AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia


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January 4, 2019
Hilton Atlanta, Grand Ballroom Pre-Function North AFA 2019 Ph.D. Student Poster Session94


AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Detailed List of Sessions

Session: AFA 2019 Ph.D. Student Poster Session
January 4, 2019 7:30 to 18:00
Hilton Atlanta, Grand Ballroom Pre-Function North
Session Chairs:
1. David Hirshleifer, University of California, Irvine
2. Kenneth Singleton, Stanford University

1. A High Frequency Analysis of the Information Content of Trading Volume
By Khaladdin Rzayev; The University of Edinburgh
Gbenga Ibikunle; University of Edinburgh
   presented by: Khaladdin Rzayev, The University of Edinburgh

2. A Rationale for the Clientele Effect in Money Management
By Qiaozhi Hu; Boston University
Marcel Rindisbacher; Boston University
   presented by: Qiaozhi Hu, Boston University

3. A Theory on the Market Response to Macroeconomic News under Bounded Rationality
By Yu Wang; Boston College
   presented by: Yu Wang, Boston College

4. Acquisitions, Common Ownership, and the Cournot Merger Paradox
By Miguel Anton; IESE Business School
Jose Azar; IESE Business School
Mireia Gine; University of Navarra & Wharton WRDS
Luca Xianran Lin; IESE Business School
   presented by: Luca Xianran Lin, IESE Business School

5. Aggregating Information for Optimal Portfolio Weights
By Xiao Li; University of Arizona
   presented by: Xiao Li, University of Arizona

6. Allocation Incentives of Marketplace Lending Platforms during the IPO of Debt Securities
By Li Ting Chiu; University at Buffalo-SUNY
Brian Wolfe; University at Buffalo - SUNY
Woongsun Yoo; Saginaw Valley State University
   presented by: Li Ting Chiu, University at Buffalo-SUNY

7. An Alternative Behavioral Explanation for the MAX Effect
By Hannes Mohrschladt; University of Muenster
Maren Baars; University of Muenster
   presented by: Maren Baars, University of Muenster

8. An Economic Model of Blockchain Based Cryptocurrencies
By Engin Iyidogan; Imperial College Business School
   presented by: Engin Iyidogan, Imperial College Business School

9. Are Financial Information Technologies Making the Rich Richer?
By Roxana Mihet; New York University
   presented by: Roxana Mihet, New York University

10. Are Government Policies to Reduce Non-Performing Loans Effective? Bank-Level Evidence
By Alexander Plekhanov; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Marta Skrzypinska; University of Bristol
   presented by: Marta Skrzypinska, University of Bristol

11. Avoiding the Fall into the Loop: Isolating Bank-to-Sovereign Risk Transmissions in the Euro Area and their Drivers
By Hannes Boehm; Halle Institute for Economic Research
Stefan Eichler; Technische Universitaet Dresden
   presented by: Hannes Boehm, Halle Institute for Economic Research

12. Bank Leverage, Capital Requirements and Bank's Implied Cost of (Equity) Capital
By Christian Schmidt; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Christian Schmidt, University of Mannheim

13. Bank Liquidity Supply and Corporate Investment in the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis
By Wei Zhang; University of Minnesota
   presented by: Wei Zhang, University of Minnesota

14. Beta Ambiguity and Security Return Characteristics
By Zhe Geng; Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Tan Wang; Shanghai Jiao Tong University
   presented by: Zhe Geng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

15. Beyond Distress Risk
By Altan Pazarbasi; Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
   presented by: Altan Pazarbasi, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

16. Bond Mutual Fund Winners and Losers: an Examination of Manager Risk-Shifting
By Matthew Faulkner; Florida Atlantic University
   presented by: Matthew Faulkner, Florida Atlantic University

