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Upcoming Conferences/Meetings

#Conference DatesAccepting Submissions? Conference Name/Location
1March 6, 2015NoWashington DC IO Conference
       1400 16th Street, Washington DC
2March 11-15, 2015NoSouthwest Finance Association Annual Meetings 2015
       Houston, Texas
3March 14-15, 2015Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
       Dubai, UAE
4March 19-20, 2015No23rd Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics (SNDE)
       BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway
5March 22-24, 2015NoCSAE Conference 2015: Economic Development in Africa
       St Catherine's College, University of Oxford, UK
6March 30 to
April 1, 2015
NoRoyal Economic Society Conference 2015
       University of Manchester, United Kingdom
7April 10-12, 2015NoMidwest Economic Theory and International Trade Conference (Theory)
       The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
8April 10-12, 2015NoMidwest Economic Theory and International Trade Conference (TRADE)
       The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
9April 24-26, 2015NoThe 13th annual International Industrial Organization Conference
       Boston Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts
10April 29, 2015No2015 Economic Demography Workshop
       Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego CA
11May 1-3, 2015NoMidwest Macro Meeting - Spring 2015
       Washington University and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
12May 6-8, 2015No6th Global Islamic Marketing Conference
       Istanbul, Turkey
13May 15-16, 2015NoALEA 2015 Annual Meeting, Columbia Law School
       Columbia Law School
14May 17-20, 2015Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
Silver Jubilee Conference, International Trade and Finance Association
       Sarasota, FL
15May 20-22, 2015NoTsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics 2015
       Beijing, China
16May 27-29, 2015Yes
until March 9, 2015
16th EBES Conference - Istanbul
       Istanbul, Turkey
17May 28-29, 2015Yes
until March 31, 2015
Georgetown Center for Economic Research Biennial Conference
       Washington, DC
18May 30-31, 2015NoThe 11th International Symposium on Econometric Theory and Applications
       Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan
19June 3-5, 2015No4th Annual AERE Summer Conference
       San Diego, California
20June 4-5, 2015Yes
until March 9, 2015
21June 4-6, 2015NoInternational Conference on Black Sea Economic Cooperation and European Union
22June 5-6, 2015Yes
until March 31, 2015
Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association - Jahrestagung der Nationalökonomischen Gesellschaft 2015
       Klagenfurt, Austria
23June 13-15, 2015NoThe sixth Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop
       Shanghai, China
24June 15-19, 2015NoInternational Transport Economics Association Annual Conference and Summer School (Kuhmo Nectar) 2015
       Oslo, Norway
25June 17-20, 2015NoESPE Annual Conference 2015
       Izmir, Turkey
26June 17-20, 2015Yes
until June 1, 2015
Behavior Genetics Association 45th Annual Meeting
       San Diego, California, United States
27June 19-20, 2015NoTheoretical Research in Development Economics (ThReD)
       Brussels, Belgium
28June 20-22, 2015NoSociety for Computational Economics - Computing in Economics and Finance, 2015
       Taipei, Taiwan
29June 25-27, 2015NoSociety for Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting 2015
       Warsaw, Poland
30June 25-27, 2015Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
World Congress of Comparative Economics
       Roma Tre University, Department of Economics, via S. D'Amico, 77, 00145 ROME (Italy)
31June 25-27, 2015NoIAAE 2015 Annual Conference
       Thessaloniki, Greece
32July 1-4, 2015Yes
until April 15, 2015
PET 15 Luxembourg
       University of Luxembourg
33July 7-10, 2015Yes
until March 13, 2015
2015 Australian Conference of Economists
       QUT Gardens Point campus
34July 8-9, 2015Yes
until March 14, 2015
Improving productivity in developing countries
35July 9-12, 2015No2015 China International Conference in Finance
36July 12-14, 2015Yes
until March 16, 2015
2015 MIT Asia Conference in Accounting
       Shenzhen, China
37July 16-18, 2015Yes
until April 4, 2015
International Association for Feminist Economics
       Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin
38July 22-24, 2015NoSecond Annual International Conference of the Society for Economic Measurement
       Paris, FRANCE
39August 5-7, 2015Yes
until March 31, 2015
Singapore Economic Review Conference (SERC) 2015
40August 5-7, 2015Yes
until April 7, 2015
The Fifth Congress of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics
       Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
41August 17-21, 2015NoEconometric Society 2015 World Congress
       Montréal, Canada
42August 24-27, 2015NoEEA Mannheim 2015
       Mannheim, Germany
43August 28-30, 2015Yes
until March 16, 2015
42nd EARIE Annual Conference
       LMU Munich
44September 3-4, 2015No, not until
March 18, 2015
XXX Jornadas de Economía Industrial
       Alicante, Spain
45September 9-11, 2015Yes
until May 15, 2015
The 47th Money, Macro and Finance Research Group Annual Conference
       The Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
46September 19-20, 2015Yes
until July 1, 2015
Institutions, Reforms and Economic Development
       Beijing, China
47September 24-25, 2015Yes
until June 30, 2015
XXVII Annual Congress of the Italian Society of Public Economics
48October 22-24, 2015No, not until
March 15, 2015
56th SIE Annual meeting (56-ma Riunione Scientifica Annuale SIE)
       Naples, Italy
49November 19-21, 2015Yes
until May 1, 2015
108th Annual Conference on Taxation
       Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
50December 2-4, 2015NoArchitectural Science Association Conference 2015 -
Living And Learning Research For A Better Built Environment

       Melbourne, Australia
51December 10-12, 2015No40th Simposio de Análisis Económico
       Girona, Spain
52January 3-5, 2016Yes
until March 15, 2015
American Finance Association Annual Meeting
       San Francisco
53June 27 to
July 1, 2016
until June 1, 2015
7th International Congress of Maritime History
       Murdoch University

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