The North East Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) 2022 Conference

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

November 5, 2022
08:00 to 08:30Yale Watson Center
Breakfast, Yale Watson Center
08:30 to 10:10see below Sessions Block 1, Watson Center
10:10 to 10:30Watson Center
Tea / Coffee Break, Watson Center
10:30 to 12:10see below Sessions Block 2, Watson Center
12:10 to 13:10Watson Center
Lunch, Watson Center
13:10 to 14:50see below Session Block 3, Watson Center
14:50 to 15:10Watson Center
Tea / Coffee Break, Watson Center
15:10 to 16:50see below Session Block 4, Watson Center
17:00 to 18:00Yale School of Management (SOM) Zhang Auditorium
Plenary Panel: Lessons Learned on Poverty Measurement through Household Panel Surveys, Yale School of Management (SOM) Zhang Auditorium
18:00 to 20:00Greenberg Center and the Old Refectory at Yale Divinity School
Dinner and Drinks, Greenberg Center and the Old Refectory at Yale Divinity School
November 6, 2022
08:00 to 08:30Yale Watson Center
Breakfast, Yale Watson Center
08:30 to 10:10see below Session Block 5, Watson Center
10:10 to 10:30Watson Center
Tea / Coffee Break, Watson Center
10:30 to 12:10see below Session Block 6, Watson Center


Program Notes and Index of Sessions

Sessions Block 1
Locations: click on each session to see location
November 5, 2022 08:30 to 10:10
L1 Labor Market Institutions, Watson Center, WTS A53
A2 Agricultural Trade, Watson Center, WTS A30
T1 Intranational Trade, Watson Center, WTS B60
H2 Health Policy Evaluation, Watson Center, WTS A60
PE2 Corruption, Watson Center, WTS A51

Sessions Block 2
Locations: click on each session to see location
November 5, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
A1 Agricultural Technology, Watson Center, WTS A30
L2 Labor Market Networks, Watson Center, WTS A53
H1 Early Life Circumstance and Health, Watson Center, WTS A60
EEE2 Natural Resources, Watson Center, WTS A51. NOTE this is not in the usual Environment track room, which is A30.
ED1 Learning and Parental Involvement, Watson Center, WTS A74
T2 Trade, Policy, and Infrastructure, Watson Center, WTS B60

Session Block 3
Locations: click on each session to see location
November 5, 2022 13:10 to 14:50
L3 Migration, Watson Center, WTS A53
PE5 Culture and the State, Watson Center, WTS A51
EEE1 Electricity Supply, Watson Center, WTS A30
ED2 What Impacts Education Decisions, Watson Center, WTS A74
T3 Spatial Disparities, Watson Center, WTS B60
FIN2 Microfinance, Watson Center, WTS A60

Session Block 4
Locations: click on each session to see location
November 5, 2022 15:10 to 16:50
EEE3 Environmental Damages, watson Center, WTS A30
G1 Gender Roles, Watson Center, WTS B60. NOTE this is not the usual Gender track room.
FIN1 Risk, Watson Center, WTS A60. Health see EE3 Environmental Damages in A30.
PE4 Conflict and the State, Watson Center, WTS A51
ED3 Education Policy, Watson Center, WTS A74. Education see also L4 Education and Labor in WTS A53
L4 Education and Labor, Watson Center, WTS A53. Gender see G1 Gender Roles in B60

Plenary Panel: Lessons Learned on Poverty Measurement through Household Panel Surveys
Location: Yale School of Management (SOM) Zhang Auditorium
November 5, 2022 17:00 to 18:00
Moderator: Rohini Pande
Opening Comments: Chris Udry (Northwestern University)
Introduction of the EGC-ISSER-Northwestern Ghana Socioeconomic Panel Survey: Andre Nickow and Samuel Ampaw
Mexican Family Life Survey: Graciela Teruel
Cox's Bazar Panel Survey: Mushfiq Mobarak
Moderated discussion and audience Q&A

Session Block 5
Locations: click on each session to see location
November 6, 2022 08:30 to 10:10
M1 Macroeconomics of Labor Markets, Watson Center, WTS A30
G3 Intrahousehold Bargaining, Watson Center, WTS A53. Labor see also M1 Macroeconomics of Labor Markets in A30
B1 Norms Transmission, Watson Center, WTS A74
PE1 Bureaucracy, Watson Center, WTS A51
F1 Supply Chains and Networks, Watson Center, WTS B60
H3 Health and Demand, Watson Center, WTS A60

Session Block 6
Locations: click on each session to see location
November 6, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
F2 Retail Trade, Watson Center, WTS B60
B2 Goals and Preferences, Watson Center, WTS A74
P1 Poverty, Watson Center, WTS A60. Finance see PE3 Public Finance in A51.
G2 Gender and Work, Watson Center, WTS A53
M2 Growth, Watson Center, WTS A30
PE3 Public Finance, Watson Center, WTS A51. Please note this session is expected to run until 12:35 to accommodate all papers.
Conference ends at 12:15 pm


