® Informed Consent Agreement

Each time you login to Conference Maker you agree to the following terms of use. If you disagree with these terms, do not proceed further and notify support.

I affirm that the information I have provided for my account and User ID under which I am logging into is my own contact information and I am not logging in as someone else besides me. I agree that the contact information used to create my account and User ID to Conference Maker (my name, organization, email, address, phone, web site url, etc that I may have provided on the account signup form, but with the exception of my account password which is confidential information) is essentially public information, in that most of the information that I provided on myself above could also have been gathered by a Google search or other web search, or some other search of public records on me. But even if not all of my account information is already in the public domain, I agree that none of my account information except for my account password constitutes confidential information on me, and thus I hereby agree that my account information is effectively treated as non-confidential and I agree that such information can enter the public domain via my use of Conference Maker.

However, if I use Conference Maker to submit a paper, or as an administrator or Program Committee Member or in any other role, information I might upload into this software may include confidential information, such as a submission I may designate as a prviate submission, or comments or decisions I might make on submissions if I am a Program Committee member on a conference. I understand that while all reasonable attempts will be taken to assure that any confidential information I submit to Conference Maker is kept confidential (except to those parties who are intended and authorized by me to view such information) it is not possible to provide an absolute guarantee that any such confidential information cannot not be seen or accessed by unauthorized parties.

I agree to hold the company that develops and maintains the Conference Maker software, Techno Luddites, Inc. and any organization or individuals who use Conference Maker to organize conferences harmless and exempt from any liability for damage to me in the event of any inadvertent release of any confidential information that I have provided via my use of Conference Maker to unauthorized parties.

With respect to my non-confidential account information (i.e. everything I have entered as my account contact info except my password), I provide my consent for Techno Luddites, Inc. to maintain and use this information for benefit of its other software products, including the Editorial Express® software used by academic journals to streamline their editorial operations. These journals and other software products are allowed to search a database containing contact information from my user account on Conference Maker, and import this information for their own use, which may include contacting me to review articles for academic journals that use the Editorial Express software.

This central database of contact information maintained by Techno Luddites, Inc. also facilitates other conferences that use the Conference Maker software. For example, it allows authorized personnel from other conferences to include me as a Registered User even in cases where I may not have explicitly registered to attend the conference but where I have been added as a coauthor of a paper submitted to the conference, or have been selected to be a member of the Program Committee of the conference, or for some other role (discussant, session chair, etc). In these cases someone else (my coauthor, an administrator, the Program Chair or Committee Member of another conference) can search the database and create an account for me, without direct action or advance permission on my part. I hereby give the blanket advance permission for this to occur, with the understanding that I will notified by email when am added as a Registered User to another conference in this way, and I can always request to be deleted as a Registered User if I do not want or am unable to participate in such conferences.

I understand that Techno Luddites, Inc. does not sell or share my contact information to spammers or for other commercial purposes to other organizations. However I understand that Techno Luddites, Inc. does share the public contact information on me within its own software products, for academic purposes only. This sharing can include, for example, importing my information into any other conference that uses the Conference Maker software either when I login to such conferences (and thereby transmit a copy of my contact information to that conference's database) or when authorized users from other conference that use the Conference Maker software import my information, such as described above.

I understand that the organizations and/or individuals who organize and run conferences that uses the Conference Maker software have the right to use the information gathered in the databases for the conferences they have run as they see fit, which may include purposes beyond the organization and execution of particular conferences where my information (both confidential and non confidential) is stored. I understand that it is my own responsibility to determine, for each conference I login to, what policies on data confidentiality and sharing of information the conference organizers have with respect to any information I transmit via my use of the Conference Maker software for that conference. I understand and agree that Techno Luddites, Inc. does not have any control over how organizations or individuals who use the Conference Maker software might make use of my information, either during the period of the conference, or after the conference is over. I agree to hold Techno Luddites, Inc. harmless for any damage I may incur as a result of others' misuse of any information I provide when logging in to any conference that uses the Conference Maker software.