Dynamic Structural Econometrics: Market Design

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August 19, 2022
Session 11
August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022
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August 20, 2022
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August 20, 2022
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August 20, 2022
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August 20, 2022
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August 20, 2022
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August 20, 2022
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August 20, 2022
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Dynamic Structural Econometrics: Market Design

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Session: Session 1
August 19, 2022 9:00 to 9:40

Repeated Matching Games An Empirical Framework
By Pauline Corblet; Sciences Po
Jeremy Fox; Rice University
Alfred Galichon; New York University
   presented by: Jeremy Fox, Rice University
Session: Session 2
August 19, 2022 9:40 to 10:20

Matching the firm to a CEO: An empirical analysis of long term contracting.
By Anh Nguyen; Carnegie Mellon University
Robert Miller; Carnegie Mellon University
   presented by: Robert Miller, Carnegie Mellon University
Session: Session 3
August 19, 2022 10:40 to 11:20

Market Segmentation and Competition in Health Insurance
By Michael Dickstein; NYU Stern School of Business
Kate Ho; Princeton University
   presented by: Michael Dickstein, NYU Stern School of Business
Session: Session 4
August 19, 2022 11:20 to 12:00

Dynamic Pricing Regulation and Welfare in Insurance Markets
By Ami Ko; Georgetown University
   presented by: Ami Ko, Georgetown University
Session: Session 5
August 19, 2022 13:20 to 14:00

Teacher Compensation and Structural Inequality: Evidence from Centralized Teacher School Choice in Peru
By Matteo Bobba; Toulouse School of Economics
   presented by: Matteo Bobba, Toulouse School of Economics
Session: Session 6
August 19, 2022 14:00 to 14:40

Teacher Labor Market Equilibrium and Student Achievement
By Michael Dinerstein; University of Chicago
   presented by: Michael Dinerstein, University of Chicago
Session: Session 7
August 19, 2022 14:55 to 15:35

Interdependent Values in Matching Markets: Evidence from Medical School Programs in Denmark
By Benjamin Friedrich; Northwestern Unversity
Martin Hackmann; University of California, Los Angeles
Adam Kapor; Princeton University
Sofia Moroni; Princeton University
Anne Nandrup; VIVE
   presented by: Adam Kapor, Princeton University
Session: Session 8
August 19, 2022 15:35 to 16:15

Dynamic College Admissions and the Determinants of Students’ College Retention
By Tomas Larroucau; Arizona State University
Ignacio Rios; University of Texas at Dallas
   presented by: Tomas Larroucau, Arizona State University
Session: Session 9
August 19, 2022 16:30 to 17:00

A Dynamic Framework of School Choice: Effects of Middle Schools on High School Choice
By Dong Woo Hahm; Columbia University
Minseon Park; University of Wisconsin - Madison
   presented by: Dong Woo Hahm, Columbia University
Session: Session 10
August 19, 2022 17:00 to 17:30

Hurwicz meets Veatch: Rationing deceased-donor transplants under dynamic asymmetric information
By Edwin Munoz-Rodriguez; El Colegio de Mexico, A.C.
   presented by: Edwin Munoz-Rodriguez, El Colegio de Mexico, A.C.
Session: Session 11
August 19, 2022 17:30 to 18:00

Who Gets Placed Where and Why? An Empirical Framework for Foster Care Placement
By Alejandro Robinson-Cortes; University of Exeter
   presented by: Alejandro Robinson-Cortes, University of Exeter
Session: Session 12
August 20, 2022 9:00 to 9:40

Pricing and Efficiency in a Decentralized Ride-Hailing Platform
By Renata Gaineddenova; University of Wisconsin - Madison
   presented by: Renata Gaineddenova, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Session: Session 13
August 20, 2022 9:40 to 10:20

Choice, Welfare, and Market Design: An Empirical Investigation of Feeding America's Choice System
By samuel altmann; University of Oxford
   presented by: samuel altmann, University of Oxford
Session: Session 14
August 20, 2022 10:40 to 11:20

Deep Learning for Individual Heterogeneity: An Automatic Inference Framework
By Max Farrell; University of Chicago Booth
Tengyuan Liang; University of Chicago Booth School
Sanjog Misra; University of Chicago Booth School
   presented by: Sanjog Misra, University of Chicago Booth School
Session: Session 15
August 20, 2022 11:20 to 12:00

Demand Analysis under Latent Choice Constraints: An Application to the US Dialysis Market
By Nikhil Agarwal; MIT
Paulo Somaini; Stanford University
   presented by: Nikhil Agarwal, MIT
Session: Session 16
August 20, 2022 13:10 to 13:50

An Empirical Analysis of the US Generator Interconnection Policy
By Sarah Johnston; University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chenyu Yang; University of Maryland
   presented by: Chenyu Yang, University of Maryland
Session: Session 17
August 20, 2022 13:50 to 14:30

Maturity Composition and the Demand for Government Debt
By Milena Wittwer; Boston College
   presented by: Milena Wittwer, Boston College
Session: Session 18
August 20, 2022 14:30 to 15:10

Flow Trading
By Eric Budish; University of Chicago
Peter Cramton; University of Cologne
Albert Kyle; University of Maryland
Jeongmin Lee; Washington University in St. Louis
David Malec; University of Maryland
   presented by: Peter Cramton, University of Cologne

18 sessions, 18 papers, and 0 presentations with no associated papers
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1Agarwal, NikhilP15
2altmann, samuelP13
3Bobba, MatteoP5
4Cramton, PeterP18
5Dickstein, MichaelP3
6Dinerstein, MichaelP6
7Fox, JeremyP1
8Gaineddenova, RenataP12
9Hahm, Dong WooP9
10Kapor, AdamP7
11Ko, AmiP4
12Larroucau, TomasP8
13Miller, RobertP2
14Misra, SanjogP14
15Munoz-Rodriguez, EdwinP10
16Robinson-Cortes, AlejandroP11
17Wittwer, MilenaP17
18Yang, ChenyuP16


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