Summary of All Sessions

1November 5, 2022
L1 Labor Market Institutions4
2November 5, 2022
A2 Agricultural Trade4
3November 5, 2022
T1 Intranational Trade4
4November 5, 2022
H2 Health Policy Evaluation4
5November 5, 2022
PE2 Corruption4
6November 5, 2022
A1 Agricultural Technology4
7November 5, 2022
L2 Labor Market Networks4
8November 5, 2022
H1 Early Life Circumstance and Health4
9November 5, 2022
EEE2 Natural Resources4
10November 5, 2022
ED1 Learning and Parental Involvement4
11November 5, 2022
T2 Trade, Policy, and Infrastructure3
12November 5, 2022
L3 Migration3
13November 5, 2022
PE5 Culture and the State4
14November 5, 2022
EEE1 Electricity Supply4
15November 5, 2022
ED2 What Impacts Education Decisions4
16November 5, 2022
T3 Spatial Disparities3
17November 5, 2022
FIN2 Microfinance4
18November 5, 2022
EEE3 Environmental Damages4
19November 5, 2022
G1 Gender Roles4
20November 5, 2022
FIN1 Risk3
21November 5, 2022
PE4 Conflict and the State4
22November 5, 2022
ED3 Education Policy4
23November 5, 2022
L4 Education and Labor4
24November 6, 2022
M1 Macroeconomics of Labor Markets4
25November 6, 2022
G3 Intrahousehold Bargaining4
26November 6, 2022
B1 Norms Transmission4
27November 6, 2022
PE1 Bureaucracy3
28November 6, 2022
F1 Supply Chains and Networks4
29November 6, 2022
H3 Health and Demand3
30November 6, 2022
F2 Retail Trade4
31November 6, 2022
B2 Goals and Preferences4
32November 6, 2022
P1 Poverty4
33November 6, 2022
G2 Gender and Work4
34November 6, 2022
M2 Growth3
35November 6, 2022
PE3 Public Finance5

35 sessions, 134 papers, and 0 presentations with no associated papers


The North East Universities Development Consortium (NEUDC) 2022 Conference

Detailed List of Sessions

Session 1: L1 Labor Market Institutions
November 5, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Melanie Khamis, Wesleyan University

By Zihui Zhao; Cornell University
   presented by: Zihui Zhao, Cornell University

2. The Impact of Expanding Worker Rights to Informal Workers: Evidence from Child Labor Legislation
By Leah Lakdawala; Wake Forest University
   presented by: Leah Lakdawala, Wake Forest University

3. Temporary Foreign Work Permits: honing the tools to defeat human smuggling.
By Emmanuelle Auriol; Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)
Alice Mesnard; City University London
tiffanie perrault; University of Montreal
   presented by: Alice Mesnard, City University London

4. Distributional and Productivity Implications of Regulating Casual Labor: Evidence from Ridesharing in Indonesia
By Shotaro Nakamura; UC Davis
Rizki Nauli Siregar; University of Mainz
   presented by: Shotaro Nakamura, UC Davis
Session 2: A2 Agricultural Trade
November 5, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Kyle Emerick, Tufts University

1. Border Trade and Information Frictions: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Informal Agriculture Traders
By Eleanor Wiseman; U.C. Berkeley
   presented by: Eleanor Wiseman, U.C. Berkeley

2. Contract Farming: Selection and Spillovers
By Molly Ingram; Cornell University
   presented by: Molly Ingram, Cornell University

3. Posh spice or scary spice? The impacts of Madagascar’s vanilla boom on household well-being
By Christopher Boone; University of Massachusetts Amherst
Heidi Kaila; World Bank
David Sahn
   presented by: Heidi Kaila, World Bank

4. Paid Work for Women and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the Rwandan Coffee Mills
By Deniz Sanin; University of South Carolina
   presented by: Deniz Sanin, University of South Carolina
Session 3: T1 Intranational Trade
November 5, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Amit Khandelwal, Yale University

1. The Political Geography of Cities
By Richard Bluhm; University of Stuttgart
Christian Lessmann; TU Dresden
Paul Schaudt; University of Bern
   presented by: Richard Bluhm, University of Stuttgart

2. Trade Disruptions and Reshoring
By Anindya Chakrabarti; Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Kanika Mahajan; Ashoka University
Shekhar Tomar; ISB Hyderabad
   presented by: Kanika Mahajan, Ashoka University

3. Cultural Proximity and Production Networks
By Brian Cevallos Fujiy; University of Michigan
Gaurav Khanna; University of California, San Diego
Hiroshi Toma; University of Michigan
   presented by: Hiroshi Toma, University of Michigan

4. Rural marketplaces and local development
By Tillmann von Carnap; Stockholm University
   presented by: Tillmann von Carnap, Stockholm University
Session 4: H2 Health Policy Evaluation
November 5, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: John Hoddinott, Cornell University

1. The Lasting Effects of Early Childhood Interventions: The National Vaccination Commando Program in Burkina Faso
By Richard Daramola; Oklahma State University
Md Shahadath Hossain; Binghamton University
Harounan Kazianga; Oklahoma State University
   presented by: Md Shahadath Hossain, Binghamton University

2. Intergenerational Child Mortality Impacts of Deworming: Experimental Evidence from Two Decades of the Kenya Life Panel Survey
By Michael Walker; UC Berkeley
   presented by: Michael Walker, UC Berkeley

3. Vaccines at Work
By Adrian Chadi; University of Konstanz
Roberto Mosquera; Universidad de las Americas
Manuel Hoffmann; Harvard University
   presented by: Manuel Hoffmann, Harvard University