17. But Wait, There’s More... Debt: The Effects of Pension Overhang on Corporate Policies
By Emmanuel Alanis; Texas State University
Sudheer Chava; Georgia Institute of Technology
Peter Simasek; Georgia Institute of Technology
   presented by: Peter Simasek, Georgia Institute of Technology

18. Capital Adjustment Costs And The Value Premium: A General Equilibrium Perspective
By Hengjie Ai; University of Minnesota
Anmol Bhandari; University of Minnesota
Jincheng Tong; University of Minnesota
Chao Ying; University of Minnesota
   presented by: Chao Ying, University of Minnesota

19. Capital Structure under Uncertainty in Foreign Competition
By Rachel Szymanski; Carnegie Mellon University
   presented by: Rachel Szymanski, Carnegie Mellon University

20. CDS Central Counterparty Clearing Liquidation: Road to Recovery or Invitation to Predation?
By Magdalena Tywoniuk; University of Geneva
   presented by: Magdalena Tywoniuk, University of Geneva

21. Clustered IPOs as a Commitment Device
By Matthias Lassak; Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
   presented by: Matthias Lassak, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

22. Collateral and Asymmetric Information in Lending Markets
By Vasso Ioannidou; Lancaster University
Nicola Pavanini; Tilburg University
Yushi Peng; University of Zürich
   presented by: Yushi Peng, University of Zürich

23. Collateral Value and Strategic Default: Evidence from Auto Loans
By Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara; University of Houston
   presented by: Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara, University of Houston

24. Countercyclical Risks and Portfolio Choice over the Life Cycle: Evidence and Theory
By Jialu Shen; Imperial College Business School
   presented by: Jialu Shen, Imperial College Business School

25. Credit-Induced Moral Hazard in Insurance
By Francis Annan; Columbia University
   presented by: Francis Annan, Columbia University

26. Currency Carry, Momentum, and US Monetary Policy Uncertainty
By Ming Zeng; Singapore Management University
   presented by: Ming Zeng, Singapore Management University

27. Debt Holder Monitoring and Implicit Guarantees: Did the BRRD Improve Market Discipline?
By Jannic Alexander Cutura; Goethe University
   presented by: Jannic Alexander Cutura, Goethe University

28. Depositors Disciplining Banks: The Impact of Scandals
By Mikael Homanen; Cass Business School
   presented by: Mikael Homanen, Cass Business School

29. Disaster Risk and International Capital Flows
By Mihir Gandhi; University of Chicago
   presented by: Mihir Gandhi, University of Chicago

30. Does Loose Monetary Policy Encourage Zombie Lending in Germany?
By Talina Sondershaus; Halle Institute for Economic Research
   presented by: Talina Sondershaus, Halle Institute for Economic Research

31. Does Public News Mitigate The Markets' Underreaction to Liquidity Shocks
By Mengming Dong; Rice University
   presented by: Mengming Dong, Rice University

32. Effectiveness and (In)Efficiencies of Compensation Regulation: Evidence from the EU Banker Bonus Cap
By Stefano Colonnello; Halle Institute for Economic Research
Michael Koetter; Halle Institute for Economic Research
Konstantin Wagner; Halle Institute for Economic Research
   presented by: Konstantin Wagner, Halle Institute for Economic Research

33. Explaining the Pre-Announcement Drift
By Paula Cocoma; INSEAD
   presented by: Paula Cocoma, INSEAD

34. Flight to “Futures” During the Financial Crisis: Deliverability Through Central Counterparties
By Takahiro Hattori; Hitotsubashi University
   presented by: Takahiro Hattori, Hitotsubashi University

35. Founder CEO Effect: Is It There?
By Masud Karim; Temple University
   presented by: Masud Karim, Temple University

36. FX Premia Around The Clock
By Ingomar Krohn; University of Warwick
Philippe Mueller; University of Warwick
Paul Whelan; Copenhagen Business School
   presented by: Ingomar Krohn, University of Warwick

