price Auctions
By Maria Florencia Gabrielli; CONICET-UNCuyo
Manuel Willington; Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
   presented by: Maria Florencia Gabrielli, CONICET-UNCuyo
Session 37: Beyond one industry

A “Primarily Property” Presumption Is – Still – Really Needed for the IP/Antitrust Interface
By Lawrence White; Stern School of Business, New York Unive
   presented by: Lawrence White, Stern School of Business, New York Unive

Competition Policy in a Simple General Equilibrium Model
By Louis Kaplow; Harvard University
   presented by: Louis Kaplow, Harvard University

Foreign Investor Reactions to Risk and Uncertainty in Antitrust: U.S. Merger Policy Investigations and the Deterrence of Foreign Acquirer Presence
By Joseph Clougherty; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nan Zhang; Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   presented by: Joseph Clougherty, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Structure, Conduct, and Contact: Competition in Closely-Related Markets
By Alon Eizenberg; Hebrew University Jerusalem
Dalia Shilian; Israel Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority
   presented by: Alon Eizenberg, Hebrew University Jerusalem
Session 38: Information, cartels and market power

Cartel Damages in English Procurement Auctions with Endogeneous Entry: Evidence from a Medicine Cartel Case
By Klenio Barbosa; SKEMA Business School
Lucas Lima; Teros Pricing Corporation
   presented by: Klenio Barbosa, SKEMA Business School

Empirical Framework for Cournot Oligopoly with Private Information
By Federico Zincenko; University of Pittsburgh
   presented by: Gaurab Aryal, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

Explicit collusion in oligopoly
By Yang Yu; Stony Brook University
   presented by: Yang Yu, Stony Brook University

Communication and Market Sharing: An Experiment on the Exchange of Soft and Hard Information
By Andreas Freitag; University of Basel
Catherine Roux; University of Basel
Christian Thöni; University of Lausanne
   presented by: Andreas Freitag, University of Basel
Session 39: Measuring demand, competition, and firm behavior

"The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index and the distribution of social surplus"
By Yossi Spiegel; Tel Aviv U
   presented by: Yossi Spiegel, Tel Aviv University

Water For Sale
By Debi Mohapatra; University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Sheetal Sekhri; University of Virginia
   presented by: Debi Mohapatra, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Testing Firm Conduct
By Marco Duarte; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lorenzo Magnolfi; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Christopher Sullivan; University of Wisconsin-Madison
   presented by: Christopher Sullivan, University of Wisconsin-Madison

(Un)common Properties of Discrete Choice Models with Multi-purchasing
By C. Matthew Shi; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Xinyi XU; Sun Yat-sen University
   presented by: C. Matthew Shi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Session 40: Killing competition softly

State-Aided Price Coordination in the Dutch Mortgage Market
By Mark Dijkstra
Maarten Pieter Schinkel; University of Amsterdam
   presented by: Maarten Pieter Schinkel, University of Amsterdam

Common-Subcontracting and Multimarket Contact in the Airline Industry
By Gaurab Aryal; University of Virginia
Dennis Campbell
Federico Ciliberto; U Virginia
Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya; University of Virginia
   presented by: Federico Ciliberto, U Virginia

Help from Above: Hub-and-Spoke Collusion in a Brazilian Gasoline Market
By Daniel Chaves; University of Western Ontario
Marco Duarte; University of Wisconsin-Madison
   presented by: Marco Duarte, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Multimarket Contact and Platform Competition: Reassessing the Mutual Forbearance Hypothesis
By Thierry Penard; Université de Rennes 1
Eric Darmon; University of Rennes 1 and CREM-CNRS
   presented by: Thierry Penard, Université de Rennes 1

Product Differentiation, Oligopoly, and Resource Allocation
By Bruno Pellegrino; UCLA
   presented by: Bruno Pellegrino, UCLA
Session 41: Public policies in Telecommunication Industries

Bid Credits in Simultaneous Ascending Auctions
By Benjamin Rosa; Virginia Tech
   presented by: Benjamin Rosa, Virginia Tech

Dynamic Bargaining and Size Effects in the Broadband Industry
By Daniel Goetz; Rotman School of Management
   presented by: Daniel Goetz, Rotman School of Management

Unobservable heterogeneity and identification in games: An application to mobile telecommunications
By Mathieu Marcoux; Université de Montréal
   presented by: Mathieu Marcoux, Université de Montréal

Political Uncertainty and Broadband Investment
By Karam Kang; Carnegie Mellon University
Mo Xiao; University of Arizona
   presented by: Karam Kang, Carnegie Mellon University
Session 42: Price Heterogeneity

Semi-parametric instrument-free demand estimation: relaxing optimality and equilibrium assumptions
By Sung-Jin Cho; Seoul National University
John Rust; Georgetown University
   presented by: Sung-Jin Cho, Seoul National University

