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Completed Conferences/Meetings in 2006

#Conference Dates Conference Name/Location
1January to
May 20, 2006
Economics 708
       Tydings 0111
2January to
December 31, 2006
University of Maryland Econometrics Workshop
       Department of Economics, University of Maryland
3January 6-8, 2006North American Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society
       Boston MA
4January 28-29, 2006Royal Economic Society: Ph.D. Presentation Meeting
5January 29-30, 2006Royal Economic Society: Ph.D. Presentation Meeting
       Orlando, Florida
7March 24-25, 200614th Annual Symposium of the Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
       Washington University, St. Louis
8April 18-20, 2006RES Conference 2006
       University of Nottingham
9April 28-30, 2006Spring 2006 Midwest International Economics
       Michigan State University
10April 28-30, 2006Spring 2006 Midwest Economic Theory
       Michigan State University
11May 5-7, 20062006 Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings
       Washington University, St. Louis
12May 12-13, 2006The Econometrics of Auctions
       IDEI Toulouse, France
13June 7-9, 2006International Conference on Numerical Methods for Finance
       Dublin, Ireland
14June 20-24, 20062006 Annual Meeting of the Behavioral Genetics Association
       University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut
15June 22-24, 200612th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance
       Limassol, Cyprus
16June 22-25, 2006North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society
       University of Minnesota
17June 29 to
July 2, 2006
Sixth Villa Mondragone Workshop in Economic Theory and Econometrics
       Villa Mondragone, Tor Vergata University, Rome
18July 4-7, 2006Econometric Society Australasian Meeting
       Alice Springs, Australia
19July 6-8, 20062006 Meetings of the Society for Economic Dynamics
20July 7-9, 2006Panel Data 2006
       Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK
21July 9-12, 2006Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society
       Tsignhua University, Beijing, China
22July 13-17, 2006Eighth International Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare
       Istanbul, Turkey
23July 31 to
August 2, 2006
Public Economic Theory, 2006 Meeting
24September 6-8, 20062nd Intl Workshop on Analysis and Numerical Approximation of Singular Problems
       Karlovassi, Samos island Greece
25September 13-15, 2006Money, Macro and Finance Research Group 38th Annual Conference
       University of York
26September 25-27, 200635th Australian Conference of Economists (ACE) 2006
       Curtin University of Technology
27September 29-30, 2006Northeast Universities Development Consortium Conference, 2006
       Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
28October 13-15, 2006Midwest Economic Theory
       Purdue University
29October 13-15, 2006Midwest International Trade
       Purdue University
30October 19-21, 2006Canadian Econometrics Study Group, 2006 Meetings
       Niagara Falls, Ontario
31November 2-4, 2006ASSET 2006
       Universidade Católica Portuguesa
32December 13-16, 2006Quantitative Methods in Finance 2006
       Sydney, Australia

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