37. Hedge Fund Activism and Capital Structure
By Abhishek Ganguly; Indiana University
Lin Ge; University of Pittsburgh
   presented by: Lin Ge, University of Pittsburgh

38. Heterogeneous Intermediary Capital and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
By Sang-Ook (Simon) Shin; Texas A&M University
   presented by: Sang-Ook (Simon) Shin, Texas A&M University

39. Heterogeneous Information Content of Global FX Trading
By Angelo Ranaldo; University of St. Gallen
Fabricius Somogyi; University of St. Gallen
   presented by: Fabricius Somogyi, University of St. Gallen

40. Hidden Predictability
By Tomas Fiala; University of Lugano (USI), Swiss Finance Institute
   presented by: Tomas Fiala, University of Lugano (USI), Swiss Finance Institute

41. How Do Firms Assess Project Risks?
By Paul Decaire; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Paul Decaire, University of Pennsylvania

42. How Reverse Merger Firms Raise Capital in PIPEs: The Role of Placement Agent Reputation and Stage Financing
By Yini Liu; University of Texas at San Antonio
   presented by: Yini Liu, University of Texas at San Antonio

43. Immigration Policy and Equity Returns: Evidence from the H-1B Visa Program
By Ali Sharifkhani; University of Toronto
   presented by: Ali Sharifkhani, University of Toronto

44. Implied Volatility Spread, Options’ Greeks and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
By Boris Fays; HEC Liège
   presented by: Boris Fays, HEC Liège

45. Information Choice, Uncertainty, and Expected Returns
By David Gempesaw; Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: David Gempesaw, Pennsylvania State University

46. (In)frequently Traded Corporate Bonds
By Alexey Ivashchenko; University of Lausanne
Artem Neklyudov; University of Lausanne and Swiss Finance
   presented by: Alexey Ivashchenko, University of Lausanne

47. Innovation-Product Connection: R&D 100 Awards, Product Segmentation, and Stock Returns
By Po-Hsuan Hsu; The University of Hong Kong
Yiming Yang; The University of Hong Kong
Tong Zhou; Sun Yat-Sen University
   presented by: Yiming Yang, The University of Hong Kong

48. Institutional Ownership and Time-series Predictability of Stock Returns
By Rüdiger Weber; University of Michigan
   presented by: Rüdiger Weber, University of Michigan

49. Interdealer Networks in Corporate Bond Trading and Market Liquidity
By Monica Petrescu; University of Cambridge
   presented by: Monica Petrescu, University of Cambridge

50. Investment Tax Credits and Innovation
By Shaowei Ke; University of Michigan
Yao Lu; Tsinghua University
Xinzheng Shi; Tsinghua University
Yeqing Zhang; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Yeqing Zhang, Tsinghua University

51. Investor Behavior at the 52 Week High
By Josh Della Vedova; University of Sydney Business School
Andrew Grant; University of Sydney Business School
P. Joakim Westerholm; Discipline of Finance
   presented by: Josh Della Vedova, University of Sydney Business School

52. Is There a Green Bond Premium? The Yield Differential Between Green and Conventional Bonds
By Olivier David Zerbib; Tilburg University
   presented by: Olivier David Zerbib, Tilburg University

53. Learning and the Capital Age Premium
By Kai Li; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Chi-Yang Tsou; University of Hong Kong
Chenjie Xu; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
   presented by: Chi-Yang Tsou, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

54. Managerial Short-Termism and Market Competition
By Yan Xiong; University of Toronto
   presented by: Yan Xiong, University of Toronto

55. Managers' Gender Norms and the Gender Gap
By Maddalena Ronchi; Queen Mary University of London
   presented by: Maddalena Ronchi, Queen Mary University of London

56. Media and Shareholder Activism
By Abhishek Ganguly; Indiana University
   presented by: Abhishek Ganguly, Indiana University