Competition and Dynamic Pricing in Markets with Consumer Switching Costs
By Jurre Thiel; Copenhagen Business School
   presented by: Jurre Thiel, Copenhagen Business School

Dynamic strategic corporate finance: A tug of war with financial frictions
By Ulrich Doraszelski; University of Pennsylvania
Joao Gomes; University of Pennsylvania
Felix Nockher; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Joao Gomes, University of Pennsylvania

The Price is (not) Right: Incorporating Unobserved Price Heterogeneity in Demand Models
By Laura Grigolon; University of Mannheim
Liana Jacobi; University of Melbourne
Michelle Sovinsky; University of Manneheim
   presented by: Laura Grigolon, University of Mannheim
Session 43: Data Privacy and Regulation

Carpe data: Regulating the market of personal information with present-biased users
By Laura Abrardi; Politecnico di Torino
Carlo Cambini; Politecnico di Torino
   presented by: Laura Abrardi, Politecnico di Torino

The Economic Consequences of Data Privacy Regulation: Empirical Evidence from GDPR
By Guy Aridor; Columbia University
Yeon-Koo Che; Columbia University
Tobias Salz; MIT
   presented by: Guy Aridor, Columbia University

European Privacy Law and Global Markets for Data
By Michail Batikas; LMU Munich
Stefan Bechtold; ETH Zurich
Tobias Kretschmer; LMU Munich
Christian Peukert; ETH Zürich
   presented by: Christian Peukert, ETH Zürich

Data Neutrality, Consumer Privacy, and Market Competition
By Hanming Fang; University of Pennsylvania
Soo Jin Kim; ShanghaiTech University
   presented by: Soo Jin Kim, ShanghaiTech University

The Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on Internet Interconnection
By Ran Zhuo; Harvard University
Bradley Huffaker; Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
kc claffy; Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
Shane Greenstein; Harvard Business School
   presented by: Ran Zhuo, Harvard University
Session 44: Platform Markets

Cournot, Conduct, and Homing in Two-Sided Markets
By Takanori Adachi; Nagoya University
Mark Tremblay; Miami University
   presented by: Mark Tremblay, Miami University

The Optimal Stratification of Platform Market
By YONG WANG; Tsinghua University
YITAO LYU; Tsinghua University
TIANZE TANG; Tsinghua University
Danxia Xie; Tsinghua University
   presented by: YITAO LYU, Tsinghua University

Composition Effects in Platforms with Population Heterogeneity
By Michael Sacks; University of Louisville
   presented by: Michael Sacks, University of Louisville

Retailer-led Marketplaces
By Sandro Shelegia; University Pompeu Fabra
   presented by: Sandro Shelegia, University Pompeu Fabra
Session 45: International Trade, Productivity and Markups

By Juan A. Mañez; University of Valencia and ERICES
Maria Engracia Rochina-Barrachina; University of Valencia and ERICES
Juan A. Sanchis Llopis; University of Valencia
   presented by: Juan A. Sanchis Llopis, University of Valencia

Do imports of intermediate inputs generate higher productivity? Evidence from Ecuadorian Manufacturing
By Segundo Camino-Mogro; Complutense University of Madrid, ESAI Business School and Superintendencia de Compañias
Paul Carrillo-Maldonado; Interamerican Development Bank
Kathia Pinzón; Escuela Politécnica Nacional
   presented by: Segundo Camino-Mogro, Complutense University of Madrid, ESAI Business School and Superintendencia de Compañias

Firm Productivity and Cities: The Case of Colombia
By Jorge Balat; University of Texas, Austin
   presented by: Jorge Balat, University of Texas, Austin

Trade in Services and Innovation
By Bastian Krieger; ZEW Mannheim
Fabian Trottner; Princeton University
   presented by: Bastian Krieger, ZEW Mannheim
Session 46: Foreign Competition: Impact on Market Power, Product Quality and Welfare

Demand for Performance Goods: Import Quotas in the Chinese Movie Market
By Chun-Yu Ho; University at Albany SUNY
Marc Rysman; Boston University
Yanfei Wang; Renmin University of China
   presented by: Marc Rysman, Boston University

Foreign competition along the quality ladder
By Paul Piveteau; Johns Hopkins
Gabriel Smagghue; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
   presented by: Paul Piveteau, Johns Hopkins

Trade and Market Power in Product and Labor Markets
By Gaelan MacKenzie; Bank of Canada
   presented by: Gaelan MacKenzie, Bank of Canada

The impact of trade liberalization on firms' product and labor market power
By Sabien Dobbelaere; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Quint Wiersma; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
   presented by: Sabien Dobbelaere, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Quality Guarantee and Trade Credit: Evidence from Chilean Exporters
By Santiago Justel; UCLA
   presented by: Santiago Justel, UCLA
Session 47: Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment, Product Sophistication and the Demand for Skilled and Unskilled Labor in Chilean Manufacturing
By Wei Jia; Brandeis University
   presented by: Wei Jia, Brandeis University

Foreign Direct Investment, Markups and Productivity: Evidence from India
By Nesma Ali; Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE). Heinrich Heine Univ.
Joel Stiebale; Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)
   presented by: Nesma Ali, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE). Heinrich Heine Univ.

