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Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology: Part B: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The requirements for ms. submission to CBP have been simplified. For the review process, the original manuscript must be uploaded as a single, complete pdf that includes line numbers. Please download the demo ms. The ms pdf should be smaller than 20 mb in size. Use Adobe Acrobat or other programs to optimize the final pdf. Do not start the submission process until you have a suitable pdf of your ms. at hand. Authors should consult the demo ms. or read the detailed instructions to authors

All requirements at a glance:

  • Identify the most suitable part of CBP; consult the aims and scopes (A - Physiology, B - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, C - Toxicology; D - Genomics and proteomics)
  • Single pdf of complete ms, including references, all figures, tables and supplemental material (see demo ms); line and page numbers must be included; file size less than 20 mb.
  • Abstract (max. 250 words) in text format (for easy cut and paste)
  • List of authors in single line text format (AA. Author1, BB Author2, CC Author3, DD Author4)
  • List of at least five suitable referees (format: R.R. Referee, Dept., Institution, City, Country, e-mail)
  • cover letter (pdf) or text (for cut and paste)

For questions about ms. preparation and submission, please contact the CBP Editorial Office;

Submission and verification proceeds in several simple steps. It will only take a few minutes. If you have any questions or problems, contact support.

Note that manuscripts must be uploaded in PDF format only so you should make sure to convert your paper to this format.
To avoid problems with submissions using our secure web form, we suggest upgrading to the latest version of your browser.

Authors may want to consult the guide to creating PDF files regarding PDF file conversion and other formatting issues or examine the demo ms.

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