57. Monetary Policy and Corporate Bond Fund Fragility
By Jinyuan Zhang; INSEAD
   presented by: Jinyuan Zhang, INSEAD

58. Mutual Fund Redemptions in Kind
By Honglin Ren; Georgia State University
   presented by: Honglin Ren, Georgia State University

59. On the Stock Market Variance-Return or Price Relations: A Tale of Two Variances
By Hui Guo; University of Cincinnati
Qian Lin; Wuhan University
Abby Pai; University of Cincinnati
   presented by: Abby Pai, University of Cincinnati

60. On the Stock Return and Investment Return Correlation Puzzle
By Yao Deng; University of Minnesota
Frederico Belo; INSEAD, University of Minnesota and NBER
   presented by: Yao Deng, University of Minnesota

61. Partial Moment Momentum
By Yang Gao; University of Sydney Business School
Henry Leung; Sydney University
Stephen Satchell; University of Cambridge
   presented by: Yang Gao, University of Sydney Business School

62. Peer Information on the Cost of Debt
By Yangming Bao; SAFE and Goethe Univsersity Frankfurt
   presented by: Yangming Bao, SAFE and Goethe Univsersity Frankfurt

63. Pension Funds Interconnections and Herd Behavior
By Matteo Bonetti; Maastricht University
   presented by: Matteo Bonetti, Maastricht University

64. Policy Uncertainty and Household Credit Access: Evidence from Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding
By Xiang Li; Tsinghua University
Bibo Liu; Tsinghua University
Xuan Tian; Tsinghua University
   presented by: Xiang Li, Tsinghua University

65. Predictable Downturns
By Carter Davis; University of Chicago
   presented by: Carter Davis, University of Chicago

66. Predicting the Equity Premium with Implied Volatility Spreads
By Charles Cao; Pennsylvania State University
Tim Simin; Pennsylvania State University
Han Xiao; Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Han Xiao, Pennsylvania State University

67. Pricing Kernel Elasticity
By Alexander Kontoghiorghes; Queen Mary University of London
   presented by: Alexander Kontoghiorghes, Queen Mary University of London

68. Problem of Causal Inference without Balance Checking in Natural Experiment Design: an Entropy Balancing analysis
By Chen Wang; Australian National University
   presented by: Chen Wang, Australian National University

69. Product Market Competition and Corporate Governance: Substitutes or Complements? Evidence from CEO Duality
By Haofei Zhang; University of Toronto
   presented by: Haofei Zhang, University of Toronto

70. Quantitative Easing, Bank Reserves, and Deposit Rates
By Gursharan Bhue; University of Chicago
   presented by: Gursharan Bhue, University of Chicago

71. Real Effects of Non-bank Lending
By Junyang Yin; University of Bristol
   presented by: Junyang Yin, University of Bristol

72. Reference-Dependent Return Chasing
By Fabian Brunner; University of Mannheim
   presented by: Fabian Brunner, University of Mannheim

73. Regulatory Cliff Effects and Systemic Risk
By Andreas Brøgger; Copenhagen Business School
Graeme Cokayne; Danmarks Nationalbank
   presented by: Andreas Brøgger, Copenhagen Business School

74. Reshaping the Financial Network: Externalities of Central Clearing and Systemic Risk
By Olga Briukhova; University of Zurich, Swiss Finance Institute
Marco D'Errico; European Systemic Risk Board
Stefano Battiston; University of Zurich
   presented by: Olga Briukhova, University of Zurich, Swiss Finance Institute

75. Retirement Plan Conflicts of Interest in Mutual Fund Management
By William Beggs; University of Arizona
   presented by: William Beggs, University of Arizona

76. Rollover Risk and Bank Lending Behavior
By Martina Jasova; Barnard College, Columbia University
Caterina Mendicino; European Central Bank
Dominik Supera; University of Pennsylvania
   presented by: Dominik Supera, University of Pennsylvania

77. Skewed Servicing and Monitoring for Securitized Commercial Mortgages
By Luis Lopez; Pennsylvania State University
   presented by: Luis Lopez, Pennsylvania State University

