AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session at the 2020 Annual Meeting

San Diego, CA


Summary of All Sessions

January 4, 2020
Seaport & Palm Foyers, Manchester Grand Hyatt 2020 AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session139


AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session at the 2020 Annual Meeting

Detailed List of Sessions

Session: 2020 AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session
January 4, 2020 8:00 to 20:30
Seaport & Palm Foyers, Manchester Grand Hyatt

Visuals and Attention to Earnings News on Twitter
By Shijia Wu; University of California at Irvine
   presented by: Shijia Wu, University of California at Irvine

Ensemble Machine Learning and Stock Return Predictability
By Hongwei Zhang; Tilburg University and Central University of Finance and Economics
   presented by: Hongwei Zhang, Tilburg University and Central University of Finance and Economics

Common-Ownership and Portfolio Rebalancing
By Eyub Yegen; University of Toronto
   presented by: Eyub Yegen, University of Toronto

Wealth Effects and Predictability of Firms' Government Sales Dependency
By Bharat Parajuli; University of Utah
   presented by: Bharat Parajuli, University of Utah

Need for Speed? International Transmission Latency, Liquidity and Volatility
By Khaladdin Rzayev; University of Edinburgh
   presented by: Khaladdin Rzayev, University of Edinburgh

Ambiguous Text
By Eric Tham; EDHEC
   presented by: Eric Tham, EDHEC

Psychological Barrier and Cross-firm Return Predictability
By Shiyang Huang; University of Hong Kong
Tse-Chun Lin; University of Hong Kong
Hong Xiang; University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Hong Xiang, University of Hong Kong

Does Safety Uncertainty Affect Acquisitions?
By Tung Nguyen; University of Surrey
Dimitris Petmezas; University of Surrey
Nikolaos Karampatsas; University of Surrey
   presented by: Tung Nguyen, University of Surrey

When is a MAX not the MAX? How News Resolves Information Uncertainty
By Ran Tao; University of Reading
Chris Brooks; University of Reading
Adrian Bell; University of Reading
   presented by: Ran Tao, University of Reading

Do Natural Disasters Bias Creditors?
By Balbinder Singh Gill; Temple University
   presented by: Balbinder Singh Gill, Temple University

Disastrous Selling Decisions: The Disposition Effect and Natural Disasters
By Matthew Henriksson; University of South Florida
   presented by: Matthew Henriksson, University of South Florida

Political Connections and Insider Trading
By Thuong Harvison; University of Arizona
   presented by: Thuong Harvison, University of Arizona

Tit for Tat? The Consequence of Private Information Misuse in Debt Collection
By Li Liao; Tsinghua University
Zhengwei Wang; Tsinghua University
Congyi Zhou; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Congyi Zhou, Tsinghua University

The Value of Renewable Energy and Subsidies: An Investor's Perspective
By Alexander Kronies; Copenhagen Business School
   presented by: Alexander Kronies, Copenhagen Business School

Family Comes First: Reproductive Rights and the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship
By Jonathan Zandberg; Boston College
   presented by: Jonathan Zandberg, Boston College

Falling Behind: Has Rising Inequality Fueled the American Debt Boom 1980–2007?
By Moritz Drechsel-Grau; University of Mannheim
Fabian Greimel; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Fabian Greimel, University of Mannheim

Friends with Threats: Credit Risk Under Common Ownership
By Luca Xianran Lin; IESE Business School
   presented by: Luca X. Lin, IESE Business School, University of Navarra

Regulation and Initial Capital Structure: Evidence from the JOBS Act
By Khaled Alsabah; University of Colorado
Katie Moon; University of Colorado Boulder
   presented by: Khaled Alsabah, University of Colorado

Predatory Trading in Mutual Funds
By Tianyue Zhao; University of Pittsburgh
   presented by: Tianyue Zhao, University of Pittsburgh

Credit Variance Risk Premiums
By Manuel Ammann; University of St. Gallen
Mathis Moerke; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Mathis Moerke, University of St. Gallen

Creditor Rights, Debt Capacity and Securities Issuance: Evidence from Anti-recharacterization Laws
By Daniel Tut; York University
   presented by: Daniel Tut, York University