The Structure of Multinational Sales under Demand Risk
By Francesco Conteduca; Bank of Italy
Ekaterina Kazakova; NRU Higher School of Economics
   presented by: Francesco Conteduca, Bank of Italy

Policy Effects of International Taxation on Firm Dynamics and Capital Structure
By Adam Spencer; The University of Nottingham
   presented by: Adam Spencer, The University of Nottingham
Session 48: Behavior of Health Care Providers

Physician Productivity and Organizational Experience in a New Hospital
By Jorge Ale-Chilet; Bar-Ilan University
Pablo Varas; UT-Austin
Loreto Errazuriz; Clínica Universidad de los Andes
   presented by: Jorge Ale-Chilet, Bar-Ilan University

The Effect of Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice on Health Care Utilization and Health: Evidence from Law Changes and Patient Moves
By Thomas Koch; Federal Trade Commission
Nathan Petek; Federal Trade Commission
   presented by: Nathan Petek, Federal Trade Commission

The Effect of Vertical Integration on Physicians’ Referral Patterns for Surgical Procedures
By Xiaoxi Zhao; Boston University
Christopher Whaley; RAND Corporation
   presented by: Xiaoxi Zhao, Boston University

Is the Massive Consolidation of Physicians Finally Producing Cost Savings? National Trends, 2010-2016
By William Encinosa; AHRQ
   presented by: William Encinosa, AHRQ
Session 49: Health Insurance Markets

Insurer switching in the Employer-Sponsored Insurance Market
By Haizhen Lin; Indiana University
   presented by: Haizhen Lin, Indiana University

Mortality Effects and Choice Across Private Health Insurance Plans
By Amanda Starc; Kellogg School of Management
   presented by: Amanda Starc, Kellogg School of Management

Government Advertising in Market-Based Public Programs: Evidence from the Health Insurance Marketplace
By Naoki Aizawa; University of Wisconsin-Madison
You Suk Kim; Federal Reserve Board
   presented by: You Suk Kim, Federal Reserve Board

Laboratory Kickback to Doctor, Consumer Awareness, and Welfare Implications
By Yuk-fai Fong; The University of Hong Kong
Xiaoxuan Meng; Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Lin Zhao; The University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Lin Zhao, The University of Hong Kong
Session 50: Networks in Health Care

Disagreement Payoffs and Negotiated Prices: Evidence from Out-of-Network Hospital Payments
By Elena Prager; Northwestern University
Nicholas Tilipman; University of Illinois at Chicago
   presented by: Nicholas Tilipman, University of Illinois at Chicago

Patients’ and Providers’ Incentives in Out-of-Network Emergency Visits
By Juan Pablo Atal; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Juan Pablo Atal, University of Pennsylvania
Session 51: Pharmaceutical Pricing Negotiations and Welfare

Welfare Effects of Public Procurement of Medicines: Evidence from Ecuador
By Alvaro Callejas; University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Debi Mohapatra; University of Massachusetts, Amherst
   presented by: Alvaro Callejas, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

The Effect of Bargaining Power Determinants on Pharmaceutical Prices
By Sebastian Linde; Grand Valley State University
Brandon Norton; Purdue University
Ralph Siebert; Purdue University
   presented by: Sebastian Linde, Grand Valley State University
Session 52: Price and Quality Competition in Healthcare

Does Price Deregulation in a Competitive Hospital Market Damage Quality?
By Anne-Fleur Roos; Erasmus University Rotterdam
   presented by: Anne-Fleur Roos, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Markups on Drop-Downs: Alphabetically Ordered Search and Drug Prices
By Frederik Hauschultz; University of Copenhagen
Anders Munk-Nielsen; University of Copenhagen
   presented by: Frederik Hauschultz, University of Copenhagen

Quality competition across dialysis industry
By James Dana; Northeastern University
He Wang; Beijing Sport University
   presented by: He Wang, Beijing Sport University

