AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session at the 2021 Annual Meeting

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2021 AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session96


AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session at the 2021 Annual Meeting

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Session: 2021 AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session

A Macroeconomic Model with Firm Debt Financing, Bank Lending and Banking Regulations
By Chao Huang; University of Edinburgh
   presented by: Chao Huang, University of Edinburgh

Access to Banks and Household Resilience
By Kim Cramer; Columbia University
   presented by: Kim Cramer, Columbia University

Are Green Investors Green-Inducing? A Demand System Approach
By Don Noh; Princeton University
   presented by: Don Noh, Princeton University

Banks with Diagnostic Expectations
By Arpit Parija; Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Vipul Mathur; Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
   presented by: Arpit Parija, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Benefiting from Bankrupt Firms: Evidence from Local Labor Movement
By Zhexu Ai; University of Connecticut
   presented by: Zhexu Ai, University of Connecticut

Better Be Careful: The Replenishment of ABS backed by SME Loans
By Arved Fenner; University of Muenster
Philipp Klein; University of Muenster
Carina Moessinger; University of Muenster
   presented by: Philipp Klein, University of Muenster

Boosting Portfolio Choice in the Big Data Era
By Hongwei Zhang; Tilburg University
Ben Jacobsen; TIAS Business School
Fuwei Jiang; Central University of Finance and Economics
   presented by: Hongwei Zhang, Tilburg University

Can Bank Capitalization Improve Local Resilience?
By Erica Jiang; University of Southern California
Will Liu; City University of Hong Kong
Lee Seltzer; University of Texas
   presented by: Lee Seltzer, University of Texas

CDS Central Counterparty Clearing Default Measures: Road to Recovery or Invitation to Predation?
By Magdalena Tywoniuk; University of Geneva
   presented by: Magdalena Tywoniuk, University of Geneva

Collateral, Haircuts and Rates: a Theory of Repo
By Dmitry Chebotarev; INSEAD
   presented by: Dmitry Chebotarev, INSEAD

Risky Financial Collateral, Firm Heterogeneity, and the Impact of Eligibility
By Matthias Kaldorf; University of Cologne
Florian Wicknig; University of Cologne
   presented by: Matthias Kaldorf, University of Cologne

Common Ownership along the Supply Chain and Supplier Innovations
By Xian Chen; University of Oregon
   presented by: Xian Chen, University of Oregon

Corporate Innovation in the Cyber Age
By Gabriele Lattanzio; Southern Methodist University
Yue Ma; University of Oklahoma
   presented by: Yue Ma, University of Oklahoma

Corporate Innovation Linkages and Firm Boundaries
By Ekaterina Gavrilova; Bocconi University
   presented by: Ekaterina Gavrilova, Bocconi University

Corporate Social Responsibility and Market Efficiency: Evidence from ESG and Misvaluation Measures
By Yannik Bofinger; Justus-Liebig University of Giessen
Kim Heyden; University of Giessen
Bjoern Rock; Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
   presented by: Yannik Bofinger, Justus-Liebig University of Giessen

Cost of Conscious Capitalism
By Jitendra Aswani; Fordham University
Alona Bilokha; Fordham University
Mingying Cheng; Fordham University
Benjamin Cole; Fordham University
   presented by: Mingying Cheng, Fordham University

Dark Trading and Financial Markets Stability
By Jorge Goncalves; University of Luxembourg
Roman Kräussl; University of Luxembourg
Vladimir Levin; University of Luxembourg
   presented by: Vladimir Levin, University of Luxembourg

Data Security and Merger Waves
By Yuan Sun; Lingnan University
Lai Wei; Lingnan University
Wensi Xie; Chinese University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Yuan Sun, Lingnan University

Decomposing Factor Momentum
By Hanlin Yang; University of Zurich
   presented by: Hanlin Yang, University of Zurich

Direct Listing or IPO? The Anatomy of the Going-Public Market
By Miles Zheng; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   presented by: Miles Zheng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Directorship Returns by Corporate Boards and CEO Turnover
By Pang-Li Chen; Drexel University
   presented by: Pang-Li Chen, Drexel University

Distorted Beliefs and Exchange Rates
By Luis Carvalho Monteiro; Yale University
Joao Paulo Valente; Yale University
Tianhao Wu; Yale University
   presented by: Tianhao Wu, Yale University

Do Banks’ Partisan Affiliations Shape their Lending Decisions?
By Zhanbing Xiao; University of British Columbia
   presented by: Zhanbing Xiao, University of British Columbia

Do Mutual Funds Manipulate Star Ratings? Evidence from Portfolio Pumping
By Sanghyun (Hugh) Kim; University of Texas at Dallas
   presented by: Sanghyun (Hugh) Kim, University of Texas at Dallas