The Value Uncertainty Premium
By Turan G. Bali; Georgetown University
Luca Del Viva; ESADE Business School
Menatalla El Hefnawy; ESADE Business School
Lenos Trigeorgis; University of Cyprus, King's College London and MIT
   presented by: Menatalla El Hefnawy, ESADE Business School

The Disposition Effect in Boom and Bust Markets
By Sabine Bernard; University of Mannheim
Benjamin Loos; University of Technology Sydney
Martin Weber; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Sabine Bernard, University of Mannheim

Financial Policies and Internal Governance with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences
By Shiqi Chen; University of Cambridge
Bart Lambrecht; University of Cambridge
   presented by: Shiqi Chen, University of Cambridge

Impact of Internal Governance on a CEO's Investment Cycle
By Ivan Brick; Rutgers University
Darius Palia; Rutgers University
Yankuo Qiao; Rutgers University
   presented by: Yankuo Qiao, Rutgers University

House Price Risks and Mortgage Choice
By Lu Liu; Imperial College London
   presented by: Lu Liu, Imperial College London

Security Design and Credit Rating Risk in the CLO Market
By Dennis Vink; Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Mike Nawas; Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Vivian van Breemen; De Nederlandsche Bank
   presented by: Vivian van Breemen, De Nederlandsche Bank

A Sustainable Capital Asset Pricing Model (S-CAPM): Evidence from Green Investing and Sin Stock Exclusion
By Olivier David Zerbib; Tilburg University
   presented by: Olivier David Zerbib, Tilburg University

Acquisitions and Technology Value Revision
By Xiangshang Cai; University of Manchester
Amedeo De Desari; University of Manchester
Ning Gao; University of Manchester
Ni Peng; Queen Mary University of London
   presented by: Xiangshang Cai, University of Manchester

Is Cross-hedging an Optimal Hedging Strategy for Commodity Currencies?
By Stefan Lee; EAESP-FGV
William Eid Jr.; FGV/EAESP
   presented by: Stefan Lee, EAESP-FGV

Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Affect Analyst Forecast Accuracy?
By Rumpa Biswas; University of New Orleans
   presented by: Rumpa Biswas, University of New Orleans

Information Leakage Prior to SEC Form Filings --- Evidence from TAQ Millisecond Data
By Steven Wei Ho; Columbia University
Mingrui Zhang; Columbia University
   presented by: Mingrui Zhang, Columbia University

Which Post-Crisis Regulations are Constraining Banks' Market Making? Evidence from Strategic Accounting Classifications
By Dennis Hamilton; University of Iowa
   presented by: Dennis Hamilton, University of Iowa

The Fed Call: FOMC Announcements and Stock Market Uncertainty
By Heiner Beckmeyer; University of Muenster
Nicole Branger; University of Muenster
Thomas Grünthaler; University of Muenster
   presented by: Thomas Grünthaler, University of Muenster

Fire Sales, Fair Value Estimation, and Impairment Recognition of Downgraded Securities
By Minjae Koo; University of Houston
   presented by: Minjae Koo, University of Houston

The Real Effects of Distressed Bank Mergers
By Valeriya Dinger; University of Osnabrueck
Christian Schmidt; University of Mannheim
Erik Theissen; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Christian Schmidt, University of Mannheim

Investor Sentiment, Behavioral Heterogeneity and Stock Market Dynamics
By Changtai Li; Nanyang Technological University
Sook Rei Tan; Nanyang Technological University
Sy Ha Ho; Nanyang Technological University
Wai Mun Chia; Nanyang Technological University
   presented by: Changtai Li, Nanyang Technological University

Why do CEOs pledge their own company's stock?
By Kornelia Fabisik; Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Swiss Finance Institute (SFI)
   presented by: Kornelia Fabisik, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Swiss Finance Institute (SFI)

The Information Content of Commodity Futures Markets
By Romulo Alves; Erasmus University Rotterdam
Marta Szymanowska; Erasmus University Rotterdam
   presented by: Romulo Alves, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Jumps and the Correlation Risk Premium: Evidence from Equity Options
By Nicole Branger; University of Muenster
René Flacke; University of Muenster
Frederik Middelhoff; University of Muenster
   presented by: René Flacke, University of Muenster