The impact of pharmacy deregulation process on market competition and customers’ accessibility. Insights from the case of Navarre Region in Spain
By Ilaria Barbarisi; University of Naples Faderico II
Giuseppe Bruno; University of Naples Federico II
Antonio Diglio; University of Naples Federico II
Javier Elizalde; Universidad de Navarra
Carmela Piccolo; University of Naples Federico II
   presented by: Javier Elizalde, Universidad de Navarra
Session 53: Regulation in Healthcare Markets

piSim: Proposed simulation of pharmaceutical innovation
By Christopher Adams; Congressional Budget Office
   presented by: Christopher Adams, Congressional Budget Office

A New Incentive to Accelerate Vaccines for Epidemics
By Dimitrios Gouglas; CEPI
Kendall Hoyt; Dartmouth Medical School
Christopher Snyder; Dartmouth College
   presented by: Christopher Snyder, Dartmouth College

Experts and Financial Ties: Evidence from FDA Advisory Committees
By Fanny Camara; university of southern california
   presented by: Fanny Camara, university of southern california

Endogenous Quality Choice with Imperfectly Informed Consumers
By Alexandra Charbi; Univeristy of Texas, Austin
   presented by: Alexandra Charbi, Univeristy of Texas, Austin
Session 54: The Value of Data

The Editor vs. the Algorithm: Economic Returns to Data and Externalities in Online News
By Christian Peukert; ETH Zürich
Ananya Sen; Carnegie Mellon
Jörg Claussen; University of Munich
   presented by: Jörg Claussen, University of Munich

Attention Oligopoly
By Andrea Prat; Columbia University
Tommaso Valletti; Imperial College London
   presented by: Andrea Prat, Columbia University

Competition in Pricing Algorithms
By Alexander MacKay; Harvard University
Zach Brown; University of Michigan
   presented by: Alexander MacKay, Harvard University

The Economics of Social Data
By Dirk Bergemann; Yale University
Alessandro Bonatti; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tan Gan; Yale University
   presented by: Dirk Bergemann, Yale University
Session 55: Impacts of AI, Big Data and Technology Automation on Organizations, Markets and Work

Suppliers and Demanders of Flexibility: The Demographics of Gig Work
By Keith Chen; UCLA Anderson
Judith Chevalier; Yale University
Peter Rossi; UCLA Anderson School of Management
Lindsey Currier; Uber Technologies
   presented by: Keith Chen, UCLA Anderson

Information, Beliefs and Resource Allocation in Competitive Markets: The Impact of IT and Big Data on SMEs
By Jose Galdon-Sanchez; Universidad Publica de Navarra
Ricard Gil; Queen's University
Guillermo Uriz-Uharte; University College of London
   presented by: Ricard Gil, Queen's University

Dynamic Competition in the Era of Big Data
By Patrick Kehoe; Stanford University
Bradley Larsen; Stanford University
Elena Pastorino; Stanford University
   presented by: Elena Pastorino, Stanford University

Algorithmic Pricing and Competition: Evidence from the German Retail Gasoline Market
By Stephanie Assad; Queen's University
Robert Clark; Queen's University
Daniel Ershov; Toulouse School of Economics
Lei Xu; Bank of Canada
   presented by: Robert Clark, Queen's University
Session 56: Antitrust and Competitive Issues in Health Care

Employer Consolidation and Wages: Evidence from Hospitals
By Elena Prager; Northwestern University
Matthew Schmitt; UCLA
   presented by: Elena Prager, Northwestern University

Selection, Subsidies, and Welfare in Health Insurance: Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Versus the ACA Marketplaces
By Sebastian Fleitas; KU Leuven
Caitlyn Fleming; University of Illinois at Chicago
Gautam Gowrisankaran; University of Arizona
Anthony Lo Sasso; De Paul University
   presented by: Sebastian Fleitas, KU Leuven

The Effect of Physician Group Mergers on the Health Outcomes of Medicare Beneficiaries
By Thomas Koch; Federal Trade Commission
Brett Wendling; Federal Trade Commission
Nathan Wilson; Federal Trade Commission
   presented by: Thomas Koch, Federal Trade Commission

Optimal Contracting with Altruistic Agents: A Structural Model of Medicare Reimbursements for Dialysis Drugs
By Martin Gaynor; Carnegie Mellon University
Nirav Mehta; University of Western Ontario
Seth Richards-Shubik; Lehigh University
   presented by: Seth Richards-Shubik, Lehigh University
Session 57: Competitive Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Thomas Jungbauer; Cornell University
Sean Nicholson; Cornell University
Michael Waldman; Cornell University
   presented by: Michael Waldman, Cornell University

Bargaining and International Reference Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
By Pierre Dubois; University of Toulouse 1 Capitole
Ashvin Gandhi; UCLA Anderson
Shoshana Vasserman; Stanford University
   presented by: Ashvin Gandhi, UCLA Anderson

Preferred Pharmacy Networks and Drug Costs
By Amanda Starc; Kellogg School of Management
Ashley Swanson; Columbia University
   presented by: Ashley Swanson, Columbia University

