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Upcoming Conferences/Meetings

#Conference DatesAccepting Submissions? Conference Name/Location
1April 20-22, 2018Nothe 16th annual International Industrial Organization Conferences (IIOC)
       Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites in Indianapolis, Indiana
2April 25, 2018No2018 Economic Demography Workshop
       Denver, CO
3April 25-27, 2018No9th Global Islamic Marketing Conference
4May 3-4, 2018Yes submissions still allowed
after deadline on February 23, 2018
2nd Workshop on Financial Econometrics and Empirical Modeling of Financial Markets
       Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany
5May 11-12, 2018NoALEA 2018 Annual Meeting
       Boston University School of Law
6May 11-12, 2018No8th European Meeting of the Urban Economics Association
7May 17-18, 2018NoPolitical Economy of Finance 2018
       Chicago, IL
8May 18-20, 2018NoMidwest International Trade Conference
       Drexel University, Philadelphia
9May 18-20, 2018NoMidwest Economic Theory Conference
       Drexel University, Philadelphia
10May 18-20, 2018NoSpring 2018 Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings
       Madison, WI
11May 21-24, 2018NoMastering ‘Metrics: Empirical Strategies for Policy Analysis (Josh Angrist)
       University of Tokyo
12May 23-25, 2018Yes submissions still allowed
after deadline on March 8, 2018
25th EBES Conference - Berlin
       Berlin, Germany
13May 23-25, 2018NoXX Annual Inflation Targeting Conference of the Banco Central do Brasil
       Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
14May 31 to
June 1, 2018
No2nd Conference on Dynamic Structural Models:
Methodology and applications of structural dynamic models and machine learning

       Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
15June 7-8, 2018NoXXI Applied Economics Meeting
       Universidad de Alcalá
16June 8-10, 2018NoSEM 2018 - 5th Annual Conference
       Xiamen University / China
17June 14-17, 2018NoThe 14th Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare
       Lotte Hotel Seoul, South Korea
18June 15-17, 2018NoThe 2018 China Meeting of the Econometric Society
       Fudan University, Shanghai, China
19June 18-20, 2018NoChina Workshop on Growth and Development
       Wuhan, Hubei, China
20June 19-20, 2018NoTsinghua Workshop in International Finance 2018 (TWIF2018)
       Beijing, China
21June 19-21, 2018Yes
until April 20, 2018
27th IAFFE Annual Conference
       SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY USA
22June 19-21, 2018NoComputing in Economics and Finance (CEF 2018)
       Milan, Italy
23June 21-22, 2018NoTsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics 2018
       Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
24June 21-23, 2018No2018 Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society
       Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
25June 22-23, 2018NoThReD 2018 Conference
       Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
26June 23-24, 2018No4th HenU / INFER Workshop on Applied Macroeconomics
       Kaifeng, Henan, China
27June 23-25, 2018NoChina International Conference in Macroeconomics 2018
       Beijing, China
28June 24-26, 2018No2018 Western Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting
       Anchorage, Alaska
29June 25-26, 2018NoAnnual International Journal of Central Banking Research Conference
       De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
30June 25-27, 2018No32nd Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics 2018
       Antwerp, Belgium
31June 26-29, 2018No2018 IAAE International Association for Applied Econometrics Conference
       Montreal, Canada
32June 27-28, 2018Yes
until June 1, 2018
PNG University of Technology Conference; SERI 2018
       Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Lae PMB 411, Morobe Province, PNG
33June 27-29, 2018NoITEA annual conference and school on transportation economics
       Hong Kong
34June 28-30, 2018NoSociety for Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting 2018 (SED2018)
       Mexico City, Mexico
35July 1-4, 2018No2018 Econometric Society Australasian Meeting (ESAM)
       Auckland, New Zealand
36July 4-6, 2018NoECOMOD2018 - International Conference on Economic Modeling
       Venice, Italy (Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari Venezia)
37July 5-6, 2018NoXXVI Finance Forum
       Santander (Spain)
38July 6-8, 2018No12th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal
       ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa
39July 10-13, 2018NoChina International Conference in Finance 2018
       Tianjin, China
40July 12-14, 2018Yes submissions still allowed
after deadline on March 9, 2018
2018 Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society
       Cotonou, Benin
41July 14-16, 2018Yes
until June 15, 2018
The Eleventh Annual International Conference of Chinese Scholars Association for Management Science and Engineering
       Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China, Ningbo, China 宁波(中国)供应链创新学院
42July 18-20, 2018Yes
until May 20, 2018
2018 International Conference on Economic Theory and Applications (Chengdu)
       Chengdu, China
43July 19-21, 2018NoXVIII Encontro Brasileiro de Finanças
       FECAP, São Paulo, Brasil
44July 23-24, 2018No2018 MIT Asia Conference in Accounting
       Hong Kong
45July 26-27, 2018No2018 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance
       Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Singapore
46August 22-23, 2018NoTokyo Conference on Economics of Institutions and Organizations Summer 2018
       Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo.
47August 27-31, 2018NoEEA-ESEM Cologne 2018
       Cologne, Germany
48August 31 to
September 2, 2018
No45th EARIE Annual Conference
49September 3-5, 2018NoVIII Conference of the Spanish-Portuguese Association of Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
50September 5-7, 2018No20th INFER Annual Conference
       University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany
51September 5-7, 2018Yes
until May 15, 2018
Money, Macro & Finance 50th Annual Conference
       Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
52September 6-7, 2018Yes
until May 18, 2018
XXXIII Jornadas de Economia Industrial
       Universitat de Barcelona
53September 6-7, 2018Yes
until May 31, 2018
SECHI 2018 - Encuentro Anual de la Sociedad de Economia de Chile
       Valparaiso, Chile
54September 20-21, 2018Yes
until May 20, 2018
XXX Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Public Economics
       University of Padua (Italy)
55September 24-26, 2018Yes
until June 3, 2018
40th Annual Australian Health Economics Society Conference
       Hobart, Australia
56September 26-28, 2018Yes
until April 30, 2018
COunterfactual Methods for Policy Impact Evaluation 2018
       Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, School of Business and Economics Spandauer Straße 1, D-10178 Berlin
57October 11-12, 2018Yes
until July 13, 2018
2018 European Seminar on Bayesian Econometrics - New Orleans
       The New Orleans Branch of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
58October 12-13, 2018No13th Meeting of the Urban Economics Association
       Columbia University, New York City, NY
59October 20-21, 2018Yes
until July 31, 2018
An Economic Modelling Special Issue Conference on
“Applied Finance, Macroeconomic Performance, and Economic Growth”

       Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Hangzhou, China
60October 24-26, 2018Yes
until July 31, 2018
26th EBES Conference - Prague
       Prague, Czechia
61October 27-28, 2018Yes
until July 31, 2018
2018 Northeast Universities Development Consortium Conference
       Cornell University
62November 16-18, 2018Yes
until July 1, 2018
International Conference on Economics and Finance:
Challenges and opportunities in the global economy and latin american economies and markets

       Alonso de Molina 1652, Monterrico Chico, Surco. Lima-Peru
63November 29-30, 2018Yes
until July 24, 2018
9th Bolivian Conference on Development Economics
       Santa Cruz - Bolivia
64December 4-5, 2018No, not until
July 22, 2018
Econometric Society European Winter Meeting 2018
65December 19-20, 2018No, not until
May 1, 2018
Bank of Italy/CEPR Conference: “Firm Dynamics and Economic Growth”
66January 3-8, 2019Yes
until April 30, 2018
39th MEEA/ASSA Annual Meeting
       Atlanta, GA
67January 4-6, 2019NoAmerican Finance Association 2019 Annual Meeting
       Atlanta, Georgia
68January 4-6, 2019Yes
until April 24, 2018
2019 North American Winter Meeting
       Atlanta, Georgia
69March 18-19, 2019No, not until
August 24, 2018
Tokyo Conference on Economics of Institutions and Organizations Spring 2019
       Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

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