Asset Pricing on Blockchain: Slow Moving Capital, Crypto-Momentum, and Bubbles
By Dexin Hou; Tsinghua University
Jie Li; Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Li Liao; Tsinghua University
Hong Zhang; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Dexin Hou, Tsinghua University

Doing Safe by Doing Good: Risk and Return of ESG Investing in the U.S. and Europe
By Christina E. Bannier; Justus Liebig University Giessen
Yannik Bofinger; Justus Liebig University Giessen
Bjoern Rock; Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
   presented by: Bjoern Rock, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen

A Tool Kit for Factor-Mimicking Portfolios
By Tengfei Zhang; Louisiana State University
Junbo Wang; Louisiana State University
Kuntara Pukthuanthong; University of Missouri
Richard Roll; California Institute of Technology
   presented by: Tengfei Zhang, Louisiana State University

Distinct Roles of Risk and Uncertainty: Evidence from Trading around U.S. Macro News
By Bao Doan; University of New South Wales
   presented by: Bao Doan, University of New South Wales

Central Counterparty Exposure in Stressed Markets
By Wenqian Huang; Bank for International Settlements
Albert Menkveld; VU University Amsterdam
Shihao Yu; VU University Amsterdam
   presented by: Shihao Yu, VU University Amsterdam

Mutual Fund Market Timing: Daily Evidence
By Jeffrey Busse; Emory University
Jing Ding; Tsinghua University
Lei Jiang; Tsinghua University
Ke Wu; Renmin University of China
   presented by: Jing Ding, Tsinghua University

Legal Origins and Institutional Investors' Support for CSR
By Rob Bauer; Maastricht University
Jeroen Derwall; Maastricht University
Colin Tissen; Maastricht University
   presented by: Colin Tissen, Maastricht University

Speed of Financial Contagion and Optimal Timing for Intervention
By Diana Mikhail; Carnegie Mellon University
   presented by: Diana Mikhail, Carnegie Mellon University

Systemic Cyber Risk
By Rustam Jamilov; London Business School
   presented by: Rustam Jamilov, London Business School

Bank Intermediation in Corporate Bond Issuance
By Kerry Siani; Columbia University
   presented by: Kerry Siani, Columbia University

ESG Preference and Market Efficiency: Evidence from Mispricing and Institutional Trading
By Jie Cao; Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sheridan Titman; University of Texas at Austin
Xintong Zhan; Chinese University of Hong Kong
Weiming Zhang; Chinese University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Weiming Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Local House Price Comovements
By Marcel Fischer; Copenhagen Business School
Roland Füss; University of St.Gallen
Simon Stehle; University of Konstanz
   presented by: Simon Stehle, University of Konstanz

Option Return Predictability, a Machine-Learning Approach
By Steven Wei Ho; Columbia University
Yutong Hu; London Business School
   presented by: Yutong Hu, London Business School

Forecasting Risk Measures Using Intraday Data in a Generalized Autoregressive Score (GAS) Framework
By Emese Lazar; University of Reading
Xiaohan Xue; University of Reading
   presented by: Xiaohan Xue, University of Reading

The Zero Lower Bound and Financial Stability: A Role for Central Banks
By Tatjana Schulze; University of Oxford
Dimitrios Tsomocos; University of Oxford
   presented by: Tatjana Schulze, University of Oxford

Firm Reputation and the Cost of Bank Debt
By Ye Wang; University of Arizona
   presented by: Ye Wang, University of Arizona

Understanding the Onshore versus Offshore Forward Rate Basis: The Role of FX Position Limits and Margin Constraints
By Hyeyoon Jung; New York University
   presented by: Hyeyoon Jung, New York University

Performance-vesting Compensation and Firm Investment/Financing Decisions
By Xiao Zhong; University of Utah
   presented by: Xiao Zhong, University of Utah

Why Do Institutional Investors Oppose Shareholder Activism? Evidence from Voting in Proxy Contests
By Yanran Liu; University of Pittsburgh
   presented by: Yanran Liu, University of Pittsburgh

