Courses at Georgetown University

Economics 425: Computational Economics
Economics 452: Behavioral Economics
Economics 611: First Year Graduate Mathematics for Economists
Economics 612: First Year Graduate Econometrics
Economics 615: Advanced Micro Econometrics
Economics 619: Structural Econometrics
Economics 632: Industrial Organization

Courses at University of Maryland

Economics 623: Econometrics
Economics 625: Computational Economics
Economics 626: Applied Econometrics
Economics 698s: Social Insurance
Economics 708: Advanced Topics in Applied and Theoretical Microeconomics Labor Economics and Public Finance Workshop

Courses at Yale University

Economics 161: Undergraduate Econometrics
Economics 551: Graduate Econometrics II
Economics 560a: Computational Economics

Short Courses Offered offered on an ad hoc basis at other universities

Mini Course on the Econometrics of Social Insurance
12 Lectures on Stochastic Decision Processes
(short course at Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Austria
January, 2004)
Short Course on Computational Economics
(offered at American University, May 2008)
Short Course on Estimating Dynamic Models of Decision Making (co-taught with Moshe Buchinsky, UCLA)
(offered at CREST, Paris June 2010)

Invited Lectures

Leif Johansen Lectures
One semester graduate econometrics course on structural estimation of dynamic choice models presented at the University of Oslo in Fall, 1991. Postscript files for syllabus, and Masters exam, PhD exam.
Rotterdam Lectures
Reading list for a series of lectures presented as part of NAKE symposium on "Pensions and Public Finance in an Aging Society" at the Tinbergen Institute in Rotterdam in Fall 1993. Postscript files for syllabus, outline of lectures. See also Postscript paper, "How Social Security and Medicare Affect Retirement Behavior in a World of Incomplete Markets" (with Chris Phelan)
Visiting Speaker Series, University of Western Ontario
Lectures on empirical applications of structural estimation of dynamic choice models. Specific application presented: "A Dynamic Programming Model of U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Operations"

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