Do Sell-side Analysts Say “BUY” While Whispering “SELL”?
By Yushui Shi; University of California, Irvine
   presented by: Yushui Shi, University of California, Irvine

Does Corporate Diversification Retrench the Effects of Firm-Level Political Risk?
By M. Kabir Hassan; University of New Orleans
Mohammad Karim; University of New Orleans
Tarun Mukherjee; University of New Orleans
   presented by: Mohammad Karim, University of New Orleans

Does Forecasting Price Efficiency (FPE) Affect Revelatory Price Efficiency (RPE)?
By Bharat Parajuli; University of Utah
   presented by: Bharat Parajuli, University of Utah

Does Limited Liability Matter? Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment
By Yrjo Koskinen; University of Calgary
Nga Nguyen; University of Calgary
J. Ari Pandes; University of Calgary
   presented by: Nga Nguyen, University of Calgary

Does Private Equity Ownership Make Firms Cleaner? The Role Of Environmental Liability Risks
By Aymeric Bellon; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Aymeric Bellon, University of Pennsylvania

Does Social Connectedness affect Stock Market Participation?
By Chih-Ching Hung; Baruch College
   presented by: Chih-Ching Hung, Baruch College

Does the CDS Market Reflect Regulatory Climate Risk Disclosures?
By Julian Koelbel; University of Zurich
Markus Leippold; University of Zurich
Jordy Rillaerts; University of Zurich & Swiss Finance Institute
Qian Wang; University of Zurich
   presented by: Jordy Rillaerts, University of Zurich & Swiss Finance Institute

Does the Internet Replace Brick-and-Mortar Bank Branches?
By Minhae Kim; Ohio State University
   presented by: Minhae Kim, Ohio State University

Does Trading Spur Specialization? Evidence From Patenting
By Pengfei Han; Peking University
Chunrui Liu; Tsinghua University
Xuan Tian; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Chunrui Liu, Tsinghua University

Endogenous Timing in Equity Crowdfunding Platforms
By Sedat Ersoy; University of Toronto
   presented by: Sedat Ersoy, University of Toronto

Exchange-Traded Funds and Municipal Bond Market
By Viet-Dung Doan; Purdue University
   presented by: Viet-Dung Doan, Purdue University

Extracting Statistical Factors When Betas Are Time-Varying
By Hao Ma; USI Lugano & Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Hao Ma, USI Lugano & Swiss Finance Institute

Financial Statement Complexity and Syndicated Loan Structure
By AJ Yuan Chen; University of Southern California
Fan Zhang; University of Southern California
   presented by: AJ Yuan Chen, University of Southern California

Fintech Lending and Sales Manipulation
By Jorma Schäublin; University of Basel
Kumar Rishabh; University of Basel
   presented by: Kumar Rishabh, University of Basel

Firm Life-Cycle in Mergers and Acquisitions
By Tina Oreski; Swiss Finance Institute and USI Lugano
   presented by: Tina Oreski, Swiss Finance Institute and USI Lugano

Group Identity and Agency Frictions: Evidence using Big Data
By Jitendra Aswani; Fordham University
   presented by: Jitendra Aswani, Fordham University

Heterogeneity in CDS Coverage
By Suman Banerjee; Stevens Institute of Technology
Stefano Bonini; Stevens Institute of Technology
Meghana Vaidya; Stevens Institute of Technology
   presented by: Meghana Vaidya, Stevens Institute of Technology

Heterogeneous Asset Pricing Model Preferences by Investor Type: Evidence from Separate Accounts
By Valeria Fedyk; London Business School
   presented by: Valeria Fedyk, London Business School

Heterogeneous Investor Response to New Risks in Financial Markets: Evidence from Climate Change Litigation
By Alison Taylor; University of Toronto
   presented by: Alison Taylor, University of Toronto

Incentivization or Expropriation? All ESOPs are not Created Equal
By Jingshu Wen; SKEMA Business School
   presented by: Jingshu Wen, SKEMA Business School

Industrial Policy and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Made in China 2025 Policy
By Xia Liu; University of Oklahoma
William Megginson; University of Oklahoma
Junjie Xia; Peking University
   presented by: Xia Liu, University of Oklahoma

Industry Dynamics and Capital Structure (Non)Commitment
By Shiqi Chen; University of Cambridge
Hui Xu; Lancaster University
   presented by: Shiqi Chen, University of Cambridge

Initial Endowments and External Finance: the Role of Neolithic Transformation
By Wenxuan Hou; University of Edinburgh
Ruoran Zhao; University of Edinburgh
   presented by: Ruoran Zhao, University of Edinburgh