Do Boards Have Style? Evidence from Director Style Divergence and Board Turnover
By Robert Bird; University of Connecticut
Paul Borochin; University of Miami
John Knopf; University of Connecticut
Luchun Ma; University of Connecticut
   presented by: Luchun Ma, University of Connecticut

Moonshots: Speculative Trading, Bitcoin, and Stock Returns
By Qingjie Du; Hong Kong Polytechnic University
   presented by: Qingjie Du, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Inter-county Economic Growth and Municipal Access to Finance: Does Your Neighbor’s Credit Rating Matter?
By Zihan Ye; Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Zihan Ye, Pennsylvania State University

Family Ties and Insider Trading: A Closer Look at Family Firms
By Stefan Morkoetter; University of St Gallen
Tobias Schori; University of St. Gallen
Thomas Zellweger; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Tobias Schori, University of St. Gallen

Investor Attention and Market Return Predictability
By Zhi Da; University of Notre Dame
Jian Hua; Baruch College
Chih-Ching Hung; Baruch College
Lin Peng; City University of New York-Baruch College
   presented by: Chih-Ching Hung, Baruch College

Competition and Product Development Innovation: The Case of Newly Launched Trademarks
By Qianqian Huang; City University of Hong Kong
Bin Yang; City University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Bin Yang, City University of Hong Kong

Distance Effects in CMBS Loan Pricing: Banks versus NonBanks
By Nagihan Mimiroglu; Maastricht University
   presented by: Nagihan Mimiroglu, Maastricht University

Safe Asset Migration
By Chase Ross; Yale University
   presented by: Chase Ross, Yale University

Dynamic Contracting with a Forthcoming Technology of Automation
By Vincent Tena; Toulouse School of Management
   presented by: Vincent Tena, Toulouse School of Management

Identifying Empty Creditors with a Shock and Micro-Data
By Hans Degryse; KU Leuven and CEPR
Yalin Gunduz; Deutsche Bundesbank
Kuchulain O'Flynn; University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute
Steven Ongena; University of Zurich
   presented by: Kuchulain O'Flynn, University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute

Within-firm Labor Heterogeneity and Firm Performance: Evidence from Employee Political Ideology Conflicts
By Xiao Ren; University of Georgia
   presented by: Xiao Ren, University of Georgia

Commissions and Investment Adviser Misconduct
By Tarun Patel; University of Washington
   presented by: Tarun Patel, University of Washington

Real Effects of Shareholder Proposals in the Context of Climate Change
By Greg Tindall; Florida Atlantic University
   presented by: Greg Tindall, Florida Atlantic University

When does Liquidity matter?
By Paul Soderlind; University of St. Gallen
Fabricius Somogyi; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Fabricius Somogyi, University of St. Gallen

Do Creditor Rights affect Financial Contracts? Evidence from the Anti-Recharacterization Statute
By Negar Ghanbari; Norwegian School of Economics
   presented by: Negar Ghanbari, Norwegian School of Economics

Social Psychology Determinants of VC Investment: A Study Using Video Data and Machine Learning
By An (Allen) Hu; Yale University
Song Ma; Yale University
   presented by: An (Allen) Hu, Yale University

Rainy Day Liquidity
By Jingzhi Huang; Pennsylvania State University
Xin Li; University of Cincinnati
Mehmet Saglam; University of Cincinnati
Tong Yu; University of Cincinnati
   presented by: Xin Li, University of Cincinnati

Do Firms Leave Workers in the Dark Before Wage Negotiations?
By Sunny (Seung Yeon) Yoo; University of Southern California
   presented by: Sunny (Seung Yeon) Yoo, University of Southern California

Tweeting in the Dark: Corporate Tweeting and Information Diffusion
By Isabella Wolfskeil; Bocconi University
   presented by: Isabella Wolfskeil, Bocconi University

Who Has Skills in Trading Options?
By Jianfeng Hu; Singapore Management University
Antonia Kirilova; Singapore Management University
Seongkyu (Gilbert) Park; Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Doojin Ryu; Sungkyunkwan University
   presented by: Antonia Kirilova, Singapore Management University