4. Patient vs. provider incentives for malaria care in Kenyan pharmacies: A cluster randomized controlled
By Maria Dieci; Emory Rollins School of Public Health
Paul Gertler; University of California Berkeley
Jonathan Kolstad; University of California, Berkeley
   presented by: Maria Dieci, Emory Rollins School of Public Health
Session 5: PE2 Corruption
November 5, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Saad Gulzar, Stanford

1. Complaint Resolution Systems: Experimental Evidence from Rural India
By Chinmaya Kumar; University of Chicago
M R Sharan; University of Maryland
   presented by: Chinmaya Kumar, University of Chicago

2. Bureaucratic Nepotism
By Juan Felipe Riano Rodriguez; Stanford University
   presented by: Juan Felipe Riano Rodriguez, Stanford University

3. Raising Grievances to the State: The Political Economic Effects of Anti-Corruption Crackdown on Labor Activism in China
By Huiyi Chen; Cornell University
   presented by: Huiyi Chen, Cornell University

4. Corruption and Human Capital: Evidence from China
By Justin Hong; Boston University
   presented by: Justin Hong, Boston University
Session 6: A1 Agricultural Technology
November 5, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Christopher Udry, Northwestern University

1. Genetic Dilution erodes productivity: Exploring farmers’ low adoption levels of improved maize in Ethiopia
By Aleksandr Michuda; Cornell University
Cristina Chiarella; UC Davis
Oscar Barriga Cabanillas; UC Davis
Juan Sebastian Correa; UC Davis
   presented by: Aleksandr Michuda, Cornell University

2. The Monetary Value of Externalities: Evidence from Ugandan Farmers
By Benedetta Lerva; Stockholm University
   presented by: Benedetta Lerva, Stockholm University

3. Appropriability of the Returns to Training as a Barrier to Technology Adoption: Evidence from Burundi
By Luisa Cefala; UC Berkeley
   presented by: Luisa Cefala, UC Berkeley

4. Seeding the Seeds: Role of Social Structure in Agricultural Technology Diffusion
By Alain de Janvry; University of California at Berkeley
Manaswini Rao; University of California San Diego
Elisabeth Sadoulet; University of California at Berkeley
   presented by: Manaswini Rao, University of California San Diego
Session 7: L2 Labor Market Networks
November 5, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Nancy Chau, Cornell University

1. Meet Your Future: Experimental Evidence on the Labor Market Effects of Mentors
By Livia Alfonsi; UC Berkeley
Mary Namubiru; BRAC Uganda
Sara Spaziani; Brown Univeristy
   presented by: Livia Alfonsi, UC Berkeley

2. Sharing with Friends: Job Sharing in Social Networks
By Gaurav Chiplunkar; University of Virginia
Erin Kelley; World Bank
Gregory Lane; American University
   presented by: Gaurav Chiplunkar, University of Virginia

3. Social Networks, Gender Norms and Women's Labor Supply: Experimental Evidence using a Job Search Platform
By Farzana Afridi; Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
Amrita Dhillon; Kings College London
Sanchari Roy; Kings College London
Nikita Sangwan; Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
   presented by: Farzana Afridi, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi

By Francesco Loiacono; Stockholm University
Mariajose Silva-Vargas; Maastricht University & UNU-MERIT
   presented by: Francesco Loiacono, Stockholm University
Session 8: H1 Early Life Circumstance and Health
November 5, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Andrew D. Foster, Brown University

1. Critical Periods in Cognitive and Socioemotional Development: Evidence from Weather Shocks in Indonesia
By Duncan Webb; Paris School of Economics
   presented by: Duncan Webb, Paris School of Economics

2. How to close the skill gap? Parental Background and Children’s Skill Development in Indonesia
By Katherina Thomas; Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
   presented by: Katherina Thomas, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

3. Twice Unlucky. Fetal Contributions to Covid-19 Mortality
By Patricia Ritter Burga; University of Connecticut
   presented by: Patricia Ritter Burga, University of Connecticut

4. Impacts of Double-Fortified Salt on Anemia and Cognition: Four-Year Follow-up Evidence from a School-Based Nutrition Intervention in India
By Liza von Grafenstein; Georg-August-University Göttingen
Abhijeet Kumar; Georg-August-University Göttingen
Santosh Kumar; University of Notre Dame
Sebastian Vollmer; University of Goettingen
   presented by: Santosh Kumar, University of Notre Dame
Session 9: EEE2 Natural Resources
November 5, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Ahmed Mobarak, Yale University

1. A Natural Resource Curse: The Unintended Effects of Gold Mining on Malaria
By Jeffrey Pagel; London School of Economics
   presented by: Jeffrey Pagel, London School of Economics

2. Technology and State Capacity: Experimental Evidence from Illegal Mining in Colombia
By Santiago Saavedra; Universidad del Rosario
   presented by: Santiago Saavedra, Universidad del Rosario

3. An Extra Grain of Salt: Ocean Salinity, Early-Life Health, and Adaptation in Bangladesh
By Amanda Guimbeau; University of Sherbrooke
James Ji; University of Florida
Zi Long; Brandeis University
Nidhiya Menon; Brandeis University
   presented by: Nidhiya Menon, Brandeis University