Killer Acquisitions
By Colleen Cunningham; London Business School
Florian Ederer; Yale University
Song Ma; Yale University
   presented by: Florian Ederer, Yale University
Session 58: New Research in Antitrust

Price Matching Guarantees and Collusion: Theory and Evidence from Germany
By Luis Cabral; NYU Stern
   presented by: Luis Cabral, NYU Stern

Merger and Product Variety: A Study of the California Beer Market
By Ying Fan; University of Michigan
Chenyu Yang; University of Maryland, College Park
   presented by: Chenyu Yang, University of Maryland, College Park

A Simple Method for Bounding the Elasticity of Growing Demand with Applications to Historic Antitrust Cases
By Wallace Mullin; George Washington University
Christopher Snyder; Dartmouth College
   presented by: Wallace Mullin, George Washington University

Price Leadership and Uncertainty about Future Costs
By Jorge Lemus; University of Illinois at Urbana Champai
Fernando Luco; Texas A&M University
   presented by: Jorge Lemus, University of Illinois at Urbana Champai
Session 59: Rising Stars: Asymmetric Information

Quality Disclosures and Disappointment: Evidence from the Academy Awards
By Michelangelo Rossi; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
   presented by: Michelangelo Rossi, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Information, Managerial Incentives, and Scale: Evidence from Hotel Pricing
By Matthew Leisten; Northwestern University
   presented by: Matthew Leisten, Northwestern University

Advertising on Online Marketplaces: Information Asymmetry and Relevance of Sponsored Listings
By Siddhartha Sharma; Carnegie Mellon University
   presented by: Siddhartha Sharma, Carnegie Mellon University
Session 60: Rising Stars: Platform Design

The Firm As Market Designer: Evidence from Amazon
By Kwok Hao Lee; Princeton University
Leon Musolff; Princeton University
   presented by: Leon Musolff, Princeton University

Scoring Strategic Agents
By Ian Ball; Yale University
   presented by: Ian Ball, Yale University

Competition for Prominence
By Fabrizio Ciotti; UCLouvain
Leonardo Madio; Toulouse School of Economics
   presented by: Fabrizio Ciotti, UCLouvain
Session 61: Rising Stars: IO and Education

Competition under Social Interactions and the Design of Education Policies
By Claudia Allende; Columbia University and Princeton University
   presented by: Claudia Allende, Columbia University and Princeton University

Competing Campuses: An Equilibrium Model of the U.S. Higher Education Market
By Emily Cook; University of Virginia
   presented by: Emily Cook, University of Virginia

Managerial knowledge and technology choice: evidence from US mining schools
By Michael Rubens; KU Leuven
   presented by: Michael Rubens, KU Leuven
Session 62: Rising Stars: Mergers and Common Ownership

Efficiency Gain from Mergers: Evidence from the U.S. Railroad Network
By Yanyou Chen; Duke University
   presented by: Yanyou Chen, Duke University

Structural Remedies in Network Industries: An Assessment of Slot Divestitures in the American Airlines/US Airways Merger
By Yongjoon Park; University of Maryland
   presented by: Yongjoon Park, University of Maryland

Do Venture Capitalists Stifle Competition?
By Xuelin Li; University of Minnesota
Tong Liu; University of Pennsylvania
Lucian Taylor; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Xuelin Li, University of Minnesota
Session 63: Rising Stars: Procurement and Contracting

Long-term Contracts and Efficiency in the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
By Nahim Bin Zahur; Cornell University
   presented by: Nahim Bin Zahur, Cornell University

Competition and Performance in Federal Procurement
By Andres Gonzalez Lira; UC Berkeley
Rodrigo Carril; Stanford University
Michael Walker; US Department of Defense
   presented by: Andres Gonzalez Lira, UC Berkeley

Forward Looking Strategies in Sequential Auctions: An Application to Highway Procurement
By Diwakar Raisingh; University of Wisconsin-Madison
   presented by: Diwakar Raisingh, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session 64: Rising Stars: Media Markets

Platform Pricing and Foreclosure: Evidence from an Internet Service Provider
By Zachary Nolan; Duke University
   presented by: Zachary Nolan, Duke University

Ad Quantity Regulation and Content Quality Distortion
By Ittai Shacham; Tilburg University
   presented by: Ittai Shacham, Tilburg University

Impact of Market Structure on Regulatory Compliance: Evidence from Online Censorship in China
By Zhenqi (Jessie) Liu
   presented by: Zhenqi (Jessie) Liu,
Session 65: Rising Stars: IO and Trade

Land Market Frictions in Developing Countries: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in India
By Aradhya Sood; University of Minnesota
   presented by: Aradhya Sood, University of Minnesota

The Dynamics of Global Sourcing
By Trang Hoang; Vanderbilt University
   presented by: Trang Hoang, Vanderbilt University

Price discrimination and Competition in Transportation Industry: Evidence and Implications for International Trade
By Anna Ignatenko; UC Davis
   presented by: Anna Ignatenko, UC Davis
Session 66: Rising Stars: Healthcare Markets

Choice of Depression Treatment: Advertising Spillovers in a Model with Complementarity
By Bogdan Genchev; Boston College
   presented by: Bogdan Genchev, Boston College

Physicians as Persuaders: Evidence from Hospitals in China
By Jia Xiang; The Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Jia Xiang, The Pennsylvania State University

Dynamic Moral Hazard in Nonlinear Health Insurance Contracts
By CECILIA DIAZ CAMPO; University of Western Ontario
   presented by: CECILIA DIAZ CAMPO, University of Western Ontario
Session 67: Rising Stars: Innovation

Does Open Source Pay o in the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Industry? A Study of Tesla's Open-Source Initiative
By Yihan Yan; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Yihan Yan, University of Mannheim

“No Man is an Island”: An Empirical Study on Team Formation and Performance
By Alessandra Allocca; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Alessandra Allocca, University of Mannheim

Cooperation, Competition and Patents: Understanding Innovation in the Telecommunication sector
By Tatiana Rosa; CEMFI
   presented by: Tatiana Rosa, CEMFI
Session 68: Rising Stars: Productivity

Production Function Estimation for Multi-Product Firms
By Zhiyuan Chen; Pennsylvania State University
Moyu Liao; Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Moyu Liao, Pennsylvania State University

Taxation of Multi-Product Firms with Cost Complementarities
By Arlynn White; UNC - Chapel Hill
   presented by: Arlynn White, UNC - Chapel Hill

Productivity, prices and market shares in multiproduct firms
By Gianluca Antonecchia; Erasmus School of Economics
   presented by: Gianluca Antonecchia, Erasmus School of Economics
Session 69: Taxes, Fees, and IO

How do national firms respond to local shocks? Evidence from excise taxes
By R. Andrew Butters; Indiana University
Daniel Sacks; Kelley School of Business, Indiana Unive
Boyoung Seo; Indiana University
   presented by: Boyoung Seo, Indiana University

Welfare Consequences of Nominal Excise Taxation
By Eugenio Miravete; University of Texas at Austin
Katja Seim; Yale University
Jeff Thurk; University of Notre Dame
   presented by: Jeff Thurk, University of Notre Dame

Proportional vs. Unit Fees: Welfare and Incentive
By Zhiyong Yao; Fudan University, School of Management
   presented by: Zhiyong Yao, Fudan University, School of Management

Regulating Platform Fees under Price Parity
By Renato Gomes; Toulouse School of Economics
Andrea Mantovani; University of Bologna
   presented by: Andrea Mantovani, University of Bologna
Session 70: Dynamic Pricing

AI Resistance and Price Discrimination
By Yi Liu
   presented by: Yi Liu,

Strategic Delay in Dynamic Nonlinear Pricing
By Andre Boik; University of California (Davis)
Hidenori Takahashi; Hitotsubashi University
   presented by: Andre Boik, University of California (Davis)

Two-Sided Markets: The Role of Technological Uncertainty
By Hamed Ghoddusi; Stevens Institute of Technology
Alexander Rodivilov; Stevens Institute of Technology
   presented by: Hamed Ghoddusi, Stevens Institute of Technology

Dynamic Competition in Negotiated Price Markets
By Jason Allen; Bank of Canada
Shaoteng Li; Queen's University
   presented by: Shaoteng Li, Queen's University

Dynamic Price Competition, Learning-By-Doing and Strategic Buyers
By Xinlu Yao; University of Maryland
   presented by: Xinlu Yao, University of Maryland
Session 71: Price Discrimination

Less is More Expensive: Income Differences in Bulk Buying
By Ethan Hossain; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Ethan Hossain, University of Pennsylvania

The Cost of Steering in Financial Markets: Evidence from the Mortgage Market
By Luigi Guiso; Einaudi Institute for Economics an Finan
Andrea Pozzi; Einaudi Institute for Economics and Fina
Anton Tsoy; Univesity of Toronto
Leonardo Gambacorta; Bank for International Settlements
Paolo Emilio Mistrulli; Bank of Italy
   presented by: Andrea Pozzi, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Fina

Pricing and Consumer Welfare in Ride-Hailing Platforms
By Renata Gaineddenova; University of Wisconsin - Madison
   presented by: Renata Gaineddenova, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Data intermediaries and selling mechanisms for customized consumer information
By David Bounie; Telecom ParisTech
Antoine Dubus; Télécom ParisTech
Patrick Waelbroeck; Telecom ParisTech
   presented by: Antoine Dubus, Télécom ParisTech
Session 72: Topics and Methods in Choice Models
Session Chair: Matthew Lewis, Clemson University