Is There Value in Employee Opinion? The Effect of CEO Employee Approval on Financial Outcomes
By Spencer Barnes; Florida State University
   presented by: Spencer Barnes, Florida State University

Golfing for Information: Social Interactions and Economic Consequences
By Sumit Agarwal; National University of Singapore
Yu Qin; National University of Singapore
Tien Foo Sing; National University of Singapore
Xiaoyu Zhang; National University of Singapore
   presented by: Xiaoyu Zhang, National University of Singapore

Alternative Facts in Peer-to-Peer Loans? Borrower Misreporting Dynamics and Implications
By Vesa Pursiainen; Imperial College London and University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Vesa Pursiainen, Imperial College London and University of Hong Kong

Formal Institutions, Culture, and Initial Coin Offerings: A Cross-Country Analysis
By Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin; University of Illinois at Chicago
Prabal Shrestha; KU Leuven
James Thewissen; KU Leuven
Wouter Torsin; KU Leuven
   presented by: Prabal Shrestha, KU Leuven

High-Frequency Trading, Endogenous Capital Commitment and Market Quality
By Yenan Wang; Duke University
   presented by: Yenan Wang, Duke University

Education and Innovation:the Long Shadow of the Cultural Revolution
By Zhangkai Huang; Tsinghua University
Gordon Phillips; Dartmouth College
Jialun Yang; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Jialun Yang, Tsinghua University

How do Financial Contracts Evolve for New Ventures?
By Danying Fu; University of Oxford
Tim Jenkinson; University of Oxford
Christian Rauch; Goethe University Frankfurt
   presented by: Danying Fu, University of Oxford

Leveraged Loans, Systemic Risk and Network Interconnectedness
By Monica Billio; Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
Alfonso Dufour; University of Reading
Ana Sina; University of Reading
Simone Varotto; University of Reading
   presented by: Ana Sina, University of Reading

Same Bank, Same Client but Different Costs: How do Flat-fees for Mutual Funds affect Retail Investor Portfolios?
By Benjamin Loos; University of Mannheim
Steffen Meyer; University of Southern Denmark & Danish Finance Institute
Charline Uhr; Goethe University Frankfurt
Andreas Hackethal; Goethe University Frankfurt
   presented by: Charline Uhr, Goethe University Frankfurt

Optimal Currency Exposure Under Risk and Ambiguity Aversion
By Urban Ulrych; University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute
Nikola Vasiljević; University of Zurich
   presented by: Urban Ulrych, University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute

Partial Equilibrium Thinking in General Equilibrium
By Francesca Bastianello; Harvard University
Paul Fontanier; Harvard University
   presented by: Francesca Bastianello, Harvard University

The Trinity of Market Participants: Taking Sides on Return Predictability
By David McLean; Georgetown University
Jeffrey Pontiff; Boston College
Christopher Reilly; Boston College
   presented by: Christopher Reilly, Boston College

Linear Betas in the Cross-Section of Asset Returns
By Reed Douglas; University of Southern California
   presented by: Reed Douglas, University of Southern California

Do Digital Coins Have Fundamental Values? Evidence from Machine Learning
By Jinfei Sheng; University of California-Irvine
Yukun Liu; University of Rochester
Wanyi Wang; University of California-Irvine
   presented by: Wanyi Wang, University of California-Irvine

How Have Stock Markets Responded to 35 Years of Analyst Reports? Evidence from Machine Learning and Textual Analysis
By Abena Owusu; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
   presented by: Abena Owusu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mandatory Pollution Abatement, Environmental Awareness, and Firm Investment
By Tri Vi Dang; Columbia University
Youan Wang; University of Hong Kong
Zigan Wang; University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Youan Wang, University of Hong Kong

Why do US Firms use more Long-term Debt Post Activist Interventions?
By Amanjot Singh; Deakin University
Saikat Sovan Deb; Deakin University
Harminder Singh; Deakin University
   presented by: Amanjot Singh, Deakin University

On the Effect of Institution of Racial Inequality: Trump Election and Minority CEO Pessimism
By Ya Kang; National University of Singapore
   presented by: Ya Kang, National University of Singapore