4. Economic Development and Forest Conservation under Decentralized Governance
By Gaurav Chiplunkar; University of Virginia
Sabyasachi Das; Ashoka University
   presented by: Sabyasachi Das, Ashoka University
Session 10: ED1 Learning and Parental Involvement
November 5, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Owen Ozier, Williams College

1. Primary- and middle-school teachers in South Asia overestimate the performance of their students
By Sharnic Djaker; New York University
Alejandro Ganimian; New York University
Shwetlena Sabarwal; World Bank
   presented by: Sharnic Djaker, New York University

2. Dowry and Human Capital Formation: Evidence from India
By Natasha Jha; Cornell University
   presented by: Natasha Jha, Cornell University

3. Lowering Barriers to Remote Education: Experimental Impacts on Parental Responses and Learning
By Emily Beam; University of Vermont
Priya Mukherjee; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Laia Navarro-Sola; IIES, Stockholm University
   presented by: Emily Beam, University of Vermont

4. Information, Student-Parent Communication, and Secondary School Choice: Experimental Evidence from Kenya
By Stephanie Bonds; Center for Global Development
   presented by: Stephanie Bonds, Center for Global Development
Session 11: T2 Trade, Policy, and Infrastructure
November 5, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Daniel Bjorkegren, Brown University

1. FDI Inflows and Domestic Firms: Adjustments to New Export Opportunities
By Brian McCaig; Wilfrid Laurier University
Nina Pavcnik; Dartmouth College
Woan Foong Wong; University of Oregon
   presented by: Brian McCaig, Wilfrid Laurier University

2. Trade Liberalization and Children's School-Work Choice: Evidence from Vietnam
By Anh Nguyen; Cornell University
   presented by: Anh Nguyen, Cornell University

3. Autocrats in crisis mode: Strategic favoritism during economic shocks
By Jose Morales-Arilla; Harvard University
   presented by: Jose Morales-Arilla, Harvard University
Session 12: L3 Migration
November 5, 2022 13:10 to 14:50
Session Chair: Emily Beam, University of Vermont

1. The distributional effect of a migratory exodus in a developing country: the role of downgrading and regularization
By Carlo Lombardo; CEDLAS
Julian Martinez-Correa; Inter-American Development Bank and CEDLAS
Leonardo Peñaloza-Pacheco; Cornell University
Leonardo Gasparini; CEDLAS-Universidad Nacional de La Plata
   presented by: Leonardo Peñaloza-Pacheco, Cornell University

2. Return migration and children's education: the USA Mexico case
By Avinandan Chakraborty; Colgate University
Jose Bucheli; New Mexico State University
Matias Fontenla; University of New Mexico
   presented by: Avinandan Chakraborty, Colgate University

3. External Validity and Implementation at Scale: Evidence from a Migration Loan Program in Bangladesh
By Harrison Mitchell; University of California, San Diego
Ahmed Mobarak; Yale University
Karim Naguib
Maira Reimao; Villanova University`
Ashish Shenoy; UC Davis
   presented by: Ashish Shenoy, UC Davis
Session 13: PE5 Culture and the State
November 5, 2022 13:10 to 14:50
Session Chair: Diego Ramos-Toro, Dartmouth College

1. Policy-Making, Trust and the Demand for Public Services: Evidence from a Nationwide Family Planning Program
By Fernando Fernandez; Universidad Piura
Gianmarco Leon-Ciliotta; UPF & Barcelona GSE
Dijana Zejcirovic; University of Vienna
   presented by: Fernando Fernandez, Universidad Piura

2. Pro-birth policies, missions and fertility : historical evidence from Congo
By Catherine Guirkinger; University of Namur
Paola Villar
   presented by: Catherine Guirkinger, University of Namur

3. Gender quotas and strategic voters: Experimental evidence from Chile
By Antonia Paredes-Haz; Yale University
   presented by: Antonia Paredes-Haz, Yale University

4. Brother votes for brother: The effects of Pentecostal political influence in Brazil
By Daniela Sola
   presented by: Daniela Sola,
Session 14: EEE1 Electricity Supply
November 5, 2022 13:10 to 14:50
Session Chair: Nicholas Ryan, Yale

1. The Economic and Environmental Effects of Infrastructure Improvements: Evidence from Pakistan's Electricity Sector
By Husnain Ahmad; Sewanee: The University of the South
Ayesha Ali; Lahore University of Management Sciences
Robyn Meeks; Duke University
Zhenxuan Wang; Duke University
Javed Younas; American University of Sharjah
   presented by: Zhenxuan Wang, Duke University

2. Move on up: Electrification and Internal Migration
By Angelika Budjan; University of Stuttgart
   presented by: Angelika Budjan, University of Stuttgart

3. The persistent effects of prepayment on residential electricity use in Bangladesh
By Debasish Das; Australian National University
   presented by: Debasish Das, Australian National University

4. Subsidies versus Tradable Credits for Electric Vehicles: The Role of Market Power in the Credit Market
By Hyuk-soo Kwon; Cornell University
   presented by: Hyuk-soo Kwon, Cornell University
Session 15: ED2 What Impacts Education Decisions
November 5, 2022 13:10 to 14:50
Session Chair: Valentina Martinez Pabon, Yale University

1. Teacher Flexibility and School Productivity: Evidence from a Remedial Education Program in India
By Sabrin Beg; university of delaware
Anne Fitzpatrick; University of Massachusetts Boston
Jason Kerwin; University of Minnesota
Adrienne Lucas; University of Delaware
Khandker Wahedur Rahman; University of Oxford
   presented by: Anne Fitzpatrick, University of Massachusetts Boston

2. When your bootstraps are not enough: How demand and supply interact to generate learning in settings of extreme poverty
By Alex Eble; Teachers College, Columbia University
Maya Escueta; Duke University
   presented by: Alex Eble, Teachers College, Columbia University

3. Double-Booked: Effects of Overlap between School and Farming Calendars on Schooling and Child Labor
By James Allen IV; University of Michigan
   presented by: James Allen IV, University of Michigan

4. Secondary school access raises primary school achievement in Tanzania
By Wayne Sandholtz; Nova School of Business and Economics
   presented by: Wayne Sandholtz, Nova School of Business and Economics
Session 16: T3 Spatial Disparities
November 5, 2022 13:10 to 14:50
Session Chair: Brian McCaig, Wilfrid Laurier University

1. Sent Away: The Long-Term Effects of Slum Clearance on Children
By Fernanda Rojas-Ampuero; Harvard University
Felipe Carrera; Reed College
   presented by: Fernanda Rojas-Ampuero, Harvard University

2. Remittances, Economic Development, and Education Investment
By Masyhur Hilmy; Boston University
   presented by: Masyhur Hilmy, Boston University

3. Moving Opportunity. Local Connectivity and Spatial Inequality of Opportunity
By Luke Milsom; University of Oxford
   presented by: Luke Milsom, University of Oxford
Session 17: FIN2 Microfinance
November 5, 2022 13:10 to 14:50
Session Chair: Rohini Pande, Yale

1. How do Borrowers Respond to a Debt Moratorium? Experimental Evidence from Consumer Loans in India
By Joseph Hall; Stanford GSB
   presented by: Joseph Hall, Stanford GSB

2. Causal Inference from Hypothetical Evaluations
By B. Douglas Bernheim; Stanford University
Daniel Bjorkegren; Brown University
Jeffrey Naecker; Wesleyan University
Michael Pollmann; Duke University
   presented by: Daniel Bjorkegren, Brown University

3. Consumer surplus with incomplete markets: Applications to microfinance
By John Loeser; The World Bank
   presented by: John Loeser, The World Bank

4. The Impact of State-Sponsored Microlending on Business Outcomes in Ghana
By Richard Boso; Ghana Institute of Management and Administration
Alfredo Burlando; University of Oregon
Adam Abdul-Ramadhan; Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation, Ghana
   presented by: Alfredo Burlando, University of Oregon
Session 18: EEE3 Environmental Damages
November 5, 2022 15:10 to 16:50
Session Chair: Nidhiya Menon, Brandeis University

1. The Administration of Pollution:Evidence from Crop Burning in South Asia
By Gemma Dipoppa; Brown University
Saad Gulzar; Stanford
   presented by: Gemma Dipoppa, Brown University

2. The Real Effects of Climate Change in the Poorest Countries: Evidence from the Permanent Shrinking of Lake Chad
By Federico Haslop; The George Washington University
Remi Jedwab; George Washington University
Carlos Rodriguez-Castelan; The World Bank
Roman David Zarate; World Bank
   presented by: Federico Haslop, The George Washington University

3. Wealth Evolution after a Natural Disaster: Evidence from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
By Richard Lombardo; Duke University
Elizabeth Frankenberg; University of North Carolina
Cecep Sumantri; SurveyMETER
Duncan Thomas; Duke University
   presented by: Richard Lombardo, Duke University

4. Run on the Reservoir: Evidence on Administrative Competition for Groundwater in India
By Shweta Bhogale; Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Shamil Khedgikar; University of Chicago
   presented by: Shweta Bhogale, Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Session 19: G1 Gender Roles
November 5, 2022 15:10 to 16:50
Session Chair: Pinar Keskin, Wellesley College

1. The Economics of Purity Norms: Caste, Status, and Women's Work in India
By Patrick Agte; Princeton University
Arielle Bernhardt; Harvard University
   presented by: Arielle Bernhardt, Harvard University

2. Does free childcare improve mothers' careers? Evidence from Sao Paulo
By Joao Garcia; Brown University
Rafael Latham-Proenca; Harvard University
Marcela Mello; Brown University
   presented by: Joao Garcia, Brown University

3. Tipples and Quarrels in the Household: The Effect of an Alcohol Mitigation Intervention on Intimate Partner Violence
By Carolina Castilla; Colgate University
Fatima Aqeel; Colgate University
David Murphy; Colgate University
   presented by: Carolina Castilla, Colgate University

4. Gendered Inheritance and The Gender Profit Gap: Evidence from a Reform of the Matrilineal System in Ghana
By Morgan Hardy; New York University Abu Dhabi
Gisella Kagy; Vassar College
Ángela Orozco Sáenz; New York University Abu Dhabi
   presented by: Ángela Orozco Sáenz, New York University Abu Dhabi
Session 20: FIN1 Risk
November 5, 2022 15:10 to 16:50
Session Chair: Silvia Prina, Northeastern University