Predicting choice averse and choice loving behavior in a quasi-field experiment with actual shoppers
By David Ong; Jinan University
Mengxia Zhang; USC
   presented by: David Ong, Jinan University

Dynamic Model of Beer Pricing and Buyouts
By Timothy Richards; Arizona State University
Brad Rickard; Cornell University
   presented by: Timothy Richards, Arizona State University
   Discussant:   Aaron Adalja, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Estimating Dynamic Demand With High-Frequency Sales Data and Price Recommendations
By Daniel Garcia; U Vienna
   presented by: Daniel Garcia, U Vienna
   Discussant:   Timothy Richards, Arizona State University

Reference Dependence in the Demand for Gasoline
By Laurence Levin; VISA
Matthew Lewis; Clemson University
Frank Wolak; Stanford University
   presented by: Matthew Lewis, Clemson University
   Discussant:   Daniel Garcia, U Vienna

Non-Parametrically Identifying Preferences with Strategic Reports: An Application to Turkish Undergraduate Admissions
By Roman Istomin; Afiniti
Kala Krishna; Penn State University
Sergey Lychagin; Central European University
   presented by: Roman Istomin, Afiniti
   Discussant:   Matthew Lewis, Clemson University

Voluntary Quality Disclosure in Credence Good Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Non-GMO Labeling in the Food Industry
By Aaron Adalja; Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
   presented by: Aaron Adalja, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
   Discussant:   Roman Istomin, Afiniti
Session 73: IO in Transportation Markets
Session Chair: Richard Langford, Bates White Economic Consulting

Effects of a Gas Prices Holiday on the New Car Market
By Claudio Lucinda; U Sao Paulo
Arthur Godeli; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   presented by: Claudio Lucinda, U Sao Paulo

On the Benefits of Being Alone: Scheduling Changes, Intensity of Competition and Dynamic Airline Pricing
By Yannis Kerkemezos; Erasmus University Rotterdam
   presented by: Yannis Kerkemezos, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Using Cost Minimization to Estimate Markups
By Ulrich Doraszelski; University of Pennsylvania
Jordi Jaumandreu; Boston University
   presented by: Jordi Jaumandreu, Boston University

Quantifying the Benefits of the Introduction of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle
By Richard Langford; Bates White Economic Consulting
Kenneth Gillingham; Yale University
   presented by: Richard Langford, Bates White Economic Consulting

An Analysis of International Airline Alliances and Joint Ventures
By Yinqi Zhang; University of Southern California
   presented by: Yinqi Zhang, University of Southern California
Session 74: Non Linear Pricing, Dynamics and Imperfect Competition
Session Chair: Marcella Nicolini, University of Pavia

Obfuscation in vertical markets
By Marco Alderighi; Universita' della Valle d'Aosta
Marcella Nicolini; University of Pavia
   presented by: Marcella Nicolini, University of Pavia
   Discussant:   Philippe CHONE, CREST

Cookie-cutter Competition? Non-price Strategies of Multiproduct Firms under Uniform Pricing
By Gianluca Antonecchia; Erasmus School of Economics
Ajay Bhaskarabhatla; Erasmus School of Economics
   presented by: Gianluca Antonecchia, Erasmus School of Economics
   Discussant:   Marcella Nicolini, University of Pavia

Competition on Unobserved Attributes: The Case of the Hospital Industry
By Philippe CHONE; CREST
   presented by: Philippe CHONE, CREST
   Discussant:   Ajay Bhaskarabhatla, Erasmus School of Economics

Duopoly with Individual Demand for Variety
By Stephen Martin; Purdue University
   presented by: Stephen Martin, Purdue University
   Discussant:   Mons Chan, University of Toronto

An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfect Competition
By Mons Chan; University of Toronto
Kory Kroft; University of Toronto
Ismael Mourifie; U Toronto
   presented by: Mons Chan, University of Toronto
   Discussant:   Stephen Martin, Purdue University
Session 75: Market Empirical Studies
Session Chair: Robert Ritz, University of Cambridge

Multidimensional Non-Linear Pricing: Evidence from Energy Consumption with a Mixture Pricing Mechanism
By Tong Wang; University of Edinburgh
   presented by: Tong Wang, University of Edinburgh
   Discussant:   Gordon Klein, Westfälische Wilhelms -Universität Münster

Spatial Differentiation and Market Power in Input Procurement: Evidence from a Structural Model of the Corn Market
By Jinho Jung; Purdue University
Juan Sesmero; Purdue University
Ralph Siebert; Purdue University
   presented by: Jinho Jung, Purdue University
   Discussant:   Tong Wang, University of Edinburgh