Yield Curve Volatility and Macro Risks
By Anne Hansen; University of Copenhagen
   presented by: Anne Hansen, University of Copenhagen

Do Banks Help Corporate Tax Avoidance? Evidence from Simultaneous Debt-Equity Holding
By Shuyi Cheng; City University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Shuyi Cheng, City University of Hong Kong

Platform Enterprises: Financing, Investment, and Network Growth
By Joanne Juan Chen; London School of Economics
   presented by: Joanne Juan Chen, London School of Economics

Speculator Spreading Pressure and the Commodity Futures Risk Premium
By Yujing Gong; University of Warwick
Arie Gozluklu; University of Warwick
Gi Kim; University of Warwick
   presented by: Yujing Gong, University of Warwick

The Value Of Say On Pay
By Axel Kind; Universität Konstanz
Marco Poltera; Universität Basel
Johannes Zaia; Universität Konstanz
   presented by: Johannes Zaia, Universität Konstanz

Managerial Bullshitting and Shareholders’ Cognitive Processing Abilities: Evidence from M&As
By Désirée-Jessica Pély; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
   presented by: Désirée-Jessica Pély, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Identifying Indicators of Systemic Risk
By Benny Hartwig; Deutsche Bundesbank
Christoph Meinerding; Deutsche Bundesbank
Yves Schueler; Deutsche Bundesbank
   presented by: Benny Hartwig, Deutsche Bundesbank

Information Leakages, Distribution of Profits from Informed Trading, and Last Mover Advantage
By Andrey Pankratov; USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Andrey Pankratov, USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute

Ticket to Heaven: Beliefs in the Afterlife, Portfolio Choice, and Asset Prices
By Carina Cuculiza; University of Miami
   presented by: Carina Cuculiza, University of Miami

Consuming Dividends
By Konstantin Bräuer; Goethe University Frankfurt
Andreas Hackethal; Goethe University Frankfurt
Tobin Hanspal; Goethe University Frankfurt
   presented by: Konstantin Bräuer, Goethe University Frankfurt

Mortgage Credit and Housing Markets
By Yushi Peng; University of Zurich; Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Yushi Peng, University of Zurich; Swiss Finance Institute

What do Private Equity Firms do in the Credit Markets?
By Mustafa Emin; University of Florida
   presented by: Mustafa Emin, University of Florida

Credit Supply Decomposition and Real Activity
By Maximillian Littlejohn; University of California, Irvine
   presented by: Maximillian Littlejohn, University of California, Irvine

Cultural Distance in Family and Corporate Risk-taking
By Constantinos Antoniou; University of Warwick
Carina Cuculiza; University of Miami
Alok Kumar; University of Miami
Lizhengbo Yang; University of Warwick
   presented by: Lizhengbo Yang, University of Warwick

Banking on Demography: Population Aging and Financial Integration
By Gazi Kabas; University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute
Sebastian Doerr; University of Zurich
   presented by: Gazi Kabas, University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute

Slowly Unfolding Disasters
By Mohammad Ghaderi; University of Houston
Mete Kilic; University of Southern California
Sang Byung Seo; University of Houston
   presented by: Mohammad Ghaderi, University of Houston

Competition, Non-Patented Innovation, and Firm Value
By Scott Guernsey; University of Cambridge
   presented by: Scott Guernsey, University of Cambridge

Costly Information Acquisition and Investment Decisions: Quasi-Experimental Evidence
By David Xiaoyu Xu; University of Texas at Austin
   presented by: David Xiaoyu Xu, University of Texas at Austin

The Role of Investor Attention in Seasoned Equity Offerings: Theory and Evidence
By Thomas Chemmanur; Boston College
Karen Simonyan; Suffolk University
Yu Wang; Boston College
Xiang Zheng; Boston College
   presented by: Xiang Zheng, Boston College

Is Mandatory Board Gender Quota Costly? Insights from Insiders’ Trades
By Ge Yang; National University of Singapore
   presented by: Ge Yang, National University of Singapore

