Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can log in, but when I click on any of the items on the menu bar, I am immediately logged out and see the message "bye".


A: Make sure your browser accepts cookies. Cookies allow your login information to be stored on your computer until you log out. Also, please make sure that the date and time information (including time zone) is correctly set up. A fast clock can cause a cookie to expire prematurely.


Q: The size of my PDF file is more than 2 MB. Conference maker will not let me upload my PDF file.

A: If your PDF file is more than 2 MB it is likely that you have not created the PDF in the best way. You should check:


at the National Science Foundation (NSF), which gives detailed information on how to convert files to PDF. One of the common problems is in converting TeX or LaTeX files to PDF. Not following the NSF instructions will typically produce a PDF file that is excessively large and of poor quality. Another common problem is the failure to embed all fonts. If the Embed All Fonts option is not checked in the “Printer Setup” when the PDF is created, symbol fonts will appear incorrectly. It is a good idea for every submitter to test the quality of their PDF file by printing it out on a computer that does not have TeX, LaTex, or Scientific Word installed on the machine. The submitter should be especially careful to check that math symbols appear correctly when printed.

If your PDF file is still larger than 2 MB after carefully following the NSF instructions, then it is probably because you have many complex graphics. You should either edit the graphics so that they are not so large (e.g., by reducing the resolution of the graphics) or you should eliminate some of the graphics. It is fine to include a link in your paper to an appendix on your web site that contains the complex graphics in a separate file.

Papers are limited to 2 MB to limit the burden placed on the Program Committee of handling the electronic submissions. Typically a 40 page paper with numerous graphics and mathematics is no more than 0.5 MB. We therefore thought that 2 MB was an appropriate upper limit.


Q: Can I edit or withdraw my paper once it's submitted?

A: You have the option to edit or withdraw your submission at any time. If you have found a mistake in your abstract, or any other information you entered, or if you would like to upload a more recent version of your paper you can log in, and edit your submission by clicking on "List My Papers" and then clicking on the hyperlink to the paper ID number for your submission. This will bring up a screen with your submission information and at the bottom of the screen are two buttons, one is "Edit" and the other is "Delete". Note that once you delete your paper it is gone for good, and you would have to start with a new submission if you do this and subsequently change your mind. Thus, editing your submission is probably the preferred mode of adjusting your submission once it has been made.

You will be able to edit or delete any of your submissions at any point up until the Program Committee begins reviewing the papers. At that point the "Accepting Submission?" item on the Conference Information will be set to "No" and the Program Committee will begin making accept/reject decisions on the submitted manuscripts and begin forming sessions. Your submissions will be frozen at that point and you will be notified by email in due course about whether your submission has been accepted. You can also check the status of your submissions by logging into Conference Maker. In some cases you will see that your submission is accepted or rejected before you are officially notified by email.