1. Self Help Groups, Risk Sharing and Commitment Constraints
By Orazio Attanasio; Yale University
Anjini Kochar; Stanford University
Aprajit Mahajan; UC-Berkeley
Vaishnavi Surendra; Precision Development
   presented by: Vaishnavi Surendra, Precision Development

2. Microequity and Mutuality: Experimental Evidence on Credit with Performance-Contingent Repayment
By Francesco Cordaro; EOM
Marcel Fafchamps; Stanford University
Colin Mayer; University of Oxford
Muhammad Meki; University of Oxford
Simon Quinn; University of Oxford
Kate Roll; University College London
   presented by: Muhammad Meki, University of Oxford

3. Financial Integration through Production Networks
By Indraneel Chakraborty; University of Miami
Saketh Chityala; University of Colorado Boulder
Apoorva Javadekar; Indian School of Business
Rodney Ramcharan; Marshall School of Business, University
   presented by: Rodney Ramcharan, Marshall School of Business, University
Session 21: PE4 Conflict and the State
November 5, 2022 15:10 to 16:50
Session Chair: Sabyasachi Das, Ashoka University

1. Nation-Building Through Military Service
By Juan Pedro Ronconi; Brown University
Diego Ramos-Toro; Dartmouth College
   presented by: Juan Pedro Ronconi, Brown University

2. Democracy under Assault: Electoral Reform and Political Violence
By José Ramón Enríquez; Harvard
   presented by: José Ramón Enríquez, Harvard

3. Enemies within the Gates: Evidence from Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing Campaigns
By Julia Zimmermann; Freie Universität Berlin
   presented by: Julia Zimmermann, Freie Universität Berlin

4. A 'Ghetto' of One's Own: Communal Violence, Residential Segregation, and Group Education Outcomes in India
By Aarushi Kalra; Brown University
   presented by: Aarushi Kalra, Brown University
Session 22: ED3 Education Policy
November 5, 2022 15:10 to 16:50
Session Chair: Christopher Neilson, Princeton University

1. Revisiting the Language Experiment in India: Level Playing or Exacerbating Disparity?
By Gitanjali Sen; Shiv Nadar University
   presented by: Gitanjali Sen, Shiv Nadar University

2. Educational Investment in Spatial Equilibrium: Evidence from Indonesia
By Allan Hsiao; Princeton University
   presented by: Allan Hsiao, Princeton University

3. Education in Emergencies: Evidence from Large-Scale Randomized Trials in Five Countries
By Noam Angrist; Oxford
   presented by: Noam Angrist, Oxford

4. Affirmative action, college access, and major choice
By Ana Paula Melo; Howard University
   presented by: Ana Paula Melo, Howard University
Session 23: L4 Education and Labor
November 5, 2022 15:10 to 16:50
Session Chair: Robert Garlick, Duke University

1. College Licensing and Reputation Effects on the Labor Market
By Fabiola Alba Vivar; Columbia University
Matteo Magnaricotte; University of Chicago
Jose Flor Toro; Northwestern University
   presented by: Fabiola Alba Vivar, Columbia University

2. Human Capital Investment and Development: The Role of On-the-Job Training
By Xiao Ma; Peking University
Alejandro Nakab; Universidad Torcuato di Tella
Daniela Vidart; University of Connecticut
   presented by: Daniela Vidart, University of Connecticut

3. Signaling Specific Skills and the Labor Market Outcomes of College Graduates
By Matias Busso; Inter-American Development Bank
Sebastian Montano-Correa; Univeristy of Maryland
Juan Munoz Morales; IÉSEG School of management
   presented by: Sebastian Montano-Correa, Univeristy of Maryland

4. Refugee Influx and School Enrollment Among Native Youth in Jordan
By Abdulmohsen Almuhaisen; University of Connecticut
   presented by: Abdulmohsen Almuhaisen, University of Connecticut
Session 24: M1 Macroeconomics of Labor Markets
November 6, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Daniela Vidart, University of Connecticut

1. Gender, Work and Structural Transformation
By Cheryl Doss; University of Oxford
Douglas Gollin; University of Oxford
Charles Gottlieb; University of St Gallen
Markus Poschke; McGill University
   presented by: Markus Poschke, McGill University

2. Active Labor Market Policies in General Equilibrium: Crowd-In or Crowd-Out?
By Mitchell VanVuren; Yale University
   presented by: Mitchell VanVuren, Yale University

3. Online Job Portals and Labour Market Efficiency: Evidence from Ghana
By Monica Lambon-Quayefio; University of Ghana
Kofi Asante; University of Ghana
James Dzansi; International Growth Centre
Henry Telli; International Growth Centre, (LSE and Oxford)
   presented by: Monica Lambon-Quayefio, University of Ghana

4. How are wages determined? A quasi-experimental test of wage determination theories
By Marcelo Carvalho; University of British Columbia
Joao Alfredo Galindo da Fonseca; University of Montreal
Rogerio Santarrosa; Insper
   presented by: Joao Alfredo Galindo da Fonseca, University of Montreal
Session 25: G3 Intrahousehold Bargaining
November 6, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Charity Moore, Yale University

1. Cash transfers and shifts in the intrahousehold bargain: Evidence from an ultra-poor setting
By Eeshani Kandpal; The World Bank
Pascale Schnitzer; World Bank
Modeste Dayé; Université catholique de Lille
   presented by: Eeshani Kandpal, The World Bank

