Organizing conferences using Conference Maker

Follow these simple steps to set up Conference Maker for your conference

  1. Apply for Conference Maker by filling out the form. When your application is approved, the person you specify as the Program Chair gets an email notification with his/her login info (user ID, password and URL to login). The URL has the form:
    where DBname is a short name for your conference database.
  2. The Program Chair logs in and Activates the Conference Maker database. The Program Chair can then add other user accounts for other Program Co-Chairs and also for Administrators to help assist in configuring Conference Maker to run the conference. After activation, you can also choose additional options such as custom regisration form (USD additional charge), and online registration fee collection (free if you use your own payment processor, USD if you use our's)
  3. The Program Chair or Administrator edits Conference Settings governing submission start/end dates, and other submission limits, types of submissions allowed, privacy settings, and various other parameters governing how Conference Maker will operate.
  4. The Program Chair of Administrator enters names/emails of Program Committee Members who will assist in judging submissions to the conference and helping to form the conference program. Each gets an account/password and can be assigned one or more areas that you self-define, which are usually the person's areas of expertise. Submitters choose which of the various committee members/areas best matches their submission.
  5. When the setting Taking Submissions? is set to "Yes" Conference Maker takes online submissions if the current date is between the submission start and end date specified in step 5. Set Taking Submissions? to "No" to temporarily suspend submissions.
  6. When the submission deadline has past, the Program Chair emails the Program Committee to ask them to start judging submissions, forming sessions from the ones they accept. The Program Chair has the power to reallocate submissions among various Program Committee members, and Conference Maker has many tools to enable creation and posting of online programs and to do mass email communication with submitters, and other sets of users.

Apply here to set up a new Conference Maker for your conference.

After you complete and submit the form we will review and approve your application quickly, usually within a few hours. Then, after taking a few additional steps outlined in the instructions, you can start receiving submissions to your conference using Conference Maker.

  • (custom registration form and online fee collection can be added when you Activate Conference Maker, see item 2 in the instructions)
  • We will confirm if your conference qualifies for gratis use of Conference Maker.
(mnemonic for Conference Maker URL, see item 1 under instructions)