78. Stakeholder Orientation and Shareholders’ Required Rate of Return: Evidence from the Passage of Constituency Statutes
By Zhihong Chen; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Sichen Shen; University of Hong Kong
Hong Zou; University of Hong Kong
   presented by: Sichen Shen, University of Hong Kong

79. The "15 Days" Debate: The Value of an Early Release of Information (Evidence from 10-K Submissions)
By Khaled Alsabah; University of Colorado
   presented by: Khaled Alsabah, University of Colorado

80. The Costs of Better Lending Technology: the Decline of Small Businesses Lending
By Haiyan Pang; Arizona State University
   presented by: Haiyan Pang, Arizona State University

81. The Good The Bad and The Trending: Microblogging Sentiment and Short Term Momentum
By Austin Hill-Kleespie; University of Utah
   presented by: Austin Hill-Kleespie, University of Utah

82. The Impact of Equity Tail Risk on Bond Risk Premia: Evidence of Flight-to-Safety in the U.S. Term Structure
By Dario Ruzzi; University of Bristol
   presented by: Dario Ruzzi, University of Bristol

83. The Information in Index Returns and the Cross-Section of Options
By Yuguo Liu; University of Houston
Kris Jacobs; University of Houston
   presented by: Yuguo Liu, University of Houston

84. The Pricing of Market and Idiosyncratic Jump and Volatility Risks
By Frederik Middelhoff; University of Muenster
   presented by: Frederik Middelhoff, University of Muenster

85. The Spillover Effect of Earnings Management
By Yibin Liu; University of California, San Diego
   presented by: Yibin Liu, University of California, San Diego

86. The Term Structure and Time-Series Variation of the Pricing Kernel
By Joost Driessen; Tilburg University
Joren Koëter; Tilburg University
Ole Wilms; Tilburg University
   presented by: Joren Koëter, Tilburg University

87. The Value of ETF Liquidity
By Marta Khomyn; University of Technology Sydney
Talis Putnins; University of Technology Sydney
   presented by: Marta Khomyn, University of Technology Sydney

88. Trademarks in Entrepreneurial Finance: Empirical Evidence from Venture Capital Investments in Private Firms and Venture-Backed IPOs
By Thomas Chemmanur; Boston College
Harshit Rajaiya; Boston College
Xuan Tian; Tsinghua University
Qianqian Yu; Lehigh University
   presented by: Harshit Rajaiya, Boston College

89. Unrealistic Optimism and Asymmetry in the Pricing of Equity Tail Risk
By K. Victor Chow; West Virgina University
Jingrui Li; West Virginia University
Ben Sopranzetti; Rutgers University
   presented by: Jingrui Li, West Virginia University

90. What Does the Value of Corporate Votes Tell us About Future Stock Returns?
By In Ji Jang; Texas A&M University
Hwagyun (Hagen) Kim; Texas A&M University
Mahdi Mohseni; Texas A&M University
   presented by: In Ji Jang, Texas A&M University

91. When is the Price of Dispersion Risk Positive?
By Alexander David; Haskayne School of Business
Amel Farhat; Haskayne School of Business
   presented by: Amel Farhat, Haskayne School of Business

92. Who are the Cryptocurrency Investors
By Dominique Lammer; Goethe University Frankfurt
Tobin Hanspal; Goethe University Frankfurt
Andreas Hackethal; Goethe University
   presented by: Dominique Lammer, Goethe University Frankfurt

93. Why Blockholdings Can Increase Cash Holdings
By Shaoting Pi; University of Utah
   presented by: Shaoting Pi, University of Utah

94. Why Don't Issuers Get Upset about IPO Underpricing: Evidence from the Loan Market
By Xiaoyu Zhang; Norwegian School of Economics
Xunhua Su; Norwegian School of Economics
   presented by: Xiaoyu Zhang, Norwegian School of Economics

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