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Completed Conferences/Meetings in 2010

#Conference Dates Conference Name/Location
1January 3-5, 20102010 North American Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society
       Atlanta, Georgia
2January 16-17, 2010Royal Economic Society Fifth PhD Presentation Meeting
       City University London
3February 4-5, 2010XVII Encuentro de Economía Pública
       Universidad de Murcia
4February 6-9, 2010SAEA 2010 Meeting
       Wyndam Orlando Resort
5February 26-28, 2010Eastern Economic Association Annual Conference 2010
       Loew's Hotel, Philadelphia
6March 29-31, 2010Royal Economic Society 2010 Conference
       University of Surrey
7April 1-2, 2010Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics 18th Annual Symposium
       University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy
8April 14-16, 2010Economic Demography Workshop 2010
       Dallas, TX
9April 29 to
May 1, 2010
2010 International Symposium on Econometric Theory and Applications
       Singapore Management University
10April 30 to
May 2, 2010
2010 Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings
       Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
11May 7-8, 20102010 Meeting of the American Law and Economics Association
       Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
12May 14-16, 2010Spring 2010 Midwest Economic Theory Meeting
       Kellogg School, Northwestern University
       The University of British Columbia
14May 14-16, 2010Spring 2010 Midwest International Trade Meeting
       Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Evanston, IL
15May 27-30, 201044th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association
       Quebec City
16May 31 to
June 2, 2010
11th Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and Nonlinear Dynamics
       University of Amsterdam
17June 2-4, 2010ISA Annual Conference
18June 2-5, 2010Sixth North American Productivity Workshop 2010 (NAPW2010)
       Rice University , Houston, Texas
19June 2-5, 201040th Annual Meeting of the Behavior Genetics Association
       Seoul, Korea
20June 4-5, 2010Recent Developments in Mechanism Design
       Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
21June 7-10, 20102010 Cowles Foundation Summer Conferences
       Yale University, New Haven, CT
22June 10-12, 2010XIII Encuentro de Economía Aplicada / XIII Applied Economics Meeting
       Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
23June 11-12, 20102010 Conference of the Netherlands Econometric Study Group
       Kasteel Arenberg of the University of Leuven in Belgium
24June 18-19, 2010Conference on Dynamic Aspects in Economic Decision Making
       Copenhagen, Denmark
25June 19-22, 2010IAMA 20th Annual World Forum and Symposium
       Boston, Massachusetts, USA
26June 25-26, 2010Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop
       Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
27June 28-30, 2010Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics 2010
28June 30 to
July 2, 2010
Tsinghua-Columbia Conference in International Economics 2010
       Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
29June 30 to
July 2, 2010
51st Conference of the New Zealand Association of Economists
       University of Auckland
30June 30 to
July 2, 2010
10th Doctoral Workshop in Economic Theory and Econometrics
       EIEF (Rome),
31July 2-4, 201016th International Conference on Panel Data
       University of Amsterdam
32July 8-10, 20102010 Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Dynamics, Montréal
       CIREQ, Université de Montréal
33July 12-14, 20102010 National Nutrient Databank Conference
       Grand Forks, ND
34July 15-17, 2010SCE - Computing in Economics and Finance 2010
       City University London
35July 16-18, 2010Society for the Study of Emerging Markets EuroConference 2010
       Milas, Turkey
36July 22-24, 2010IAFFE 2010 ANNUAL CONFERENCE in Buenos Aires, Argentina
       Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
37August 2-5, 2010Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics Annual Conference, 2010
       San Diego State University
38August 6-8, 2010Guanajuato Workshop for Young Economists 2010
       Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico
39August 12-13, 2010Multidisciplinary Decision Science Symposium
       Multidisciplinary Decision Science Symposium
40September 1-3, 201042nd Annual Conference of the MONEY, MACRO AND FINANCE RESEARCH GROUP
41September 3-4, 2010SECHI 2010: Encuentro Anual de la Sociedad de Economía de Chile (SECHI)
       Universidad de Talca, Talca, Chile
42September 6-10, 2010XX Coloquio Mexicano de Economía Matemática y Econometría
       Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico
43September 9-10, 2010CONGRES annuel de l' Association Francaise de Science Economique
       Campus de l'Université PARIS X -Nanterre
44September 16-17, 2010 XXV Jornadas de Economía Industrial
       Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
45September 17-19, 2010Fall 2010 Midwest International Trade Meeting
       University of Wisconsin -- Madison
46September 17-19, 2010Fall 2010 Midwest Economic Theory Meeting
       University of Wisconsin -- Madison
47September 27-29, 2010Annual Conference of Economists (ACE10)
48October 8-9, 2010Conference on Urban and Regional Economics
       Princeton University and FRB Philadelphia
49October 8-9, 2010NBER NSF Time Series Conference 2010
       Duke University
50October 21-23, 2010The 27th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Econometrics Study Group
       The Listel Hotel, 1300 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C5, Canada
51October 28-30, 2010EBES 2010 Conference - Athens
       Athens, Greece
52November 4-6, 2010UECE Lisbon Meetings 2010: Game Theory and Application
       ISEG - Technical University of Lisbon
53November 5-6, 2010Canadian Macro Study Group (CMSG) Annual Meeting
       University of Western Ontario
54November 6-7, 2010Northeast Universities Development Consortium Conference 2010
       MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
55November 18, 2010Census Research Data Center Annual Research Conference 2010
       Inn and Conference Center, University of Maryland
56November 18-19, 2010XVIII Finance Forum
       University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain
57November 18-20, 2010National Tax Association 103rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON TAXATION
       Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago
58December 3-4, 2010Kiel Institute/Phila Fed conference on Labor Markets After the Great Recession
       Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
59December 15-18, 2010Quantitative Methods in Finance (QMF) 2010
       Sydney, Australia
60December 17-18, 201021st EC2 Conference
       Toulouse School of Economics

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