Head Hunter®

Head Hunter is web-based academic recruiting software specially designed as a "back end interface" to the EconJobMarket.org. When your organization places an ad for a PhD level economist position on EconJobMarket.org, applicants who apply to it have their materials transferred to a database of applications to your ad. Also included as part of these application files are recommendation letters provided by the applicants' recommenders, who are given their own secure accounts on EconJobMarket.org and who can upload recommendation letters that are confidentially delivered as part of the candidate's application. While you can access all of this information via EconJobMarket.org, the interface is designed mainly to collect applications, but not to analyze them. This is where Head Hunter comes in. This software connects to the EconJobMarket.org and retreives all of the application materials for your ad on EconJobMarket.org and transfers it to a secure database located on a different server computer (in a secure data center) completely separate from the serrver that runs the EconJobMarket.org database. In Head Hunter your recruiting committee can analyze the applications, make comments or grade them, make decisions on who to interview and to have for "fly outs" and so forth.

Features of the software include: