AFA PhD Student Poster Session at the 2022 Annual Meeting

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2022 AFA PhD Student Poster Session127


AFA PhD Student Poster Session at the 2022 Annual Meeting

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Session: 2022 AFA PhD Student Poster Session

A Machine Learning Based Anatomy of Firm Level Climate Risk Exposure
By Kai Li; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Peking University
Tingyu Yu; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Tingyu Yu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A Macro-Finance model with Realistic Crisis Dynamics
By Goutham Gopalakrishna; Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (SFI)
   presented by: Goutham Gopalakrishna, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (SFI)

An International Study of Common Ownership, Control and Competition
By Beril Kilcioglu; London Business School
   presented by: Beril Kilcioglu, London Business School

Asset Pricing via Graph Neural Networks
By Yutong Lu; University of Oxford
   presented by: Yutong Lu, University of Oxford

Asymmetric Information, Enhanced Patent Publication, and Inventor Human Capital Reallocation
By Yabo Zhao; University of Texas at Dallas
   presented by: Yabo Zhao, University of Texas at Dallas

Bank Competition and Personal Bankruptcy: Evidence from Large Bank Mergers
By Dheeraj Chaudhary; University of Maryland
   presented by: Dheeraj Chaudhary, University of Maryland

Bank Credit Provision and Leverage Constraints: Evidence from the Supplementary Leverage Ratio
By Naz Koont; Columbia University
Stefan Walz; Columbia University
   presented by: Stefan Walz, Columbia University

Bank Investments in Venture Capital and Subsequent M&A Advisory Services
By Cristian-Mihail Condrea; Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
   presented by: Cristian-Mihail Condrea, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Banks' Next Top Model
By Elizaveta Sizova; KU Leuven
   presented by: Elizaveta Sizova, KU Leuven

Belief Polarization, Information Bias, and Financial Markets
By Nan Ma; McGill University
   presented by: Nan Ma, McGill University

How do Funds Deviate from Benchmarks? Evidence from MSCI’s Inclusion of Chinese A-shares
By Lennart Dekker; Tilburg University
Jasmin Gider; Tilburg University
Frank de Jong; Tilburg University
   presented by: Lennart Dekker, Tilburg University

Both Red and Green? Value Impact of Political Connections and CSR in China’s Cross-Border M&A
By Xianmin Liu; Queen Mary University of London
Gulnur Muradoglu; Queen Mary University of London
Ni Peng; Queen Mary University of London
   presented by: Xianmin Liu, Queen Mary University of London

Capital Regulation, Monetary Policy, and the Renegotiation of International Loans
By Kerron Joseph; University of Texas at San Antonio
Ca Nguyen; University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
John Wald; University of Texas at San Antonio
   presented by: Kerron Joseph, University of Texas at San Antonio

Clear(ed) Decision: The Effect of Central Clearing on Firms' Financing Decision
By Maximilian Jager; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Maximilian Jager, University of Mannheim

Climate Change Regulatory Risks and Bank Lending
By Isabella Mueller; Halle Institute for Economic Research
Eleonora Sfrappini; Halle Institute for Economic Research
   presented by: Isabella Mueller, Halle Institute for Economic Research

Color, Loan Approval, and Crimes: The Dark Side of Mortgage Market Deregulation
By Tse-Chun Lin; University of Hong Kong
Mingzhu Tai; University of Hong Kong
Jiayu Zhou; University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Jiayu Zhou, University of Hong Kong

Common Institutional Ownership and Corporate Carbon Emissions
By Qiang Ji; Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lei Lei; Baruch College
Dayong Zhang; Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
   presented by: Lei Lei, Baruch College

Community Diversity and Financial Decision Making
By Melina Murren Vosse; University of Miami
   presented by: Melina Murren Vosse, University of Miami

Competition and Rating Quality Inconsistency in the RMBS Market
By Dennis Vink; Nyenrode Business University
Vivian van Breemen; De Nederlandsche Bank
Frank J. Fabozzi; EDHEC Business School
   presented by: Vivian van Breemen, De Nederlandsche Bank

Creditor Control Rights and the Pricing of Private Loans
By Nicola Kollmann; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Nicola Kollmann, University of St. Gallen

Creditors Control of Environmental Activity
By Pang-Li Chen; Drexel University
   presented by: Pang-Li Chen, Drexel University

Cross-Ownership and Corporate Debt Structure
By Xu Li; University of Warwick
   presented by: Xu Li, University of Warwick

Cybersecurity and Financial Stability
By Kartik Anand; Deutsche Bundesbank
Chanelle Duley; University of Auckland
Prasanna Gai; University of Auckland
   presented by: Chanelle Duley, University of Auckland

Debt and Stock Market Participation
By Scott Jones; University of Arizona
   presented by: Scott Jones, University of Arizona

Debt Contract Enforcement and Product Innovation: Evidence from a Legal Reform in India
By Tanya Jain; Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Rahul Singh; Ahmedabad University
Chetan Subramanian; Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
   presented by: Tanya Jain, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Directors' Personal Experience and Corporate Environmental Performance
By Qianqian Huang; City University of Hong Kong
Feng Jiang; State University of New York at Buffalo
Yuhai Xuan; University of California, Irvine
Xunan Zhou; City University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Xunan Zhou, City University of Hong Kong

Discriminatory Versus Uniform Auctions : Evidence From JGB Market
By Takahiro Hattori; University of Tokyo
Shogo Takahashi; Rutgers University
   presented by: Shogo Takahashi, Rutgers University

Do Firms Cater to Corporate QE? Evidence from the Bank of Japan’s Corporate Bond Purchases during the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Yusuke Tsujimoto; University of Alberta
   presented by: Yusuke Tsujimoto, University of Alberta

Do Firms Have A Preference Order While Repaying Lenders? Relationship vs Transaction Banking
By Nitin Vishen; Indian School of Business
   presented by: Nitin Vishen, Indian School of Business

Do Information Acquisition Costs Matter? The Effect of SEC EDGAR on Stock Anomalies
By Yong Hyuck Kim; Michigan State University
   presented by: Yong Hyuck Kim, Michigan State University

Do Investors Overreact to Managerial Tones?
By Wei Wang; Indiana University
   presented by: Wei Wang, Indiana University

Do Minority Banks Matter?
By Prithu Vatsa; University of Miami
   presented by: Prithu Vatsa, University of Miami

Do Offshore Activities Teleport Information: Evidence from Foreign Analysts’ Coverage of U.S. firms
By Yuqi Han; Temple University
   presented by: Yuqi Han, Temple University

Does Beauty Matter in Mutual Fund Managers’ Performance?
By Xiaobo Liang; University of Hawaii at Manoa
   presented by: Xiaobo Liang, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Does Competition Improve Information Quality: Evidence From the Security Analyst Market
By Chuqing Jin; Boston University
   presented by: Chuqing Jin, Boston University

Does Fintech Credit Reduce Income Inequality? Evidence from Migrant versus Native Business Owners
By Pan Jiang; Wilfrid Laurier University
   presented by: Pan Jiang, Wilfrid Laurier University

Does Inflation Heterogeneity Matter in Household Financial Decisions? Evidence from the Mortgage Market
By Zhao Zhang; University of Southern California
   presented by: Zhao Zhang, University of Southern California

Does Social Interaction Spread Fear among Institutional Investors? Evidence from COVID-19
By Shiu-Yik Au; University of Manitoba
Ming Dong; York University
Xinyao Zhou; York University
   presented by: Xinyao Zhou, York University

Doing Good and Doing It With (Investment) Style
By Matteo Binfare; University of Missouri
Kyle Zimmerschied; University of Missouri
   presented by: Kyle Zimmerschied, University of Missouri

Economic Narratives and Market Outcomes: A Semi-supervised Topic Modeling Approach
By Dat Mai; University of Missouri-Columbia
   presented by: Dat Mai, University of Missouri-Columbia

Effects of Bank Capital Requirements on Lending by Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions
By Peter Bednarek; Deutsche Bundesbank
Olga Briukhova; University of Zurich, Swiss Finance Institute
Steven Ongena; University of Zurich, SFI, KU Leuven, CE
Natalja von Westernhagen; Deutsche Bundesbank
   presented by: Olga Briukhova, University of Zurich, Swiss Finance Institute

Employee Discrimination and Corporate Morale: Evidence from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
By Spencer Barnes; Florida State University
   presented by: Spencer Barnes, Florida State University

Estimating and Forecasting Long-Horizon Dollar Return Skewness
By Kevin Aretz; University of Manchester
Jiayu Jin; University of Manchester
Yifan Li; University of Manchester
   presented by: Jiayu Jin, University of Manchester

Explaining Greenium in a Macro-Finance Integrated Assessment Model
By Biao Yang; Bocconi University
   presented by: Biao Yang, Bocconi University

External Market of Workplace Safety
By Sangeun Ha; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Sangeun Ha, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Financial Development and Health
By Kim Fe Cramer; Columbia University
   presented by: Kim Fe Cramer, Columbia University

Flag Tag: Credit File Disaster Flags As Social Insurance Tags
By Benedict Guttman-Kenney; University of Chicago
   presented by: Benedict Guttman-Kenney, University of Chicago

Following the Crowd: Anomalies and Crowding by Institutional Investors
By Renato Lazo; University of Ottawa
   presented by: Renato Lazo, University of Ottawa

Fund Flows in the Shadow of Stock Trading Regulation
By David Xiaoyu Xu; University of Texas at Austin
Xiang Kang; Goldman Sachs
   presented by: David Xiaoyu Xu, University of Texas at Austin

Green Innovations
By Silvia Dalla Fontana; USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Silvia Dalla Fontana, USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute

Help Your Employees, Help Your Firm:Evidence from U.S. State Paid Sick Leave Mandates
By Liangrong Chunyu; City University London
Xingchen Zhu; Vrije University Amsterdam
   presented by: Liangrong Chunyu, City University London

Heterogeneous CSR approaches
By Dennis Bams; Maastricht University
Karen E.H. Maas; Erasmus University Rotterdam
Bram van der Kroft; Maastricht University
   presented by: Bram van der Kroft, Maastricht University

How do Investors Learn as Data Becomes Bigger? Evidence from a FinTech Platform
By Ahmed Guecioueur; INSEAD
   presented by: Ahmed Guecioueur, INSEAD

How Institutional Dual-Holders Affect Companies: Evidence from U.S. Mutual Funds?
By Denys Iliasov; Queen Mary University of London
   presented by: Denys Iliasov, Queen Mary University of London

How Many Female Seats on a Board? Board Gender-Diversification, Power, Risk-Taking, and Financial Performance
By Kingsley Wabara; Washington University in St. Louis
   presented by: Kingsley Wabara, Washington University in St. Louis

Impact of Economic Shocks on Financial Access: Evidence from Covid-19 Pandemic
By Anand Goel; Stevens Institute of Technology
Shuang Wu; Stevens Institute of Technology
   presented by: Shuang Wu, Stevens Institute of Technology

Informative Covariates, False Discoveries and Mutual Fund Performance
By Po-Hsuan Hsu; National Tsing Hua University
Ioannis Kyriakou; City University London
Tren Ma; University of Glasgow
Georgios Sermpinis; University of Glasgow
   presented by: Tren Ma, University of Glasgow

Institutional Trading around FOMC Meetings: Evidence of Fed Leaks
By Nicola Mano; USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Nicola Mano, USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute

Intellectual Property Rights and Employee Stock Option Compensation: Evidence from Court of Appeals Federal Circuit Ruling in 2008
By Soomi Jang; University of Massachusetts, Lowell
   presented by: Soomi Jang, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Interest Rate Risk, Prepayment Risk and Banks’ Securitization of Mortgages
By Zhanbing Xiao; University of British Columbia
   presented by: Zhanbing Xiao, University of British Columbia

Investor Misreaction, Biased Beliefs, and the Mispricing Cycle
By Azi Ben-Rephael; Rutgers University
Steffen Hitzemann; Rutgers University
Yuanyuan Xiao; Rutgers University
   presented by: Yuanyuan Xiao, Rutgers University

Is Capital Reallocation Really Procyclical?
By Lingyan Yang; Arizona State University
   presented by: Lingyan Yang, Arizona State University

Is China's Belt and Road Initiative a Zero-Sum Game?
By Veljko Fotak; University at Buffalo
William Megginson; University of Oklahoma
Yi-Da Tsai; University at Buffalo
   presented by: Yi-Da Tsai, University at Buffalo

"It's Not You, It's Them": Common Lending and Loan Contract Structure
By Juan Gorostiaga; IESE Business School
   presented by: Juan Gorostiaga, IESE Business School

Leasing as a Mitigation of Financial Accelerator Effects
By Kai Li; Peking University
Jun Yu; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Jun Yu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Manager Uncertainty and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
By Tengfei Zhang; University of Cambridge
   presented by: Tengfei Zhang, University of Cambridge

Managing Climate Change Risks: Sea Level Rise and Mergers and Acquisitions
By John (Jianqiu) Bai; Northeastern University
Yongqiang Chu; University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Chen Shen; University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Chi Wan; University of Massachusetts, Boston
   presented by: Chen Shen, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Mandatory Counterparty Default Insurance in the OTC Derivatives Market
By Natalie Kessler; European University Institute
   presented by: Natalie Kessler, European University Institute

Mandatory Pension Saving and Homeownership
By Marcel Fischer; University of Konstanz
Bjarne Astrup Jensen; Copenhagen Business Schoool
Marlene Koch; University of Konstanz
   presented by: Marlene Koch, University of Konstanz

Market Liquidity after Banning Aggressive Proprietary Trading
By Chengcheng Qu; Stockholm University
   presented by: Chengcheng Qu, Stockholm University

Market Power, Innovation Flow and Macroeconomic Dynamics
By Shihan Shen; University of California, Los Angeles
   presented by: Shihan Shen, University of California, Los Angeles

Media Coverage and The Cross-Section of Mutual Fund Herding
By Prince Charles Adubofour; Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Prince Asamoah; City University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Prince Asamoah, City University of Hong Kong

Mind the Income Gap - Partial Hedging of Interest Rate Risk within Banks' Business Model
By Daniel Platte; University of Muenster
Fabian Wening; University of Muenster
   presented by: Daniel Platte, University of Muenster

Municipal Bankruptcy and the Economic Costs of Financial Contagion
By Daniel Bias; Swedish House of Finance
Lisa Knauer; Technical University of Munich
   presented by: Lisa Knauer, Technical University of Munich

Municipal Finance During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Government and Federal Reserve Interventions
By Tao Li; University of Florida
Jing Lu; University of Florida
   presented by: Jing Lu, University of Florida

National Culture and Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from China
By Yongning Deng; University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Yongning Deng, University of Hong Kong

Natural Disasters and Bitcoin
By Tripti Rathi; Deakin University
   presented by: Tripti Rathi, Deakin University

Nature as a Defense from Disasters: Natural Capital and Municipal Bond Yields
By Claudio Rizzi; University of Miami
   presented by: Claudio Rizzi, University of Miami

New Cryptocurrency Indices
By Brain Lucey; Trinity College Dublin
Samuel Vigne; Trinity College Dublin
Yizhi Wang; Trinity College Dublin
Larisa Yarovaya; University of Southampton
   presented by: Yizhi Wang, Trinity College Dublin

Occupied Investors: The Effect of Foreign Military Presence on Local Investors Asset Allocation
By Guido Lenz; Goethe University Frankfurt
   presented by: Guido Lenz, Goethe University Frankfurt

Opioids Epidemic and Mortgage Default
By Tural Karimli; Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
   presented by: Tural Karimli, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Partisanship in Mutual Fund Portfolios: Biased Expectations or In-Group Favoritism?
By Osama Mahmood Khawar; University of Florida
   presented by: Osama Mahmood Khawar, University of Florida

Peer Effects in Financial Expectations
By Joshua Thornton; University of California, Irvine
   presented by: Joshua Thornton, University of California, Irvine

Policy Opacity
By William Cassidy; University of Chicago
   presented by: William Cassidy, University of Chicago

Political Connection and Corporate Litigation: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment
By Chenghao Huang; Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Siyang Tian; Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Xingchen Zhu; Vrije University Amsterdam
   presented by: Chenghao Huang, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Product Life-Cycle and Initial Public Offerings
By Tina Oreski; USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute
Jiajie Xu; Boston College
   presented by: Tina Oreski, USI Lugano and Swiss Finance Institute

Quantile Approach to Asset Pricing Models
By Tjeerd De Vries; University of California - San Diego
   presented by: Tjeerd De Vries, University of California - San Diego

Bank Ownership and Product Market Competition
By Xiaotian Liu; City University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Xiaotian Liu, City University of Hong Kong

Real-Time Predictability of Mutual Fund Performance Predictors
By Yu Xia; McGill University
   presented by: Yu Xia, McGill University

Ruling with Ideology: Politician Belief and Decisions to Privatize
By Linxiang Ma; University of Melbourne
   presented by: Linxiang Ma, University of Melbourne

Secret Behind Zeros: Round Number Bias in Consumer Lending
By Xiaowen Hu; University of Colorado Boulder
   presented by: Xiaowen Hu, University of Colorado Boulder

Sequential Learning, Asset Allocation, and Bitcoin Returns
By George Tian; University of Houston
James Yae; University of Houston
   presented by: George Tian, University of Houston

Serial Dependence in the Stock Market: What Can We Learn from Derivatives?
By Yueliang Lu; University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Weidong Tian; University of North Carolina at Charlotte
   presented by: Yueliang Lu, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Share Repurchases: Riding on the Wave of Uncertainty
By Nina Anolick; University of Passau
Jonathan A. Batten; Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Harald Kinateder; University of Passau
Niklas Wagner; University of Passau
   presented by: Nina Anolick, University of Passau

Shrinking Boundary of the Invisible Hand
By Dan Su; University of Minnesota
   presented by: Dan Su, University of Minnesota

"Silent" Analysts
By Nikola Orlic; National University of Singapore
   presented by: Nikola Orlic, National University of Singapore

Skills and Sentiment in Sustainable Investing
By Andreas Brøgger; Copenhagen Business School
Alexander Kronies; Copenhagen Business School
   presented by: Andreas Brøgger, Copenhagen Business School

Social Investing and Hype in the Stock Market
By Chaehyun Pyun; University of Georgia
   presented by: Chaehyun Pyun, University of Georgia

Social Proximity to Start-Up Funding
By Alex Abakah; St. John Fisher College
Gunchang Kim; Rutgers University
Hyacinthe Somé; University of Sherbrooke
   presented by: Gunchang Kim, Rutgers University

Stock Returns in Global Value Chains: The Role of Upstreamness and Downstreamness
By Nicole Branger; University of Muenster
René Flacke; University of Muenster
Paul Meyerhof; University of Muenster
Steffen Windmueller; Technical University of Munich
   presented by: Paul Meyerhof, University of Muenster

Subjective Learning of Trading Talent: Theory and Evidence from Individual Investors in the U.S.
By Xindi He; University of Chicago
   presented by: Xindi He, University of Chicago

Target Information Asymmetry and Post-Takeover Performance
By Donald Bergh; University of Denver
Ronan Powell; University College Dublin
Yang Zhao; University College Dublin
   presented by: Yang Zhao, University College Dublin

The Core, the Periphery, and the Disaster: Corporate-Sovereign Nexus in COVID-19 Times
By Ruggero Jappelli; Goethe University Frankfurt
Loriana Pelizzon; Leibniz Institute for Financial Research
Alberto Plazzi; USI Lugano
   presented by: Ruggero Jappelli, Goethe University Frankfurt

The Deposits Channel of Aggregate Fluctuations
By Shohini Kundu; University of California, Los Angeles
Seongjin Park; University of Chicago
Nishant Vats; University of Chicago
   presented by: Seongjin Park, University of Chicago

The Diminishing Impact of Monetary Policy on Asset Prices Around Non-FOMC Macroeconomic Announcements
By Zohair Alam; Univeristy of Toronto
   presented by: Zohair Alam, Univeristy of Toronto

The Distress Puzzle and Credit Forbearance
By Patrick Gosselin; University of Connecticut
   presented by: Patrick Gosselin, University of Connecticut

The Downstream Channel of Financial Constraints and the Amplification of Aggregate Downturns
By Sergio Rocha; University of Illinois
Gustavo Cortes; University of Florida
   presented by: Sergio Rocha, University of Illinois

The Effect of Bank Competition on Deposit Price Dispersion
By Nur Al Faisal; Louisiana State University
   presented by: Nur Al Faisal, Louisiana State University

The Effect of Labor Unions on Municipal Bonds
By Yunhui Han; University of Utah
   presented by: Yunhui Han, University of Utah

The Effects of Capital and Liquidity Requirements in a Macroeconomic Dynamic Model of Banking
By Chao Huang; University of Edinburgh
Fernando Moreira; University of Edinburgh
Thomas Archibald; University of Edinburgh
   presented by: Chao Huang, University of Edinburgh

The Effects of Information Acquisition in M&As: Evidence from SEC EDGAR Web Traffic
By Xiaoyu Wang; Georgia State University
   presented by: Xiaoyu Wang, Georgia State University

The Evolution of Market Efficiency Over the Last Century
By Lezgin Ay; Iowa State University
   presented by: Lezgin Ay, Iowa State University

The Industry Expertise Channel of Mortgage Lending
By Zhanbing Xiao; University of British Columbia
Yuxiang Zheng; University of British Columbia
   presented by: Yuxiang Zheng, University of British Columbia

The Information Content of Trump Tweets and the Currency Market
By My Nguyen; University of Warwick
   presented by: My Nguyen, University of Warwick

The Pricing of Continuous and Discontinuous Factor Risks
By Tobias Hemauer; University of St. Gallen
Mathis Moerke; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Tobias Hemauer, University of St. Gallen

The Real Effect of Competition Laws: International Evidence
By James Xede; Xiamen University
Cephas Simon Peter Dak-Adzaklo; City University of Hong Kong
Emmanuel Ofosu; City University of Hong Kong
Solomon Adza; Lingnan Uiversity
   presented by: Cephas Simon Peter Dak-Adzaklo, City University of Hong Kong

The Role of Financial Expert CEOs in Mergers & Acquisitions
By Chang Gong; ESCP
   presented by: Chang Gong, ESCP

The Role of Stock Indices in Analyst Career Outcomes
By Stefan Pohl; University of Zurich, Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Stefan Pohl, University of Zurich, Swiss Finance Institute

The Tradeoff between Discrete Pricing and Discrete Quantities: Evidence from U.S.-listed Firms
By Sida Li; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mao Ye; University of Illinois and NBER
   presented by: Sida Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Three Aspects of Green Bonds
By Jitendra Aswani; Fordham University
   presented by: Jitendra Aswani, Fordham University

Trust as an Entry Barrier: Evidence from FinTech Adoption
By Keer Yang; University of Minnesota
   presented by: Keer Yang, University of Minnesota

Unconventional Monetary Policy and Household Credit Inequality
By Ying Xu; Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)
   presented by: Ying Xu, Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID)

US Wealth Shares, the Dollar and Global Risk Premia
By Sun Yong Kim; Northwestern University
   presented by: Sun Yong Kim, Northwestern University

Wall Street Goes Dark: Venue Selection During the COVID-19 Market Crash
By Abdul Alfarhoud; University of Manchester
Michael Bowe; University of Manchester
S. Sarah Zhang; University of Manchester
   presented by: Abdul Alfarhoud, University of Manchester

When Green Meets Green
By Hans Degryse; KU Leuven and CEPR
Roman Goncharenko; KU Leuven
Carola Theunisz; KU Leuven
Tamas Vadasz; KU Leuven
   presented by: Carola Theunisz, KU Leuven

Why Do CEO Compensation Schemes Feature Convexity? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
By Yu Zhou; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Yu Zhou, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Why Do Innovative Firms Sell Patents? An Empirical Analysis of the Causes and Consequences of Patent Transactions
By Jingxuan Zhang; Boston College
   presented by: Jingxuan Zhang, Boston College

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