Institutional Herding and Corporate Debt Issuance
By Xu Li; University of Warwick
   presented by: Xu Li, University of Warwick

Intellectual Property Protection in M&A Negotiations
By Richard Schubert; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Jan-Oliver Strych; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
   presented by: Richard Schubert, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Vertical Integration and Mortgage Risk
By Zhao Zhang; University of Southern California
   presented by: Zhao Zhang, University of Southern California

Is Mutual Fund Family Retirement Money Smart?
By Pramodkumar Yadav; Drexel University
   presented by: Pramodkumar Yadav, Drexel University

Is there a Trade-Off Between Protecting Investors and Promoting Entrepreneurial Activity? Evidence from Angel Financing
By Jiajie Xu; Boston College
   presented by: Jiajie Xu, Boston College

Know Thyself: Free Credit Reports and the Retail Mortgage Market
By Amit Kumar; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Amit Kumar, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Labor Mobility and Capital Misallocation in the Mutual Fund Industry
By Maxime Bonelli; HEC Paris
   presented by: Maxime Bonelli, HEC Paris

Language Skills and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Immigrants
By Xu Gan; Wuhan University
   presented by: Xu Gan, Wuhan University

Machine Learning Classification Methods and Portfolio Allocation: An Examination of Market Efficiency
By Yang Bai; University of Missouri
Kuntara Pukthuanthong; University of Missouri
   presented by: Yang Bai, University of Missouri

Uncovering Sparsity and Heterogeneity in Firm-level Return Predictability using Machine Learning
By Theodoros Evgeniou; INSEAD
Ahmed Guecioueur; INSEAD
Rodolfo Prieto; INSEAD
   presented by: Ahmed Guecioueur, INSEAD

Monetary Surprises, Debt Structure and Financing Decisions
By Yuchen Chen; University of Minnesota
   presented by: Yuchen Chen, University of Minnesota

Opioid Prescription Rates and Asset Prices—Assessment of Causal Effects
By Steven Wei Ho; Columbia University
Jiahao Jiang; University of Virginia
   presented by: Jiahao Jiang, University of Virginia

Political Corruption and Firm Access to the Initial Public Offering Market
By Chen Huang; University of Bath
   presented by: Chen Huang, University of Bath

Present Bias, Asset Allocation and the Yield Curve
By Jorgo Goossens; Tilburg University
Bas Werker; Tilburg University
   presented by: Jorgo Goossens, Tilburg University

Pricing Climate Change Risk in Corporate Bonds
By Elsa Allman; Baruch College
   presented by: Elsa Allman, Baruch College

Pricing Information: Experimental Evidence
By Dmitry Chebotarev; INSEAD
Dmitrii Pugachev; INSEAD
   presented by: Dmitrii Pugachev, INSEAD

Propagating Trade Protectionism
By René Flacke; University of Muenster
   presented by: René Flacke, University of Muenster

Reading Tea Leaves: Benefits and Costs of Learning about Future Demand Shocks
By Ran Liu; Columbia University
   presented by: Ran Liu, Columbia University

Funding Stability and Bank Liquidity
By Thomas Flanagan; University of Michigan
   presented by: Thomas Flanagan, University of Michigan

Safe Asset Carry Trade
By Benedikt Ballensiefen; University of St.Gallen and World Bank Group
Angelo Ranaldo; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Benedikt Ballensiefen, University of St.Gallen and World Bank Group

Separating Retail and Investment Banking: Evidence from the UK
By Matthieu Chavaz; Bank of England
David Elliott; Bank of England and Imperial College London
   presented by: David Elliott, Bank of England and Imperial College London

Shaped by Public Attention: Gender Equality, Female Executives and Product Market Performance
By Shikong (Scott) Luo; University of Alabama
Douglas Cook; University of Alabama
   presented by: Shikong (Scott) Luo, University of Alabama

Short-Termist CEO Compensation in Speculative Markets: A Controlled Experiment
By Yen-Cheng Chang; National Taiwan University
Minjie Huang; University of Louisville
Kevin Tseng; Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Yu-Siang Su; National Taiwan University
   presented by: Yu-Siang Su, National Taiwan University

Social Inflation
By Sangmin Oh; University of Chicago
   presented by: Sangmin Oh, University of Chicago

Does Interaction on Social Media Drive Extremeness or Moderation?
By Annie Wang; University of California, Irvine
Shijia Wu; University of California at Irvine
   presented by: Shijia Wu, University of California at Irvine

