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Upcoming Conferences/Meetings

#Conference DatesAccepting Submissions? Conference Name/Location
1July 1-4, 2015Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
PET 15 Luxembourg
       University of Luxembourg
2July 7-10, 2015No2015 Australian Conference of Economists
       QUT Gardens Point campus
3July 8-9, 2015NoImproving productivity in developing countries
4July 9-12, 2015No2015 China International Conference in Finance
5July 12-14, 2015No2015 MIT Asia Conference in Accounting
       Shenzhen, China
6July 16-18, 2015NoInternational Association for Feminist Economics
       Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin
7July 22-24, 2015NoSecond Annual International Conference of the Society for Economic Measurement
       Paris, FRANCE
8August 5-7, 2015Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
Singapore Economic Review Conference (SERC) 2015
9August 5-7, 2015NoThe Fifth Congress of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics
       Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
10August 17-21, 2015NoEconometric Society 2015 World Congress
       Montréal, Canada
11August 24-27, 2015NoEEA Mannheim 2015
       Mannheim, Germany
12August 28-30, 2015No2015 Empirical Microeconomics Workshop
       Banff National Park, Canada
13August 28-30, 2015No42nd EARIE Annual Conference
       LMU Munich
14September 3-4, 2015NoXXX Jornadas de Economía Industrial
       Alicante, Spain
15September 9-11, 2015NoThe 47th Money, Macro and Finance Research Group Annual Conference
       The Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
16September 19-20, 2015Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
Institutions, Reforms and Economic Development
       Beijing, China
17September 24-25, 2015Yes
until July 5, 2015
Sociedad de Economía de Chile (SECHI) - Encuentro Anual 2015
       Talca, Chile
18September 24-25, 2015NoXXVII Annual Congress of the Italian Society of Public Economics
19September 25-27, 2015No32nd Meeting of the Canadian Econometrics Study Group
Development and Economic Application of Flexible and Non-linear Econometric Models

       University of Guelph
20October 15-17, 2015Yes
until July 13, 2015
17th EBES Conference - Venice
21October 22-24, 2015Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
56th SIE Annual meeting (56-ma Riunione Scientifica Annuale SIE)
       Naples, Italy
22October 24-25, 2015No, not until
August 1, 2015
Workshop on Central and Local Government Relations: Fiscal Sustainability
       Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
23October 31 to
November 1, 2015
until August 15, 2015
the 12th Chinese Finance Annual Meeting (2015)
       Wuhan, P.R.C.
24November 6-8, 2015NoMidwest Macro Meetings, Fall 2015
       University of Rochester
25November 7-8, 2015Yes
until August 15, 2015
NEUDC 2015 Brown University
       Providence, RI
26November 19, 2015Yes
until July 31, 2015
Systemic Risk in Over-The-Counter Markets
       London School of Economics and Political Sciences
27November 19-21, 2015No108th Annual Conference on Taxation
       Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
28December 2-4, 2015NoArchitectural Science Association Conference 2015 -
Living And Learning Research For A Better Built Environment

       Melbourne, Australia
29December 8-11, 2015Yes
until July 22, 2015
37th Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society
       Florianopolis, Brazil
30December 10-12, 2015Yes
until December 1, 2015
40th Simposio de Análisis Económico
       Girona, Spain
31January 3-5, 2016NoAmerican Finance Association Annual Meeting
       San Francisco
32January 3-5, 2016No2016 North American Winter Meeting
       San Francisco, CA
33February 4-5, 2016Yes
until October 20, 2015
       Ourense - Galicia (España)
34February 6-9, 2016No, not until
August 1, 2015
2016 SAEA Annual Meeting
       Hyatt Regency, San Antonio, Texas
35March 9-12, 2016No, not until
July 13, 2015
Southwestern Finance Association Annual Meeting 2016
       Oklahoma City Renaissance Hotel & Spa
36March 20-22, 2016Yes
until October 31, 2015
CSAE Conference 2016: Economic Development in Africa
       Oxford, UK
37June 27 to
July 1, 2016
Yes submissions still allowed
even though deadline has passed
7th International Congress of Maritime History
       Murdoch University

Copyright © 2015 Technoluddites, Inc. All rights reserved.