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Secure online reviews of submissions to
American Journal of Physics
This form allows you to upload your review (referee report), a cover letter and one additional file (a marked up or corrected manuscript or a related document) for a review you are providing as a reviewer of a pending submission at American Journal of Physics.

The journal and editor are responsible for ensuring that the anonymity of your review will be maintained in any communication between the editor and the authors. The document you upload will be transmitted directly to the journal via an encrypted internet connection, so nobody will be able to access your report except the editor in charge of this manuscript at American Journal of Physics. This procedure is more secure than sending a report as an email attachment or sending a hard copy via regular mail.

Moreover, PDF files will be automatically "cleansed" so that no identifying features will appear in the internal document metadata. Thus reports will be as anonymous as if sent by hard copy.

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Submission and verification proceeds in five easy steps and will only take a few minutes of your time.

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