2. Experimental Evidence on Rural Childcare Provision
By Aletheia Donald; The World Bank
Julia Vaillant; The World Bank
   presented by: Julia Vaillant, The World Bank

3. Female Empowerment and the Intrinsic Demand for Agency: Experimental Evidence from Nigeria
By M Mehrab Bakhtiar; International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Marcel Fafchamps; Stanford University
Markus Goldstein; World Bank
Kenneth Leonard; University of Maryland
Sreelakshmi Papineni; World Bank
   presented by: M Mehrab Bakhtiar, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

4. Child Poverty Among Refugees
By Theresa Beltramo; UNHCR
Rossella Calvi; Rice University
Giacomo De Giorgi; IEE/GSEM University of Geneva
Ibrahima Sarr; UNHCR
   presented by: Rossella Calvi, Rice University
Session 26: B1 Norms Transmission
November 6, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Pamela Jakiela, Williams College

1. Transmitting Rights: A Field Experiment on Cooperation and Gender Desegregation in Pakistan
By Sultan Mehmood; New School of Economcs
Shaheen Naseer; University of Oxford and Lahore School of Economics
Daniel Chen; Toulouse University
   presented by: Shaheen Naseer, University of Oxford and Lahore School of Economics

2. Negative Behavioral Transmission
By Reshmaan Hussam; Harvard Business School
Dayea Oh; Harvard University
   presented by: Dayea Oh, Harvard University

3. Local Media Reports about Sexual Crimes and Judicial Outcomes in India
By Mahima Vasishth; University of California, Irvine
   presented by: Mahima Vasishth, University of California, Irvine

4. Aspiring to a Better Future: How a Simple Psychological Intervention Increases Investment
By Kate Orkin; University of Oxford
Robert Garlick; Duke University
Mahreen Mahmud; University of Exeter
Richard Sedlmayr
Johannes Haushofer; Stockholm U
Stefan Dercon; University of Oxford
   presented by: Robert Garlick, Duke University
Session 27: PE1 Bureaucracy
November 6, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Vincent Pons, Harvard Business School

1. My way and the highway: Embedded Bureaucrats and Bargaining Over Land for Infrastructure
By Aliz Toth; Stanford University
   presented by: Aliz Toth, Stanford University

2. Access to Social Media and Support for Dominant Incumbents: Natural and Field Experimental Evidence from Uganda
By Jeremy Bowles; Stanford University
John Marshall; Columbia University
Pia Raffler; Harvard University
   presented by: Jeremy Bowles, Stanford University

3. Selecting Top Bureaucrats: Admission Exams and Performance in Brazil
By Ricardo Dahis; PUC-Rio
Laura Schiavon; Federal University of Juiz de Fora
Thiago Scot; UC Berkeley
   presented by: Ricardo Dahis, PUC-Rio
Session 28: F1 Supply Chains and Networks
November 6, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Gaurav Chiplunkar, University of Virginia

1. Shared Identity and Entrepreneurship
By Manaswini Bhalla
Ishani Chatterjee; University of California, San Diego
Manisha Goel; Pomona College
Gaurav Khanna; University of California, San Diego
   presented by: Ishani Chatterjee, University of California, San Diego

2. Political Connections of Firms During a Crisis
By Sheetal Sekhri; University of Virginia
Gaurav Chiplunkar; University of Virginia
Yutong Chen; University of Virginia
   presented by: Yutong Chen, University of Virginia

3. Production Networks and Firm-level Elasticities of Substitution
By Brian Cevallos Fujiy; University of Michigan
Devaki Ghose; World Bank
Gaurav Khanna; University of California, San Diego
   presented by: Brian Cevallos Fujiy, University of Michigan

4. Entry along the supply chain: removing growth restrictions on firms in India
By Chhavi Rastogi; University of Bonn
   presented by: Chhavi Rastogi, University of Bonn
Session 29: H3 Health and Demand
November 6, 2022 8:30 to 10:10
Session Chair: Antonella Bancalari, Yale and Institute for Fiscal Studies

1. Adoption and Impact of Mobile Health Services: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh
By Ferdous Sardar; University of Washington
   presented by: Ferdous Sardar, University of Washington

2. Drug Affordability, Utilization and Adherence: Evidence from a Prescription Drug Price Reduction in China
By Jianan Yang; Stanford University
Daixin HE; Chinese Academy of Social Science
   presented by: Jianan Yang, Stanford University

3. Recognizing a good deal: short-term subsidies and the dynamics of consumer choices
By Joshua Deutschmann; University of Chicago
   presented by: Joshua Deutschmann, University of Chicago
Session 30: F2 Retail Trade
November 6, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Lauren Bergquist, Yale University

By Morgan Hardy; New York University Abu Dhabi
Nusrat Jimi; Vassar College
Gisella Kagy; Vassar College
   presented by: Nusrat Jimi, Vassar College

2. Measuring and Estimating Retail Productivity
By Heather Huntington; DevLab@Penn
Brenda Samaniego de la Parra; UC Santa Cruz
Ajay Shenoy; University of California Santa Cruz
   presented by: Ajay Shenoy, University of California Santa Cruz

3. Fragmented Markets and the Proliferation of Small Firms: Evidence from Mom-and-Pop Shops in Mexico
By Diana Sverdlin Lisker; MIT
Daniel Ramos Menchelli; Harvard Business School
   presented by: Diana Sverdlin Lisker, MIT

