Head Hunter®
Head Hunter is web-based academic recruiting software specially designed as a "back end interface" to the EconJobMarket.org. When your organization places an ad for a PhD level economist position on EconJobMarket.org, applicants who apply to it have their materials transferred to a database of applications to your ad. Also included as part of these application files are recommendation letters provided by the applicants' recommenders, who are given their own secure accounts on EconJobMarket.org and who can upload recommendation letters that are confidentially delivered as part of the candidate's application. While you can access all of this information via EconJobMarket.org, the interface is designed mainly to collect applications, but not to analyze them. This is where Head Hunter comes in. This software connects to the EconJobMarket.org and retreives all of the application materials for your ad on EconJobMarket.org and transfers it to a secure database located on a different server computer (in a secure data center) completely separate from the serrver that runs the EconJobMarket.org database. In Head Hunter your recruiting committee can analyze the applications, make comments or grade them, make decisions on who to interview and to have for "fly outs" and so forth.

Features of the software include:

  • Paperless applications All candidate "files" are stored electronically in Head Hunter and can be accessed by any authorized user (see powerful access controls below for a discussion access restrictions in Head Hunter). Gone are the days where recruiting committee members must lug around folders with papers, vitas, and recommendation letters. All of this information can be accessed via secure web-based logins to Head Hunter from any laptop or computer with Internet access.
  • Built in scheduling capabilities Head Hunter enables a recruiting committee to follow candidates (applicants) from the initial application, to a selection of a subset to be interviewed, including scheduling of candidates to interview slots and assignment of recruiting committee members and other faculty or organization members to be present at interviews, to scheduling a subset of the interviewed candidates for "flyouts" to the final stage of making offers to the most attractive candidates.
  • Greatly reduced administrative costs Head Hunter automates the filing tasks that previously could consume one or more administrative people in creating and maintaining paper files on hundreds of applicants, and keeping track of which committee members have "checked out" candidate files so they can be looked at by other committee members. In Head Hunter many different recruiting committee members can view the same file at the same time, via separate secure web connections. Head Hunter receives application material and reference letters filed by candidates and their recommenders themselves, essentially eliminating mundane administrative filing and copying chores that were required by a hard-copy, paper-based recruiting process.
  • Greatly reduced search costs Head Hunter is based on a powerful underlying relational database that allows powerful queries to search for particular applicants or candidates. Head Hunter includes the capability to survey placement directors of academic instutions and automatically link their responses to requests to candidates, asking them to apply. By having a very easy way to search and sift through hundreds of different applications, Head Hunter reduces the high search costs that were associated with hard-copy, paper based recruiting processes, where it is physically difficult to search through hundreds of hardcopy application folders in an efficient manner. By reducing search costs and making applicant file access nearly instantaneous, Head Hunter allows your recruiting committee to spend more time actually reading files rather than shuffling papers and realizing that key items in applicant folders are missing, etc.
  • free first use: we offer interested recruiters to try the software on a free, no obligation trial basis for the first instance of Head Hunter, which is a separate database with the associated web-based software to access the applications and other data that are accumulated in the database containing applications, recommendation letters, and evaluations of these applications by recruiting committee members.
  • low cost: the standard price is $750 one time charge per instance which allows continuous access to the software and 24/7 technical support for the duration of a contract period (typically 5 years).
  • easy setup: if you request a free 6 month demo version of the software, the demo version can be set up for your organization within a few hours so you can see exactly how it works
  • long term archiving of data: Head Hunter stores your confidential recruiting data in a secure database located in a data center that is under 24 hour guard with highly restricted access. All data are backed up to several offsite locations and are archived for periods of up to 5 years (or longer, upon request), and conversely, sensitive data can be deleted upon the request of the organization.
  • high security: All connections to Head Hunter are via secure (i.e. encrypted) and password protected web connections (secure http, https), and access to the server is restricted and closely monitored. Head Hunter stores your confidential recruiting data in a secure database located in a data center that is under 24 hour guard with highly restricted access.
  • powerful access controls: There are multiple levels of accounts with varying degrees of access to files and comments. Administrators have the highest degree of access, along with the Chair of the Recruiting Committee. These " privileged users" have the authority to add and delete all other users and control which other users can have access to Head Hunter and whether other user are allowed to submit or delete candidates, schedule interviews, flyouts, and so forth. Recruiting Committee Members have the next highest level of access, and are typically granted the power to add candidates and assign numerical grades to them for purposes of ranking candidates to determine which ones are interviewed and so forth. Regular users could include faculty members who are not a member of the recruiting committee. Faculty members can be allowed to view candidate files, recommendation letters, and make comments and their own grades, but can be prevented from seeing any grades or comments made by recruiting committee members, and can be selectively prevented from viewing recommendation letters and other sensitive materials. Unprivileged users could include graduate students who have the lowest level of access, who can only see candidate names and their job market papers and vitas, etc and other public information that candidates already have on their web pages, but they are not allowed to see any other information, including recommendation letters, grades, or comments by any other users. Unprivileged users can, however, be allowed to make comments on candidates and can be included for signups for office visits, interviews and so forth if the Recruiting Chair or Administrative Users choose to allow this.
  • electronic applications: unsolicited applicant files can be entered into Head Hunter "manually" via a simple web form that allows authorized users to enter the key information (name, email, url to web page, CV, job market paper, names of recommenders, etc), or alternatively, Head Hunter has the capability for candidates to have login accounts so they can upload and self-maintain their own application material (i.e. upload their CV, papers, name their recommenders, etc). Thus only a minimal amount of information is required to create a new candidate entry in Head Hunter: name and email address. Then an auto-drafted email message can be sent to the candidate to ask them to login to an automatically created account where they can upload their material, offloading this task to them rather than imposing it on the recruiting committee.
  • back end connection to EconJobMarket.org However a vastly more efficient way to get applicant files is via Head Hunter's direct connection to EconJobMarket.org which is a secure web repository that collects candidate files (applications) and reference letters for Economics Phd job candidates. If your organization places one or more job ads in EconJobMarket.org, as candidates apply to your ads, their files are automatically transferred to Head Hunter. This essentially eliminates all work involved in assembling application folders for candidates your organization wishes to consider!
  • electronic submission of reference letters: candidate files in Head Hunter can specify multiple recommenders, i.e. people who write letters of recommendation on the candidate. Head Hunter has a secure built in interface for recommenders to directly upload their recommendations to your recruiting database and be automatically included in the candidate's electronic application folder. If your organization has job ads on EconJobMarket.org, then any recommendation letters are automatically transferred as part of the candidate's overall electronic application packet automatically as described above. Again, this feature vastly reduces the filing and hassles of chasing after recommenders who have not supplied letters on candidates you are considering. Head Hunter can be configured to send automatic reminders to recommenders who have not supplied letters on candidates of interest.
For further information (including trying out demo versions of the software), contact info@editorialexpress.com