Does competition increase pass-through?
By Robert Ritz; University of Cambridge
   presented by: Robert Ritz, University of Cambridge
   Discussant:   Jinho Jung, Purdue University

Uncertainty and Bargaining: An application to the German dairy market
By Gordon Klein; Westfälische Wilhelms -Universität Münster
Mayra Rebolledo; WWU Münster
   presented by: Gordon Klein, Westfälische Wilhelms -Universität Münster
   Discussant:   Robert Ritz, University of Cambridge

Promoting Healthy Diet at a Large Chain Restaurant
By Daisy Dai; Purdue University
Ginger Jin; University of Maryland
Ben Zou; Michigan State University
   presented by: Daisy Dai, Purdue University
Session 76: Production Functions and TFP

Estimating Production Functions with Fixed Effects
By Jose Miguel Abito; Wharton School, University of Pennsylvan
   presented by: Jose Miguel Abito, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvan

Declining Industrial Disruption
By James Bessen; Boston University
Erich Denk; Boston University Technology & Policy Research Initiative
Joowon Kim; Boston University
Cesare Righi; Boston University
   presented by: Joowon Kim, Boston University

Environmental Misallocation in the Copper Industry
By Andres Luengo; Universidad Javeriana
   presented by: Andres Luengo, Universidad Javeriana

Heterogeneous Passthrough from TFP to Wages
By Mons Chan; University of Toronto
Sergio Salgado; The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Ming Xu; Queen's University
   presented by: Ming Xu, Queen's University
Session 77: IT and the Firm

Monetization of innovation
By Missaka Warusawitharana; Board of Governors of the Federal Reserv
Francesca Zucchi; Federal Reserve Board
   presented by: Missaka Warusawitharana, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserv

Fast Internet and Firm Creation: Evidence from Italy
By Lorien Sabatino; Polytechnic University of Turin
   presented by: Lorien Sabatino, Polytechnic University of Turin

Diffusion of E-Commerce and Retail Job Apocalypse: Evidence from Credit Card Data on Online Spending
By Hyunbae Chun; Sogang University
Hailey Hayeon Joo; Sogang University
Jisoo Kang; Sogang University
Yoonsoo Lee; Sogang University
   presented by: Hyunbae Chun, Sogang University

A New Approach to Quantifying, Reducing and Insuring Cyber Risk: Preliminary Analysis and Proposal for Further Research
By Neil Gandal; Tel Aviv University
Michael Riordan; Columbia University
Shalom Bublil; Kovrr
   presented by: Neil Gandal, Tel Aviv University
Session 78: Patents

Learning by Selling, Knowledge Spillovers, and Patents
By Yves Gueron; Seoul National University
Jihong Lee; Seoul National University
   presented by: Jihong Lee, Seoul National University

Mapping Firms' Locations in Technological Space: A Topological Analysis of Patent Statistics
By Emerson Escolar; Riken AIP
Yasuaki Hiraoka; Kyoto University
Mitsuru Igami; Yale University
Yasin Ozcan; NBER
   presented by: Mitsuru Igami, Yale University

The Impact of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Alice Corp v. CLS Bank on Patenting and Uncertainty in U.S. Innovation
By Andrew Toole; US Patent and Trademark Office
   presented by: Andrew Toole, US Patent and Trademark Office

Patent Policy, Imitation Incentives, and the Rate of Cumulative Innovation
By Silvana Krasteva; Texas A&M University
Priyanka Sharma; Illinois Institute of Technology
Chu Wang; East China Normal University
   presented by: Priyanka Sharma, Illinois Institute of Technology

Global Drug Diffusion and Innovation with a Patent Pool: The Case of HIV Drug Cocktails
By Lucy Xiaolu Wang; Cornell University
   presented by: Lucy Xiaolu Wang, Cornell University
Session 79: Science and Authorship

Is Imitation Bad for the Production of Creative Works?
By Sang Hoo Bae; Clark University
   presented by: Sang Hoo Bae, Clark University

Bundling Matters: Research Performance and Composition of Grant Portfolio
By Jacques Mairesse; ENSAE and Maastricht University
   presented by: Jacques Mairesse, ENSAE and Maastricht University

Pecuniary Motivations to Create: Some Evidence from a Demand Shock to Famous Authors
By Alejandro Zentner; University of Texas at Dallas
   presented by: Alejandro Zentner, University of Texas at Dallas

Reigniting Science
By Jay Bhattacharya; Stanford University
Mikko Packalen; University of Waterloo
   presented by: Mikko Packalen, University of Waterloo

Determinants of Self-employment by New PhDs
By Robert Feinberg; American University
   presented by: Robert Feinberg, American University

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