4. The Economics of Women Entrepreneurship
By Megan Lang; World Bank
Julia Seither; Universidad del Rosario
   presented by: Megan Lang, World Bank
Session 31: B2 Goals and Preferences
November 6, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Nishith Prakash, University of Connecticut

1. Budget Neglect in Consumption Smoothing: A field experiment on seasonal hunger
By Nicholas Swanson; UC Berkeley
B. Kelsey Jack; UC Santa Barbara
Supreet Kaur; UC Berkeley
Ned Augenblick; University of California, Berkeley
   presented by: Nicholas Swanson, UC Berkeley

2. Saving for a lean season: Evidence from a randomized experiment and high-frequency data
By Abu Shonchoy; Florida International University
   presented by: Abu Shonchoy, Florida International University

3. Causal Effect of Endogenously Set Goals: Evidence from Rwandan Extension Workers
By Martin Abel; Bowdoin College
   presented by: Martin Abel, Bowdoin College

4. Father of the Bride, or Steel Magnolias? Targeting Men, Women or Both to reduce Child Marriage
By Anaya Dam; Utrecht University
Karlijn Morsink; Utrecht University
Rachel Cassidy; World Bank
Wendy Janssens; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Umair Kiani; Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan
   presented by: Rachel Cassidy, World Bank
Session 32: P1 Poverty
November 6, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Ardina Hasanbasri, Yale University

1. Poverty at Higher Frequency
By Joshua Merfeld; KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Jonathan Morduch; New York University
   presented by: Jonathan Morduch, New York University

2. Endogenous Poverty Lines: Existence and Implications
By Indranil Dutta; University of Manchester
   presented by: Indranil Dutta, University of Manchester

3. Better Together?: An investigation of the gains from collaborative decision-making in community-based targeting
By Carly Trachtman; International Food Policy Research Institute
   presented by: Carly Trachtman, International Food Policy Research Institute

4. On The Design Of Subsidy Programs: Access To Clean Energy and Liquidity Constraints
By Farzana Afridi; Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
Prabhat Barnwal; Michgan State University
Shreya Sarkar; University of California Berkeley
   presented by: Shreya Sarkar, University of California Berkeley
Session 33: G2 Gender and Work
November 6, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Rossella Calvi, Rice University

1. Indian Matchmaking: Are Working Women Penalized in the Marriage Market in India?
By Diva Dhar; University of Oxford
   presented by: Diva Dhar, University of Oxford

2. Gender Confidence Differences and the College Major Gender Gap
By Fernanda Ramirez-Espinoza; Harvard University
   presented by: Fernanda Ramirez-Espinoza, Harvard University

3. Collective Bargaining for Women: How Unions Can Create Female-Friendly Jobs
By Viola Corradini; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lorenzo Lagos; Brown University
Garima Sharma; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   presented by: Viola Corradini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4. Gender Barriers, Structural Transformation, and Economic Development
By Gaurav Chiplunkar; University of Virginia
Tatjana Kleineberg; World Bank
   presented by: Tatjana Kleineberg, World Bank
Session 34: M2 Growth
November 6, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Michael Peters, Yale University

1. Innovation and Incentives in Developing Countries: Firm-Level Evidence from SEZs in China
By Yue Lu; University of International Business & Economics
Laixun Zhao; Kobe University
   presented by: Laixun Zhao, Kobe University

2. Familiar Strangers: Lineage Connection and Diaspora Direct investment in China
By Fanghao Chen; Peking University
Ruichi Xiong; University of Toronto
Xiaobo Zhang; Peking University and IFPRI
   presented by: Ruichi Xiong, University of Toronto

3. Building the City Under Financial Frictions
By David Gomtsyan; CREST
   presented by: David Gomtsyan, CREST
Session 35: PE3 Public Finance
November 6, 2022 10:30 to 12:10
Session Chair: Rohini Pande, Yale

1. Public Service Delivery and Free Riding: Experimental Evidence from India
By Alex Armand; Nova School of Business and Economics, C
Britta Augsburg; The Institute for Fiscal Studies
Antonella Bancalari; Yale and Institute for Fiscal Studies
Maitreesh Ghatak; London School of Economics
   presented by: Antonella Bancalari, Yale and Institute for Fiscal Studies

2. Rethinking Discretion in Public Procurement: Evidence from Brazil
By Dimas Fazio; National University of Singapore
   presented by: Dimas Fazio, National University of Singapore

3. Donor contracting conditions and public procurement: Causal evidence from Kenyan electrification
By Catherine Wolfram; University of California, Berkeley
Edward Miguel; University of California, Berkeley
Eric Hsu; Yale University
Susanna Berkouwer; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Eric Hsu, Yale University

4. Diffuse Bunching with Lumpy Incomes: Theory and Estimation
By Santosh Anagol; Wharton
Allan Davids; University of Cape Town
Benjamin Lockwood; University of Pennsylvania
Tarun Ramadorai; Imperial College London
   presented by: Santosh Anagol, Wharton

5. Becoming Legible to the State: The Role of Detection and Enforcement Capacity in Tax Compliance
By Oyebola Okunogbe; World Bank Research Group
   presented by: Oyebola Okunogbe, World Bank Research Group

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