Financial Constraints and Pricing Flexibility
By Ishita Sen; Harvard University
Varun Sharma; London Business School
   presented by: Varun Sharma, London Business School

The Term Structure of Credit Spreads and Institutional Equity Trading
By Efe Cotelioglu; USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Efe Cotelioglu, USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute

The Effect of Conflict on Lending: Empirical Evidence from Indian Border Areas
By Mrinal Mishra; University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute
Steven Ongena; University of Zurich
   presented by: Mrinal Mishra, University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute

Is Positive Sentiment in Corporate Annual Reports Informative? Evidence from Deep Learning
By Anup Agrawal; University of Alabama
Mehran Azimi; University of Alabama
   presented by: Mehran Azimi, University of Alabama

Bank Capital Requirements and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Swiss Real Estate Market
By Olga Briukhova; University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute
Michele Pelli; University of Zurich & Swiss Finance Institute
Christoph Basten; University of Zurich
   presented by: Olga Briukhova, University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute
                         Michele Pelli, University of Zurich & Swiss Finance Institute

What is the Value of an Innovation? Theory and Evidence on the Stock Market's Reaction to Innovation Announcements
By Thomas Chemmanur; Boston College
Dongmei Li; University of South Carolina
Kevin Tseng; University of Kansas
Yu Wang; Boston College
   presented by: Yu Wang, Boston College

Pre-FOMC Information Asymmetry
By Farshid Abdi; University of Massachusetts Amherst
Botao Wu; New York University
   presented by: Botao Wu, New York University

One Man's Meat, Another's Poison: Spillover Effect of Bank-Firm Common Ownership
By Xiaotian Liu; City University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Xiaotian Liu, City University of Hong Kong

Electronic Trading and Traders
By Pedro Tremacoldi-Rossi; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   presented by: Pedro Tremacoldi-Rossi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Foreign Sentiment
By Azi Ben-Rephael; Rutgers University
Xi Dong; City University of New York-Baruch College
Massimo Massa; INSEAD
Changyun Zhou; Baruch College, CUNY
   presented by: Changyun Zhou, Baruch College, CUNY

Local Spillover of M&As
By Han Ma; Georgia State University
   presented by: Han Ma, Georgia State University

Data Economy and M&A
By Daniela Schoch; LMU Munich
   presented by: Daniela Schoch, LMU Munich

The Effect of Policy Uncertainty on VC Investments Around the World
By Romora Sitorus; University of Oklahoma
   presented by: Romora Sitorus, University of Oklahoma

Credit Information Uncertainty and Corporate Bond Prices
By Hwagyun (Hagen) Kim; Texas A&M University
Ju Hyun Kim; Sungkyunkwan University
Heungju Park; Sungkyunkwan University
   presented by: Ju Hyun Kim, Sungkyunkwan University

Long-term Investors and the Yield Curve
By Kristy Jansen; Tilburg University
   presented by: Kristy Jansen, Tilburg University

Is Innovation Always Beneficial? Externalities of Innovation on Product Market Relationship
By Chang Suk Bae; University of Pittsburgh
   presented by: Chang Suk Bae, University of Pittsburgh

Is Anti-herding Always a Smart Choice? Evidence from Mutual Funds
By Jun Ma; University of Auckland
   presented by: Jun Ma, University of Auckland

The Corporate Supply of (Quasi) Safe Assets
By Lira Mota; Columbia University
   presented by: Lira Mota, Columbia University

Measuring Customer Liquidity Provision in the Corporate Bond Market
By Jinming Xue; University of Maryland, College Park
   presented by: Jinming Xue, University of Maryland, College Park

What Shapes Credit Rating Effectiveness in China Evidence from the Upgrading in the Banking Sector
By Shida Liu; Tsinghua University
Hao Wang; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Shida Liu, Tsinghua University

The Bond Investor’s Trading Horizon and the Cost of Debt
   presented by: Li-Ting Chiu, SUNY-BUFFALO

Inorganic Growth in Innovative Firms: Evidence from Patent Acquisitions
By Sungjoung Kwon; Drexel University
   presented by: Sungjoung Kwon, Drexel University

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