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American Journal of Physics Step 0:
Overview of the
submission process
Step 1:
Identify myself
as reviewer
Step 2:
Identify the manuscript
I have reviewed
Step 3:
Upload my review
and cover letter (if any)
Step 4:
Upload other file
or document (if any)
Step 5:
Check steps 1-4
and submit review
Secure online reviews of submissions to
American Journal of Physics
Step 4: Upload other files or documents (if any)
You cannot proceed with this step until you have read the procedure and agreed to the rules
for submitting reviews in the Overview of guidelines/rules for Reviewers. Please click on the
"Step 0: Overview of the Submission Process" text on the Main Menu above, and then
click the "Continue Submission" button at the bottom of Step 0 page to proceed with this review.

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