Speaking With One Voice: Shareholder Collaboration on Activism
By Shaoting Pi; University of Utah
   presented by: Shaoting Pi, University of Utah

Specialization Effect of Non-Technological Strategic Alliances on Innovation
By Nur Al Faisal; Louisiana State University
Miaomiao Yu; Louisiana State University
   presented by: Nur Al Faisal, Louisiana State University

Externalities of the Sharing Economy: Evidence from Ridesharing and the Local Housing Market
By Rachel Xiao; Georgia State University
   presented by: Rachel Xiao, Georgia State University

Splitting and Shuffling: Institutional Trading Motives and Order Submissions Across Brokers
By Munhee Han; Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sanghyun (Hugh) Kim; University of Texas at Dallas
   presented by: Munhee Han, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Voluntary Disclosure, Price Informativeness, and EffIcient Investment
By Matthias Lassak; Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
   presented by: Matthias Lassak, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Capitol Ratios and Systemic Risk: Regulating non-banks in the syndicated lending market
By Louis Belisle; University of Toronto
   presented by: Louis Belisle, University of Toronto

Surfing the Cycle: Cyclical Investment Opportunities and Firms' Risky Financial Assets
By Teng Huang; IESE Business School
   presented by: Teng Huang, IESE Business School

Taking No Chances: Bank Mergers, Lender Concentration, and Corporate Acquisitions
By Luca Xianran Lin; IESE Business School
   presented by: Luca Xianran Lin, IESE Business School

Testing Disagreement Models
By Pei-Jie Hsiao; National Taiwan University
   presented by: Pei-Jie Hsiao, National Taiwan University

Textual Ambiguity in Financial Disclosures and Information Asymmetry among Investors
By Jeffrey Black; University of Memphis
Rasheek Irtisam; University of Memphis
Pankaj Jain; University of Memphis
   presented by: Rasheek Irtisam, University of Memphis

Mispricing and Anomalies: An Exogenous Shock to Short Selling from the Dividend Tax Law Change
By Yufeng Han; University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Yueliang Lu; University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Weike Xu; Clemson University
Guofu Zhou; Washington University in St. Louis
   presented by: Yueliang Lu, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Economics of Non-competition Clauses
By Adam Feher; University of Amsterdam
   presented by: Adam Feher, University of Amsterdam

The Effect of Eliminating Cross-Shareholdings on Firm Value: Evidence from Korean Business Groups
By Suhee Kim; University of Edinburgh
   presented by: Suhee Kim, University of Edinburgh

The Game Changer: Regulatory Reform and Multiple Credit Ratings
By He Huang; University of Sydney
Jiri Svec; University of Sydney
Eliza Wu; University of Sydney
   presented by: He Huang, University of Sydney

The Impact of Product Market Characteristics on Firms’ Strategies in Patent Litigation
By Danmo Lin; University of Warwick
Du Liu; University of Warwick
A. Elizabeth Whalley; University of Warwick
   presented by: Du Liu, University of Warwick

The Impact of Social Media on Venture Capital Financing: Evidence from Twitter Interactions
By Onur Bayar; University of Texas at San Antonio
Emre Kesici; University of Texas at San Antonio
   presented by: Emre Kesici, University of Texas at San Antonio

The Portfolio Composition Effect
By Jan Müller-Dethard; University of Mannheim
Martin Weber; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Jan Müller-Dethard, University of Mannheim

The Safety Demand in a Diverse Monetary Union and the Effect of a Common Safe Asset
By Oscar Soons; University of Amsterdam
   presented by: Oscar Soons, University of Amsterdam

The Technical Default Spread
By Emilio Bisetti; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kai Li; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jun Yu; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Jun Yu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Trend Factor in China: The Role of Large Individual Trading
By Yang Liu; Tsinghua University
Guofu Zhou; Washington University in St. Louis
Yingzi Zhu; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Yang Liu, Tsinghua University

U.S. Populist Rhetoric and Currency Returns
By My Nguyen; University of Warwick
   presented by: My Nguyen, University of Warwick

Volatility Uncertainty and Jumps
By Thomas Grünthaler; University of Muenster
Hendrik Huelsbusch; University of Muenster
   presented by: Thomas Grünthaler, University of Muenster

When Financial Advice Leads to Positive Performance: Evidence from Repeated Client-Advisor Interactions
By Charline Uhr; Goethe University Frankfurt
   presented by: Charline Uhr, Goethe University Frankfurt

Which Factors with Price-Impact Costs?
By Sicong (Allen) Li; London Business School
Victor DeMiguel; London Business School
Alberto Martin-Utrera; New Jersey Institute of Technology
   presented by: Sicong (Allen) Li, London Business School

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